R.I.P True Blood spoilers

"Just once, I'd like to not find a dead body in my house. Is that asking too much?"

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R.I.P True Blood spoilers

Post by khalessi » 08/26/14 04:19

I will miss the show . Not so fond of ending with Bill and whoever knocked up Sookie. Loved Eric rocking it out in his car and Jess and Hoyt finally a happy ending for them.

Spin off? The New Blood :lmao Ginger, Eric and Pam

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Re: R.I.P True Blood spoilers

Post by bunniefuu » 08/28/14 06:36

Is there really going to be a spin off??

And it doesn't even spoil me since I'm still stuck on S3 I think. lol Maybe, I can catch up on Netflix when they add it.

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