-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

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-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

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Title: –The Fall Of 1558-
Author: Me
E-mail: love_and_bruises@hotmail.com
Disclaimer: Roswell belongs to Jason Katims, and the other writers, and the other producers, and the 20th Century Fox guys, and even The Sci-Fi Channel dudes. I'm really only borrowing everything. I donÂ't own any of it... Or do I?
Category: M/L. AU. Sorta Period Piece. Hint: ItÂ's set in 1558!
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Elizabeth is sent to live with the Sir and Lady Philips because of her fatherÂ's financial problems, she begins a relationship with a certain amber eyed boy. But will his odd pursuit and their petty bickering get in the way?


Part One - - -
London, England. The Year of 1558.

It had been the first storm of the fall season, the first indication that summer had ended and that winter was due to start in only a few short months. The grass was close to drenched and the leaves constantly trickled water off of themselves. It was a beautifully calming scene and all young Elizabeth wanted to do was watch as the small droplets of water fell and splashed on the grounds below her terrace. But, of course, she didnÂ't have much say in the matter... Since the morning that pasted, her nursemaid was waddling about, as quickly as she could, trying to get her chargeÂ's possessions cleaned and neatly packed for the journey ahead of her.

She was to leave just before night fall and already her nurse was complaining as she went about her work... Â"Your father will be expecting you in the hall in less than half an hour, Child, and all you can do is stand in the cold and watch the rainfall? Such nonsense! Come inside and finish washing up,Â" she explained in a hurry.

Her nursemaidÂ's appearance was one any person would expect. She was a short, plump, gentle and older woman, whose winkles told of her hard work and her heart, told of her great kindness.

Elizabeth, who was able to just barely hear the comment, took one last deep breath of chilled London fog and returned to her room. She sat down on the edge of her bed and crossed her arms over she chest, trying to place emotional stone walls around her. Â"IÂ've already told you, I donÂ't want any part in my fatherÂ's plans for me.Â"

Â"Child, you will wrinkle your dress! Lord knows I have not any extra time this evening...Â" The woman quickly came next to her charge and helped her stand. By now, Elizabeth was much taller but she still thought of her as the daughter she helped raise. Â"Now, you understand the reasons for your fatherÂ's decision, do you not?Â" The old womanÂ's voice became soft and comforting as she questioned the girl in front of her.

But the girl did not answer, only frowned and lowered her head.

Â"Child, this is for your own connivance. Your father must tend to business and it wonÂ't be good for you to stay here in this old place without any to look after you.Â"

The girl could do nothing but finally nodded. There wasnÂ't any disputing the plan that was already set into play and her fervent demeanor was slowly melting away as she stood in front of the one woman that she felt safest with.

Â"Everything will be well. I promise it, my Dear. Sir Philips is a good man. I had met his wife once. She will watch over you until your father gets this rubbish cleared away.Â"

Â"Where will you go Agnes? You do not have family any where near and...and...Â"

Â"You mustnÂ't worry about me,Â" the woman interrupted kindly. Â"I have a sister not to far from here. Your father will see to it that I arrive there safe and sound on his way.Â"

Â"On his way?Â" Elizabeth asked harshly and confused. Â"He is leaving London? But I thought...Â" Her father had promised her that he was going to stay at the Hall. That he was sending her away but that he would stay behind and look after things. When had he decided to leave?

Â"Never you mind, Liz. Never you mind.Â" AgnesÂ's voice instantly interrupted again, but this time it became some what cold and she wasnÂ't able to hide the stern look that flashed through her eyes, during her last words. And it didnÂ't go unnoticed by Elizabeth. Miss Agnes had been her nurse from the first day of her birth. She loved her as a mother and would not have spent a day away from her in her entire life, until this coming night. She knew her moods and reactions. And something was very wrong about the whole state of current affairs... Her father was keeping his business as quiet as possible and it even seemed that he had gone as far as lying to her... And Agnes knew why.

Â"IÂ'm sorry. I should have held my tongue.Â"

Â"Nonsense,Â" Agnes mumbled quietly, while trying to regain her earlier composure. Â"No harm done. You must only remember that business that is not yours should stay untouched. ItÂ's not for girls like you to meddle in.Â" She smiled quickly and kissed Liz on her forehead. Â"Now Child, we must get downstairs. If I am not mistaken Sir Philips should have already arrived...Â"

Â"Yes, Nurse.Â" Elizabeth answered, mechanically, for her thoughts were no where near the news that Sir Philips had arrived or that she was needed downstairs. But on the fact that within two short hours she was to set out with a complete stranger and come under his guardianship until her father was done with whatever he had to do. And even though she desperately felt the need to, she wasnÂ't letting herself cry or letting herself feel any sort of fear. She was to act her age and compose herself, just like she had always been taught. No matter what... But unfortunately, for Miss Elizabeth, that was much easier planned than set into actuality...


The walk out of her bedroom felt like it had taken ages... She followed her nurse through the hall, down the stairs, and into the study, with her eyes downcast and her expression blank.

The fireplace was lit and burning furiously. Elizabeth passed it and thought of the countless hours she had spent listening to her fatherÂ's grand tales of his childhood while sitting in front of it and enjoying warmed tea and biscuits. She came to stand in front of her father and whom she expected was Sir Philips and curtsied politely, wanting for the proper introduction.

Â"Ahh...,Â" her father called after taking a drink of his wine and noticing her standing in front of the fire. Â"My darling Lizziebell!Â" He motioned for her to come closer and stand by him, but Elizabeth only looked at her father with question in her eyes. She couldnÂ't remember the last time he had called her by that name and oddly enough, it made her feel uncomfortable. Â"Come now...,Â" he called with a smirk on his face, not noticing her uneasiness. But she still stood where she was, not wanting to move. A moment passed and her father began to look nervously from her to Sir Philips, a pleading look on his face. But still she didnÂ't move and it wasnÂ't until she felt a small hand come to rest on her back and a small push forward, that she took her first steps towards her father. Once by his side, she turned and saw Agnes sending her a sympathetic but stern look, ringing her hands together nervously.

Elizabeth sent her a small smile and met her gaze, realizing, once again, that she knew much more than she was letting on. Â"Father?Â" Elizabeth asked quietly, trying to get back on track. She felt a pang of guilt but thought that the sooner she left with Sir Philips the sooner she would be able to leave her father.

Â"Yes!Â" he called with a sort of odd excitement in his voice and wrapped an arm around his daughterÂ's shoulders. Â"Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth...,Â" he smiled and pushed her slightly closer to Sir Philips. Elizabeth stumbled slightly and was mortified at her fatherÂ's behavior. She quickly looked around the room and found an old bottle, half empty. He had obviously been drinking again. Â"Lizziebell, this is Sir Philips... You will be staying at his manor for a little bit while I sort out a few...loose ends.Â" Elizabeth looked down and shook her head slowly as he finished the introduction. Â"And Sir Philips, this is my darling daughter, Elizabeth.Â"

At the sound of her name being said once again by her intoxicated father, Elizabeth curtsied once more but didnÂ't lift her eyes. She refused to look at either man standing around her.

The fire crackled and spat as small talk began and ended. She was leaving within an hour... It was the only bit of talk that interested her. As soon as the two other men whom accompanied Sir Philips where finished eating and cleaning themselves up, they were to set out...

She was told it would be an almost five day horse back ride to where the manor was built and that she should start preparing herself. So, with one last curtsy, she excused herself and took one last look around the house she had been in since the day of her birth seventeen years ago... The hall with paintings of various things her mother had loved, the library, filled with shelves and shelves of books about topics and subjects she had always loved, her modest but warm bedroom, which she had tried to keep the same through out her stay in it. She was leaving it all behind, not sure when she would see it again... Not sure if she would ever see it again...

Agnes stood watching her from the doorway, letting her have a few moments. She wore a saddened express as she watched Elizabeth run a small hand over her quilt, over her pillows, and wooden headboard. But when the clock struck seven, she ushered her towards the stables, only giving her a quick hug as a finale goodbye.

She continually told herself that their separation would only be temporary... But the more and more she thought about it, the more she began to worry and doubt her self-reassurance.


She left her father in a some what cold manner. She kept her eyes dry and her chin up. He did the same. It wasnÂ't that she and her father didnÂ't get along; it was just that they were never as close as most daughters are close with their fathers. And as much as she regretted it, she had become accustom to it. And she had come to terms with the fact that the situation would likely never change.

There was even proof, for GodÂ's sake, she was currently in the middle of it! Her father had gotten himself into some sort of trouble and instead of properly cleaning up the mess that he had made, he was scattering everyone... Sending her away with Sir Philips and Nurse Agnes to some unknown relative... It was exactly like something he would do. He didnÂ't care, anymore. She was once told that after her mother died, her father slowly began getting Â"sloppyÂ" with his assets and books. And thatÂ's what was mostly likely wrong now... Something written down wrong or miscounted cost someone a large amount and now, they were out for blood.

Well, it was his problem. And she could only pray to the Lord, that he would be seen through this latest debacle safely. But until then, she was to mind her manners and Sir Philips. Which didnÂ't seem as bad as it had earlier in the morning...

Sir Philips was a nice enough man. He looked older then her father had said he was but it was true that she hadnÂ't taken the opportunity to really get a good look at him. Back in his time, he was brave knight. Or so Agnes had informed her. She also said that, he lived with his wife but had no children.

He brought with him two other men that were accompanying them on their trip. She was quickly introduced to them before they set out on their journey but she hadnÂ't paid much attention. She now regretted it...

The first man was no older than she, maybe a page or even a knight. She didnÂ't know. But the second was the one that caught her attention more than other, if only because he went so out of his way to stop attention from being drawn towards him, in the first place... He wore a large cloak, which covered him head to toe. He always rode a dozen paces or so, ahead of the others and never seemed to tire. She only once saw his face... It was for one brief moment, no more and no less. But no matter how hard she tried, she could only remember one thing about his appearance...one thing that had seemed to burn itself into her mind. It was his eyes. They were piercing and the darkest shade of amber that she had ever seen. They seemed tortured yet calculated, deliberate and focused. She found them fascinating, despite herself.

Â"It wonÂ't be much longer. See the hill, on the horizon? The Manor is just beyond it.Â" Sir Philips had regularly been keeping Elizabeth informed of how their journey was progressing. They had been on horseback for the better part of four days now and she was visibly anxious to stop riding. She was glad for the interruption and hoped that this was a good time to ask the questions that had been swirling around her mind since they set out.

Â"My wife will be delighted when she sees you, Miss Elizabeth,Â" he continued as he turned and smiled kindly at her.

Â"IÂ'm very excited to meet her,Â" she answered and returned his smile. Â"Is it just you and your wife, at the Manor then?Â"

He paused for a moment, as a flash of sadness crossed his tired face. And it instantly made Elizabeth wish she hadnÂ't asked. Agnes was always telling not to ask too many questions and not to pry but she couldnÂ't help herself. Â"I didnÂ't... I shouldnÂ't have...,Â" she stuttered an apology. Â"IÂ'm very sorry, Sir Philips...Â"

Â"No need, dear girl...Â"

Â"I have trouble with asking too many questions... My father has always tried to...change that about me but IÂ'm afraid it only made the habit stronger.Â"

He chuckled at her honest explanation. Â"I wouldnÂ't know if you asked too many questions or not. You have barely said two words on this entire travel.Â"

Â"My nurse has always taught me to stay silent under circumstances like this one...Â"

Â"Silence will not get you anywhere in life,Â" Sir Philips explained in a gentle manner. Â"While you are staying with my wife and I, I require that you ask all questions that come to your mind and that you speak freely. Is that an acceptable requirement?Â" He was serious but still as kind as always as he spoke. He turned and smiled at Elizabeth and waited patiently for her to answer.

Â"It is something I would have to get accustom to.Â"

Â"Then so be it!Â" He turned back and chuckled lightly. Â"The Manor is your new home, for the time being, at least, and you are to be comfortable.Â"

Â"Thank you.Â" It was the only thing that she could think to say. At least her father had made a good choice as to where she should be sent. Sir Philips was a sympathetic man and she could only imagine that his wife would be the same.

Â"Good,Â" Sir Philips acknowledged only after a missed beat. Â"Now, home is only a mile away. I propose we ride as fast as we can.Â" He turned once more and smiled at her and the man following behind him. Â"Shall we?Â"

And with those last words, Elizabeth, Sir Philips, and the accompanying men, set out at a fast gallop towards the Manor straight ahead of them...


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-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

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This is fabulous, Rebel! I love that it's a period piece. It makes it all that more interesting. And just why is Max hiding behind a cloak?

Can't wait for more!

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-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

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This is a very interesting beginning. Can't wait to read more.

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-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

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I had actually forgotten I posted this... But I'm so happy your both reading and liking. It's a little different from what I normally write but I'm happy it's going well. Thank you so much for the feedback and I should have the second part up later today.
But in the mean time, scroll up and take a look at the awesome banner I just found in my inbox. Mia Nora created it for me and I love it! So, thanks a million, Mia!

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-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

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I LOVE the banner, rebel!

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-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

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WHOA! That's so cool, more please?

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-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

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More! More! Yes, a very interesting beginning.

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-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

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You know, I really have to admit, you guys all reading this, surprised me... So, You guys are all awesome! Hope this part is okay...

Part Two - - -

Â"You should have more! Child, you are skin and bone! Eat!Â" For the past dinner hour that was all Miss Elizabeth heard. Beyond belief, Lady Philips was a generous woman. She sat across from Elizabeth during dinner and made sure she ate at least enough food for three nights.

From what Elizabeth could gather, she was undoubtedly a lonely woman. Her husband, Sir Philips, was away on business most days and she had the impression that she was more than a little glad to have some new company. The Manor is which they resided in was huge compared to ElizabethÂ's old home, and she could only guess that it was easy to get unattached from the people whom worked and lived in it everyday.

Elizabeth smile as she took her last bite. Â"I donÂ't think I could eat another crumb.Â"

Â"Breakfast is only a few hours away,Â" Sir Philips joked as he wiped his mouth and pushed his own plate a few inches away from himself.

The dinner was very informal. It was only herself, the Lady and Sir. The rest of the house hold had eaten and went to sleep for the night. And Elizabeth didnÂ't know where the other two accompanying men had gone off to. The had both disappeared once they all had reached the stables. Never the less, a few candles were lit in the dining hall and Elizabeth could still see the magnificent decoration and art that surrounded her. No doubt, the room was for formal dining, dinner parties and receptions.

Â"You are very right,Â" Lady Philips agreed with her husband and gracefully stood. Â"Now, dear Elizabeth, you are to come with me and I will show you to your new room.Â"

Â"I donÂ't want to be a burden...,Â" Elizabeth explained as she too stood from her place at the table. Â"I would find it myself... You must be tired and...Â"

Â"Not another word!Â" The Lady exclaimed with shining clear blue eyes. Â"I would not leave you to wander around this place without knowing where you were going. Nonsense! I will show you!Â"

Â"If you are certain...Â"

Â"I most certainly am!Â"

And with that agreement, Lady Philips and Miss Elizabeth said their goodnights to the Sir and made their way up the ManorÂ's stairs and to the room that was to be given to Elizabeth during her stay.

Â"I will have Sarah send up some warmed water and a towel... And then you may sleep as long as you like. For when you awake, I am to take you into town and we are to enjoy ourselves, most thoroughly!Â"

Elizabeth shyly smiled at the plans. Â"That is hardly necessary, Lady Philips.Â"

Â"Why would you think that? We are to go buy you some new dresses and maybe some new...Â"

Â"Hardly necessary at all...Â" Elizabeth said it more firmly this time, worried that the Lady would be willing to spend so much on her. It wasnÂ't that she wanted to refuse her generosity or kindness but she knew that the responsibility of being her guardian had no mention of buying her new things or treating her with such consideration.

Her earlier plans were to keep to herself during her stay and she was worried that those plans were becoming less and less of a likely happening. In no way did she want to put the Lady or Sir out of connivance or line because of their responsibility to her.

But the Lady noticed the uncomfortable look that passed over the girl in front of her and took hand in hers, almost immediately. Â"Did your nursemaid tell you that we had once met before you were born?Â" The Lady asked softly and Elizabeth nodded faintly, not knowing where this was going to end. Â"After your motherÂ's passing, she became like a mother to you, did she not?Â"

Â"She did.Â" Elizabeth answered just as faintly as she had nodded. But, in fact, Elizabeth had regarded Agnes more a mother then her birth parent. ElizabethÂ's mother had passed on sometime during her toddler years and she hardly remembered her. But Agnes had always been there for her, she had always remembered Agnes being there for her...

Â"And now that you are temporarily parted, I would like to be that to you. I would like to consider you as if you were my own daughter...Â"

Elizabeth was a little surprised by the womanÂ's words but knew she could not deny her her wish. Her eyes sparkled with something almost the same as longing. And Elizabeth couldnÂ't help but wonder if it was brought on by the fact that the Lady had no children.

Â"What do you think of that?Â" the woman asked a moment later, her eyes still shining.

Â"I...I think I should like that very much,Â" Elizabeth answered truthfully and smiled as she saw the woman before her beam.

Â"We shall have fun, you and I,Â" The Lady promised. Â"Do you know how long it has been since I have had a child to spoil?Â"

Elizabeth laughed and talked for a few more minutes with the woman before both decided it was time to rest. After Sarah had brought the promised washing water and linens, Elizabeth was under strict orders not to leave her room until the dark circles under her eyes had vanished. And even though Elizabeth desperately wanted to walk the grounds of her new home and become better acquainted with her new guardians, she had gratefully agreed to the order. Lord knew she was exhausted and that the sleep would do her mind and body much good.

Yes, she would have to wait on her exploration of the place she now was asked to call Â"homeÂ". But for how long, she wasnÂ't sure...


Elizabeth woke with an uneasy start the next morning, a nightmare of something or other had broken her restful slumber and invaded her thoughts but it was a normal occurrence that she had learned to live with and it didnÂ't bother her much anymore. It seemed to her, at least, that she hadnÂ't had a full nights sleep since she was babe. For every night that she could remember, she could also remember a distressing dream to go along with it. But once she was wake, she didnÂ't mind it or dwell on the oddity of her dream much, because she was finally able to take in her surrounds in a bit of proper and true morning light...

She could see that her room was decorated amazingly in the dark colors of maroon and green plush velvets, carved and stained aged woods, gilded mirrors, and even fresh cut flowers. Her breath caught momentarily in her throat as she forgot where it was that she was staying. Then a quick image of Lady Philips came into her mind and she smiled slightly. She must have made sure everything was perfect for her arrival. She truly was a dear woman and she more than deserved happiness during her last years. Elizabeth only wished there was a way to give her that needed joy...

While Elizabeth thought of ways to cheer the Lady up during her stay, she got herself ready for the day that followed. And once she was done, she couldnÂ't help but stop in front of the full length mirror, next to her dresser, to see what she looked like. Her long chocolate hair was pulled back in a tight bun the way Agnes had always put it up and her dark eyes still look slightly tired. The dress she was wearing, made from charcoal grey wool, fit her well, with its colorful embroidery showing itself nicely in the noon light. But she still couldnÂ't help but think that she truly looked out of place. She turned, once again, and looked at the things that surrounded her. It was simple to see, the room was fit for a princess. And even though, she knew the intentions behind it were completely out of generosity and love, she felt a bit uncomfortable.

It was too good for her.

Â"Miss?Â" she heard a small voice from behind her and turned to see Sarah at the entrance to her room.

Â"Yes?Â" Elizabeth answered curiously and walked towards the lady. Sarah was a young waiting nurse whom mainly watched over Lady PhilipsÂ's health and well being but since ElizabethÂ's arrival, had been kind enough to watch over her as well.

Â"Breakfast will be served for you shortly,Â" she explained and walked further into the room. She had in her hands a small cup of tea and an equally sized plate of biscuits. Â"The Lady is feeling ill this morning and has requested that you enjoy today however you please...Â"

Â"I hope she will be well,Â" Elizabeth answered, as she couldnÂ't stop herself from worrying for the old woman who was nothing was kind to her.

Â"She will be fine, Miss,Â" Sarah smiled and placed the tea and cookies by ElizabethÂ's bedside. Elizabeth returned her smile, faintly and nervously bit her lower lip, an old habit she was never able to rid herself of. Sarah noticed almost immediately and smiled again, trying to ease the young girlÂ's worry. Â"Sir Philips will be waiting for you within half an hour for breakfast. Prepare yourself and join him downstairs in a bit.Â"

Â"May I come now?Â" The question came before Elizabeth could stop herself. She had already planned to leave her room as soon as she could and it seemed as if it was an opportunity she couldnÂ't let pass. The morning was still young and there was a lot she could do while waiting to join Sir Philips.

Sarah paused a moment and turned around to look at her. Â"Of course,Â" she answered openly.

Â"Good,Â" Elizabeth beamed and walked towards her waiting nurse. Â"Will you lead the way?Â" she asked as cheerfully as she could.

Â"Aye,Â" Sarah nodded. Â"Of course.Â"

And so, Elizabeth followed the woman down the hall and down the steps that she remembered from last night.

Â"If you remember, the dining hall is down that way, to your left...,Â" Sarah explained. Â"I must go tend to the Lady but remember, half an hour.Â"

Â"Thank you,Â" Elizabeth nodded her head and watched as the other woman turned around and went back up the stairs. And now, Elizabeth was free to wander, as she had wanted to do from the first moment she had set foot in the Philips Manor. She only now needed to decide which way to go.

She stayed away from the dining hall, knowing that she would have to return there in less than thirty minutes, anyway. So, instead, she went the opposite direction. Finding another hall that was slightly tucked away, she followed it, noticing and noting that all the doors were locked except for a larger room at the direct end. She quietly entered, not sure if she was allowed or not. But she didnÂ't find much in the room, anyway. She figured it was some sort of small library or study. Odds and ends were scattered on the floor and on a desk and dust covered nearly everything. But there were several large bookshelves brimming with volumes of all sort and sizes. She wondered if she could borrow a few and take them back to her room...

Â"Miss Elizabeth?Â"

At the sound of her own name, Elizabeth turned around quickly, startled by the voice.

Â"IÂ'm sorry... I should have knocked,Â" the young man blushed slightly before bowing his head.

Â"Nonsense,Â" she smiled after recognizing the boy as one of the men that had accompanied her and Sir Philips the day before. Â"I startle easily.Â"

Â"Nay, I should have announced myself,Â" he answered as he finally lifted his head and smiled.

He was young. But she thought she was right when she pegged him about her age. He had short medium brown hair and eyes that were curious and kind. He was wearing riding clothes and looked as if he was getting ready to part.

Â"Are you leaving somewhere?Â" she asked curiously and hoped she wouldnÂ't sound to forward.

Â"I believe so,Â" he nodded and walked past her to the bookshelf, she was just earlier admiring. Â"But I promised my sister that I would bring her a book, when I came back home.Â"

Â"Then you donÂ't live here?Â" Elizabeth narrowed her eyes and asked.

Â"No,Â" he answered before finding a small black book that looked almost worn to bits. Â"I come when Sir Philips needs my insistence. He isnÂ't as young as he believes himself to be,Â" the boy smiled and dusked the book with his free hand.

Elizabeth smiled and walked a bit closer to the bookshelf. Â"I have noticed that too. But he such a kind man...,Â" she agreed and wondered why she had had the idea that he lived at the Manor. She knew that the Sir and Lady lived alone. Why had her mind jumped to such an incorrect idea?

Â"Yes, he is. You were lucky to come and stay here with this family. The Lady must already love you...Â"

Elizabeth smiled again. Â"I believe she does. But I heard she is ill... Is that a common occurrence?Â"

Â"Bless her soul...,Â" he whispered. Â"She should be fine after a days rest. The excitement of your arrival must have tired her a bit...Â" But it was only after the words left his mouth, did he realize that what he had said could be construed in a way in which he didnÂ't mean. Â"It is no fault to you, Miss. It is just that...Â"

Â"I understand. There is no need for explanation.Â" Elizabeth shook her head, wearily and took a step away. Â"She isnÂ't in very good health. I noticed it yesterday.Â"

Â"Yes, but she will be fine. It is nothing to be worried about,Â" he assured her and then, as if there was nothing else to do, held the book he had been holding out for Elizabeth to see. Â"Do you suppose she will like it? My sister?Â"

Elizabeth took the book into her hands and saw the title. It was an old compilation of bible stories. It looked to be ages old and well loved by its pervious owner. Â"IÂ'm sure she will enjoy it very much...Â"

Â"I hope,Â" he smiled. Â"But now, I am to leave before soon, so, please excuse me...Â"

Â"Of course,Â" Elizabeth smiled and let him pass by her.

Â"It was nice meeting you, again, Miss Elizabeth.Â"

Â"You, also,Â" Elizabeth smiled tightly as he began to slowly disappear down the hall, feeling utterly stupid that she couldnÂ't think of his proper name... It something close to Andrew or Anthony or... Â"ThatÂ's IT! ALEXANDER!Â" Even before she knew her mouth had slipped and that the words had actually been yelled from her mouth, she watched in horror as Sir Alexander spun around and stared at her as if he thought something had just spontaneously caught on fire. She hadnÂ't realized that her voice came out sounding so...urgent, but it had.

Â"Miss Elizabeth?Â" he asked in a careful tone and took three strides back into room. Â"WhatÂ's the matter? Is there something wrong?Â"

Elizabeth just stood there, frozen in place. She was always doing things of the same nature, knowing not how to keep her mouth and mind quiet at the same time. Â"N-n-nothing...,Â" she stuttered an excuse. Â"I...I just wanted to...to...invite your sister... Next time you come, please bring her... I would...I would love to meet her!Â"

Sir Alexander stared at her for a moment in a very puzzled stance but decided to ignore his questions and play along. Â"I shall try. Our mother is very protective of her but I donÂ't see why not... I thank you for the invitation...Â"

Â"Yes. An invitation. I would love to meet her...you sister. Next time you come,Â" Elizabeth continued stuttered and continued to repeat. Â"I just wanted to invite your sister...Â"

Alexander nodded slowly and narrowed his eyes. Â"Are you quite well, Miss?Â"

Â"I am fine,Â" Elizabeth answered, and then noticed her odd tone. Â"I am just tired. Our journey, it took much out of me... You understand.Â"

Â"Yes, I do...,Â" he nodded. Â"Then if everything is quite fine, I must apologize and...Â"

Â"And leave!Â" Elizabeth interrupted, quickly and again, without thinking. Â"Yes! You must leave! Get home to your sister and give her the marvelous book you chose. IÂ'm sorry to have kept you longer...

Â"It is fine,Â" he smiled oddly and Elizabeth noticed that he still looked a bit concerned. So, she held her breath, hoping he would leave soon enough and not tell a soul of her outburst. True, she was allowed to speak her mind and ask questions but she must remember to stay appropriate. She canÂ't be uncontrollably yelling things and making a fool out of her self. Â"Very well then... Good day, Miss Elizabeth...Â"

Â"Good day, Sir Alexander...Â" Elizabeth breathed and almost collapsed on the arm chair behind her, once he had left. A close call wasnÂ't even something near what she would say to describe what had just happened. What if her father had been there? What if Nurse Agnes had been there? She would have surly given her a strict talking to about proper manners around a man... And her father would have banished her to her room for days...

She was to get a handle on herself and correct her erratic behavior before someone become aware of it and made mention of it. Either way, it was just past the hour and she knew she was wanted in the dinning room for breakfast, so, she took one last deep breath, composed herself, and made her way out of the dusty room, hoping, not to see it again for a long while...


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-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

Post by destinyros2005 » 03/27/03 21:24

This is just amazing, Rebel! Please post more soon. You've got my attention!

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-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

Post by JasonBehrsChick » 11/03/03 15:01

Great story! I just found it and can't wait to see how Max works his way into it. Updated it asap please

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-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

Post by Kris2782 » 11/03/03 19:35

Welcome to FD!

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-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

Post by jbangelo » 11/04/03 15:12

JasonBehrsChick, welcome to FD! Glad to have you here!

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-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

Post by JasonBehrsChick » 11/06/03 13:54

guys. This is a great story

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-The Fall Of 1558- (M/L. AU. Period Piece.) Part Two 3/25

Post by lissalou72 » 12/14/03 20:49

I also just found and read this story it great I hope you post more. I love reading stories from a different time. I can't wait for more.


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