Reign Spoilers and Speculations

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Reign Spoilers and Speculations

Post by bunniefuu » 08/28/13 11:48

spoilers and speculations for the upcoming season of Reign.

Shawn Doyle has been cast to play the role of “Claude” on the CW’s new show Reign set to air this Fall. His character is uncle to the teenaged Mary, Queen of Scots.
Described as seductive and libertine, Claude shows up at French court shortly after Mary’s own arrival to advise his niece on matters both political and personal. Along the way he will rouse trouble between the King and the Queen of France.
Charismatic, amusing, worldly and powerful, Claude is a master of sexual intrigue, but is also capable of savage retribution — and he’ll do anything it takes to maintain his power and position at Court.
Credit: TV Line

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Re: Reign Spoilers and Speculations

Post by destinyros2005 » 09/09/13 19:33

Manolo Cardona has been tapped for a recurring role on the new CW drama Reign , about the teen years of Mary Queen Of Scots (Adelaide Kane) in the French court. Cardona will play Tomas, the dashing Prince of Portugal. He’s playful and seemingly grounded though he may have a sinister, sadistic, and completely amoral soul.

Taken from: SpoilerTV ... z2eRR73NHb

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