Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

The best couples in t.v. land are all here in original fiction about Max, Liz, Michael, Maria and the rest of the Roswell gang!
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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Author: Island Breeze
Rating: TEEN or YTEEN (about like the show)
Forum: CC
Pairings: M/M, All

The creators and producers of “Roswell,” Melinda Metz, who wrote the books, and Jason Katims, who brought us the TV series, deserve the credit for the Roswell concept, main characters, and events that occurred during the TV series, “Roswell,” which I do not own but merely lead down a path of imagination through the stars of a destiny that might have been.

Anyone who has read the Altered Time Series or any of my other stories knows that they take place after the show ended. I borrowed the wonderful Roswell characters that Melinda Metz and Jason Katims gave us but used little or none of their dialogue or storylines, except as background for my stories, which are otherwise original and contain a host of children, Antarians, and aliens of my own creation.

This story, however, is different. It takes place alongside the TV episodes and is intended to mesh with the plotlines Katims and Metz gave us. Consequently, limited dialogue and storyline from the show will be used or mentioned from time to time in order to show us what the background of the part is… and to mesh the two stories together. Dialogue from the show, when used, will generally be in italics, though not all lines in italics will necessarily be from the show. I do not own anything from the show (except a chair from Jim Valenti's kitchen). I certainly do not own the characters or the dialogue from the show, and it is not my intention to imply ownership of anything but my own original storyline. The rest is the property of the WB, UPN, Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, and/or whoever else might hold copyright interest in the series and its characters.

With the exception of the fanciful prologue, which can only be explained as a product of my fantasy-and-sci-fi-damaged brain, each part of this story will take place during an episode of Roswell, starting with the pilot. I hope to offer plausible explanations for some of the more baffling quirks in the TV series as well as a plausible and entertaining alternate plotline. So sit back, read, and enjoy!

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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Codename: TABASCO
The Awesome Background
And Secret Chronicles Of Michael Guerin

Inspiration On The Lam

She rolled over and pulled the pillow over her head, groaning pitifully… “Go away! I don't have anything for you. You want too much of me!”

I wasn't about to let her get away with that… not that easily… so I pulled the pillow off of her head. She glared at me and closed her eyes back in silence. I sat down on the bed, a bit hard, bouncing her… “I need you. My mind is a black tunnel… with nothing going through it! You're supposed to be there for me when I need you.”

“I'm tired.”

“Goddesses don't get tired.”

“I'm not a goddess.”

“Oh, don't split hairs! You're a Muse! Muses are some kind of goddesses… aren't they?”

She rolled over and looked at me. “I'm a Muse, not a slave. You don't seem to have grasped that concept. I have nothing for you. Get used to it!”

I stood up and looked at her, giving her my best ‘I-don't-believe-this' look, but it flew right over her. If she's one thing, it's consistent…

“I need a vacation.”

“Muses don't get vacations! They don't need them!”

She smiled a sort of ‘shows-what-you-know' smile. “They do if you want inspiration… which I do not have for you… because *** I *** have not had a vacation in three years!”

“Why! Why! Why did I have to get a high maintenance Muse!?”

She rolled over and swung the pillow over her head again.

“All right! Okay! You want a vacation? Fine! You can have a vacation.”

She pulled the pillow off her head and looked at me… “Really?”

“Really. On Antar.”

“Antar? That's no vacation! You want me to work!”

“No, no, no, no, no! You can relax, swim in the Golden Sea, hit the clubs, eat in the best restaurants, whatever you want. And you'll get to meet Max, Michael, Kyle, and Alex personally this time… if you want to.”

That did seem to pique her interest… “How am I supposed to get there?”

“Just wiggle your nose or whatever it is you Muses do.”

She rolled her eyes and sighed. “All right… I guess I could go to Antar. I'm not promising you any inspiration, mind you. But I will try to have a good time.”

“Cute! Just remember that you're my Muse. I want something awesome and exciting when you get back.”

“I'm a Muse, not a cheap goddess of the night. You need to talk to Bacchus about that. In fact, I'll speak to him for you.”

“Oh! Funny! I thought you were all ‘inspirationed' out! It looks like your wit is still sharp!”

She jumped out of bed and opened a drawer, pulling out undergarments and lingerie and throwing them into a suitcase. Then she hit the closet, filling another suitcase.

“What are you doing?”

“Packing… It's a long trip!”

“You're a Muse! Muses don't pack!”

“I'm not a guy, in case you haven't noticed. I WON'T wear the same clothes for two weeks!”

“TWO WE-… No, no, no! Not gonna happen! You can't leave me for two weeks! Two days maybe…”

I never actually knew if she heard my objections. She had already snapped her fingers and disappeared, along with two suitcases full of clothes and toiletries and six pairs of shoes…


On the shore of the Golden Sea, Maria closed her eyes and leaned back in the sand, allowing the Antarian sunshine to warm the front of her bikini-clad body and the warm sand to warm her back. “I am so glad we're back on our Antar… on our beach… under our sun… with our kids… all together again. Aren't you, Michael?”

Michael smiled and leaned over to give Maria a passionate kiss on the lips.


Maria glanced past Michael at the young woman in the chic wraparound sarong standing behind him. “Can we help you?”

“You can if you're Maria and he's Michael Guerin.”

Michael sat up and looked the young woman over suspiciously… “You have us at a disadvantage. You seem to know who we are, but I've never met you.”

“Oh you have… sort of… You just don't know it.”

“No… I think I would remember it if I had met you,” Michael insisted, putting his arm around Maria and pulling her to him, as though to tell this girl… and the world -but most of all Maria- that he was taken, and happily so.

The young lady smiled. “Well, I'm not from Antar… and I need to talk to someone about…”

“Oh! You want our exalted leader!” Michael exclaimed, grinning boyishly, “He's right over there… with Liz. That would be his wife.”

The young woman nodded. “I know.”

“What's your name?” Maria asked, “I don't remember meeting you either.”

“You have… on occasion. But that's not important.”

“What are you,” Michael asked.

The young woman seemed surprised by Michael's question. “I'm… a Muse.”

Michael looked at her, puzzled… “What planet is that?”

“It's not a planet,” said Maria, “It's a goddess… you know… of inspiration.”

Michael nodded. “Oh, yeah! I heard about them. I didn't think they were real.”

“Well, I am.”

“Yeah, so I see. How do I know you're what you say you are?”

The young woman snapped her fingers, and two suitcases fell to the beach, one on each side of Michael.

“Wha-! Where did those come from?”

She opened one of the suitcases and propped the lid up to block the sun, then she snapped her fingers again.

“Where did she go?” Michael asked, looking around.

“Right here!”

Michael looked inside the suitcase. The mysterious girl was sitting cross-legged in a yoga position on top of her clothes, shaded by the open top of the suitcase.

“You're… little!” Michael exclaimed, bending over to look at the girl who now was about nine inches tall.

“That's so cool!” Maria gushed. “I wish I could do that! I guess you'd have to be a goddess.”

“You should be able to do it just fine then,” Michael said, grinning.

Maria smiled and patted Michael on the cheek. “Flattery will get you everywhere… when we're alone. But the kids are right over there… so are Max and Liz. And the others are around here somewhere.”

Michael nodded and his lips rose into a one-sided, impish grin… “Yeah, Max might learn a few things.”

“I was thinking about the kids… but yeah… he might,” Maria agreed, with a wry smile. “We wouldn't want to corrupt him.”

“Corrupt who?” Max asked, walking up at that moment with Liz. Right behind them were Isabel, Alex, Kyle, Jeliya, Tess, and Rayylar.

“Nobody,” Maria said, grinning guiltily.

“Mom! Dad! Look what I found!”

Maria turned to look at their oldest son, ten-year-old Zorel, who had been wading in the surf. “What is it, Zor?”

“A neat seashell! It's one I haven't seen before. Who's the cute chick?”

Zorel smiled at the little Muse sitting in the suitcase, and she smiled back.

“Zorel, that's not a proper way to talk to… Muses… I don't think… is it,” Michael said, admonishing him gently, “Where did you pick up that kind of talk?”

“The Earth channel… on TV.”

“It's all right,” the Muse said, snapping her fingers and returning to normal size. “At least he thinks I'm cute. The guy I'm supposed to be inspiring wouldn't notice if I were replaced with a lump of mud!”

“Maybe he's gay,” Liz suggested.

The young woman snorted then laughed, shaking her head. “No, but I'll tell him you said that. Maybe it'll make him pay more attention to me.” She sighed… “But I doubt it.”

“Well, what's his problem,” Michael asked, “You look very attractive to me.”

The Muse smiled, and Zorel nodded enthusiastically. Maria moved a little closer to Michael and tightened her grip on his arm.

“Of course, I'm totally not looking for… you know… a girlfriend or anything like that,” Michael hurried to add. “Maria's all the goddess I can handle.”

The Muse smiled… Michael glanced at Maria and noticed a smile on her face, too.

“I don't have a girlfriend,” Zorel said, grinning widely.

Maria pulled Zorel to her, putting one arm around him as she kept the other arm locked with Michael's arm… “Zorel, you're ten years old. I think you may be just a little young to be thinking about love just yet. Don't you think, Michael?”

Michael smiled at Zorel then abruptly looked at Maria and nodded vigorously. “Um… yeah… oh, yeah… he's… too young.” He turned and winked at Zorel, and Zorel smiled.

“How old are you,” Maria asked the young woman straight out, though she did smile amiably as she asked.

“Twelve thousand… give or take a few hundred.”

“Years?” Kyle gasped.

The Muse nodded. “I'm a Muse.”

Maria gave Zorel an ‘I-told-you-so' nod. “You're way too young for her.”

“I don't mind,” Zorel said.

“Well I do,” Maria replied, her voice displaying just a hint of aggravation.

Michael laughed and pulled Maria's arm off of Zorel and over to himself. “Don't worry about Zorel. He's just infatuated. It's normal for boys… for girls, too, I hear.”

Maria sighed and nodded.

“You're cute,” the Muse said, leaning over and kissing Zorel on the cheek, “And sweet, too. But I have a long term commitment to a man who thinks I look like mud.”

“Well, that sucks,” Zorel said boldly.

The Muse smiled, and Maria's eyes opened wide. “Michael, we really need to start monitoring the Earth channel better.”

Michael nodded.

“Just for the record, Zorel,” the Muse said with a wink, “You're right. Too bad my ‘inspiree' can't seem to see it. All he ever wants is inspiration twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.”

“But isn't that what Muses are supposed to do?” Isabel asked innocently, “Inspire?”

The Muse sighed. “Well, yeah… but, well… he could notice me… just a little bit… once in a while…”

Michael smiled and looked at Maria, and she nodded understandingly. At that moment, seven-year-old Jayyd Guerin walked up and took her mom by the hand. “Hi. Who are you,” she asked, looking the young woman over.

“She's a Muse,” Zorel said.

“Oh.” Jayyd nodded, turning back to the young woman… “Say something funny!”

“Jayyd!” Maria exclaimed.

“Well, Zorel said she's amuse. That means funny in Eluymerian, doesn't it?”

Michael nodded. “She's got a point.” He put one hand on Jayyd's shoulder and smiled at her tenderly. “She's a Muse… It's two words. She's like… Shar'meya… in the Frebel-Ish stories.”

“Oh! Cool!” Jayyd exclaimed, suddenly seeming very impressed by the young woman in front of her.

The Muse smiled.

“Are you here to ‘spire us?” Jayyd asked.

The Muse grinned. “I've done that from time to time… without you knowing it. But I'm mainly here because my evil master, Doctor Crank'n'whine, wants inspiration.”

Michael chuckled. “It looks to me like he's got YOU inspired… in a manner of speaking.”

The Muse nodded. “He wants me to talk to you guys and find out something about you that no one else knows… something totally radical and… unknown.”

“Us? Michael and me?” Maria asked, surprised.

“Well… or Max and Liz or Isabel and Alex or Kyle and Jeliya… or all of you.”

“So he sent you all the way from Earth to get a story?” Maria asked.

The Muse nodded.

“Is he like… a pizzarazzi or PapaNazi or whatever those guys are,” Michael asked, “The ones always looking for pictures and a wild story?”

The Muse grinned. “Paparazzi. No… actually, he's one of a number of people who still keep you guys alive since you were… abandoned by the big guy.”


The Muse shook her head and pointed downward.

“You mean… HIM?” Maria asked, horrified.

The Muse nodded. “A TV exec… down on Earth.”

Michael shook his head. “That's old news. They could never cancel us from the memories and hearts of the people who love us. As long as they live, so will we. We are alive and kicking, I assure you.”

“And nobody is happier about that than I am,” the Muse said, looking Michael, then Max, Kyle, and Alex, over wistfully.

“Well… there is one thing you could tell her… about you, Michael,” Max suggested hesitantly.

“There's nothing that anyone needs to know about me that isn't already known,” Michael replied, shaking his head.

“Sure there is, Michael! There's that stuff about your secret life,” Maria urged, “It's okay to tell everybody now. We aren't on Earth anymore. Besides, I think the kids would enjoy hearing it. Just keep it clean!”

“I don't like talking about me, Maria,” Michael mumbled insistently, “Can't we talk about Max… or Kyle! Let's tell her something about Kyle!”

“Oh, like there's anything anybody would want to know about Kyle,” Alex said dramatically.

“I live by the wisdom of Buddha,” Kyle retorted, “They might want to hear some philosophy.”

Alex yawned. “Old news, Kyle. Nobody's interested. I want to hear what kind of secret life Michael had that I didn't know about. Now that has promise… knowing Michael.”

Kyle shrugged. “Well, like Buddha said… ‘If you can't beat them, join them.'”

“That was Buddha?” Alex asked, surprised.

Kyle shrugged, “Could have been. Everybody has said it at one time or another. So Michael, what kind of perverted, sick life have you been hiding from the rest of us that I was never told about?”

“Wouldn't you love to know,” Michael retorted feistily, “Too bad I'm never going to tell you.”

Kyle looked at Michael suspiciously… “Wait a minute… Maria knows, Liz knows… and Max knows? Does anyone else know?”

Michael smiled. “No. And they're never going to. Too bad, Valenti. You're outta luck!”

“Oh wait!” Kyle said, looking like the fox that was about to swallow the rabbit, “I know the perfect story to tell her! Yxtiar!”

Michael looked at Kyle suspiciously. “Maria and I spent some time in the hot springs there. But you weren't there.”

Kyle grinned. “No, but I heard something… about you.”

Michael's smile disappeared. “What?”

“It had to do with an underwater current in one of the hot springs and your swim trunks… and a ticket for streaking through a tourist area… or something like that.”

Michael spun around and looked at Maria with a look of betrayal.

“I… I didn't… I swear, Michael! I don't know how he found out! I would never…”

“What do you want, Kyle?” Michael asked, though the question came with an implied and understood threat. Michael WOULD –absolutely WOULD- dig up something on Kyle to get him back with. It was not a matter of if but when.

“I want to hear about your so-called secret life… the one only Maria, Liz, and Max know about.”

“And you'll never mention the Yxtiar thing again?”

“Cross my heart.”

Michael looked at Kyle for a long time, until Kyle began to wonder if he had made a mistake. Maybe Michael had some kind of X-ray eyes like Superman and he was burning a hole in him as they stood there. Kyle checked his shirt. No smoke… no holes… at least so far.

“Okay,” Michael said unexpectedly. “I'll tell. Like Max said, we're not on Earth anymore. I guess it can't hurt for you guys to hear it now.”

“Awesome!” Zorel said, plopping down on the sand beside his friends, Danyy Valenti and Alyyx Evans. Maya, JoLeesa, Andya, Jayyd, Kryys, Mareeya, Ceelya, Jiba, Drel, and the other children joined them. The adults sat down on the sand to listen, too, along with the Muse.

Michael took a big breath and shook his head. He really did not like talking about himself. He would much rather be talking about Kyle… if he had anything to tell. And he would… sooner or later…

End of Prologue


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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Codename: TABASCO
The Awesome Background And Secret Chronicles Of Michael Guerin

Episode 100 – Pilot (The Avenger)

Michael looked around at everyone present and took a big breath… “It started in the CrashDown… that day when Liz got shot. When Liz fell, Max jumped up out of his seat and started towards her, and I grabbed him by the arm…”

Max, what are you gonna do?

Max yelled at Maria to call an ambulance, then he tore Liz's dress open, and we saw the blood. I knew right then that nothing was going to convince Max that what he was doing was wrong. So I tried to keep anyone from getting too close and seeing what he was happening…

Hey, get back!

Max kept telling Liz that she had to look at him. Then he put his hand over the bullet wound and healed it. I was freaked out that Max had broken his pact with Isabel and me about not blowing our cover, and I just wanted to get us out of there as quickly as possible.

Keys! Now!

Max broke a ketchup bottle and poured the ketchup over Liz's dress. Then he told her to say that she broke a bottle and spilled ketchup on herself when she fell. He pleaded with her not to tell anyone what he had done, but I knew we were screwed. Our secret was out. I was totally freaking. And to add insult to injury, as I turned toward the door, with Max in tow, I collided with Maria.

“Oh great! Your smelly cedar oil is all over me!”

“You made me spill it! You bumped me!”

“Yeah, fine. Send me a bill. MAX, NOW! Let's go!”

I managed to drag Max out of the CrashDown, but the damage had been done. I wasn't letting him off without telling him what I thought of his indiscretion, and Isabel wasn't about to let him off easy either…

I can't believe this Max. You know, I finally feel like I have a quasi-normal existence and you go and blow it all with one random act of lunacy. Michael, how did you let my misguided brother do this? And stand downwind, for God's sake, Michael! You smell like a damn urinal!

Hey don't turn this around on me. I'm not the one who thinks he's a superhero. And it's not pee; Maria spilled that stupid oil she carries around all the time on me.

I always wondered what that was.

I'll be honest, at first, I was ready to leave town and find some other place to live… I was so sure that our cover had been totally blown, especially when Sheriff Valenti stopped us and questioned us in Max's jeep. But Isabel didn't want to leave Roswell, and Max… he thought we could just crawl back in our shells like nothing ever happened… So in the end, we didn't leave. But things did change… a lot more than most people ever suspected…

Max kept saying that he couldn't just let Liz die, and I understood, but it was my responsibility to keep us safe, and his saving Liz's life put ours in danger. Not just mine, you see… Max's… and Isabel's, too. I was furious about that. But a part of me was glad that he saved her. I'm not sure I can explain that. But what Max did got me to thinking. I still thought he was wrong to put all our lives in jeopardy like that… especially without consulting Isabel and me… but he did it, and that changed everything. Now it wasn't a question anymore of should he do it or not. He did it. Now the question was can we live with it… with a human knowing our secret…

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you're being chased or where something's about to blow up or whatever and you want to run, but your legs just won't move, they're like… lead or something? Well, that's kind of how I felt when Max saved Liz. I wanted to run but I couldn't.

I think it bothered me more that I was so freaked out about it than it did that Max had done it. I was not supposed to get freaked out; I was supposed to keep us safe… calmly… and efficiently. I didn't even know who I was back then, but some things were programmed into my DNA or something. Efficiency was one of them. But if efficiency is the main goal, then Nasedo was perfect. He was the model of efficiency. If humans got in the way, he just eliminated them. Simple. No emotion involved. We hadn't even met Nasedo yet when Max saved Liz, but I already knew that that kind of thinking was wrong. The problem is, the difference between killing humans and letting one die when you could have saved her didn't seem very big. In fact, it seemed uncomfortably small. It's just that… I had never given it any thought, so it was a kind of awakening for me when it hit me like that. And it wasn't an awakening that I took easily. It was like waking up with cold water splashed in your face… or having no Tabasco to put in your morning coffee.

The truth is, I still wasn't ready to accept it, not totally. It seemed easier to say that what happened to Liz was no fault of ours and therefore no responsibility of ours, so what if Max was head over heels in love with her, he didn't have to save her, especially since it endangered all of us as a result. It wasn't the same as killing her, right? But a part of me was saying that it was. And it was driving me crazy. That night I tossed and turned in bed, and my mind kept replaying what had happened in the CrashDown. Over and over, in my dreams, I kept seeing myself drag Max out, and I would look back as we went out the door and see Liz lying there dead and Maria crying her heart out over her body and… and I would feel empty inside… cold… and emotionless. I was the Terminator… no heart, just very, very efficient… I was Nasedo.

Since I wasn't getting much quality sleep anyway, I decided to go for a bike ride in the dark and clear my head. I sneaked out of the trailer quietly, being careful not to wake Hank, but he had been drinking earlier, so he was probably in a stupor anyway. Once on the road, I drove all the way through Roswell and then headed towards Las Cruces on Highway 285. I remember I passed Madame Vivian's. I don't put much stock in fortunetellers myself, but I know some people who do, and I could just hear Madame Vivian trying to explain how I was a robot without a heart and then she would hum that Oz song, ‘If I Only Had A Heart.' I put some distance between myself and her place as fast as I could. Twenty miles down the road, I spotted a rest stop and decided to pull off and try to relax. It looked dark and relatively deserted, and that suited me just fine. That's what I needed to clear my head.

I was lucky. There was nobody else there but me. I noticed that there was only one light burning, and it was way out near the highway. The others all appeared to be burned out, so the place was dark and quiet. I could relax in peace… listen to the crickets chirp… whatever… and get my head in order.

Trouble is, nothing ever goes exactly the way you plan it. About forty minutes after I parked my bike and found a nice place to lie down in the grass and watch the stars, an old pickup truck pulls into the rest stop. This thing must have been made by Thomas Edison… or was it Gerald Ford? Well, anyway, whoever made the first car… You know what I mean. The engine was clanking and grinding like it was on its last legs, and if that wasn't bad enough, these two guys get out and start arguing real loud. I tried to cover my ears, but it was annoying, and I could still hear them yelling insults at each other. I wasn't paying too much attention to what the insults were about until I heard one of them say, “If that cheap whore at the restaurant hadn't got in the way and taken your bullet for you, you'd be makin' love t' maggots right now. I've still got three bullets left. And one of them has your name all over it… unless you come up with that money… tonight!”

Okay, now they had my attention. I lay there quietly, but I was listening now.

“I don't have the money. You need to give me some more time. That's all I'm asking, for a couple of days. I can pull a job. If I'm dead you're not going to get anything.”

“Except satisfaction,” the first man said gruffly, “I might settle for that in your case.”

“Come on, man… a day! Just gimme a day! I'll pull a job… I'll go back to Roswell… knock off that restaurant we were at. They won't be expectin' it, not after that little waitress got it this morning.”

“What if you get caught?”

“I won't.”

“How do I know that?”

“I'll kill them all… I'll leave no witnesses. You happy? There's got to be enough money in that place to cover what I owe you… MORE!”

The first man nodded slowly, thinking it over. “Alright… but you take care of them good. I don't want no surprises.”

“No surprises,” the second man promised.

“Would this count as a surprise?” I asked, stepping out of the shadows behind them.

Both men spun around and stared at me. Alright! I know! I said that we shouldn't get involved in human affairs. I said that we shouldn't blow our cover. I said a lot of stuff. But fate or something just wasn't going to let me have it my way.

“Buddy, whoever you are, you just bought yourself a one-way ticket to hell,” the first man said, pulling out his gun. I raised my hand at the same time as he pulled the trigger, and the bullet exploded in the air. This apparently shook them up. I guess it wasn't what they were expecting. The man with the gun fired off two more shots at me, emptying his chamber, but again the bullets exploded as soon as they left the gun barrel, just like the first one had. Panicked, the other man ran and jumped into the truck. Apparently, he no longer felt that it was necessary to wait for his ‘friend.' Thanks to a little electrical interference, though, the truck refused to start.

“Who are you?” the man with the gun yelled.

I had pulled my T-shirt over my head to disguise myself. It wasn't much, but I had to do what I could do with what I had… and the pants weren't coming off! I guess I did look weird; I definitely felt weird, looking through the arm of a T-shirt with the shirt pulled down over my head, but it protected my identity, you know… It protected US. So I said…

“I'm the Avenger.”

I don't know where that came from actually. It just popped out. I think I thought that I was avenging Liz… and what they had done to us, to Max and Isabel and me, and I just said I'm the Avenger.

“Avenger? What… you're like some kind of superhero or something?”

“Something, yeah.”

“Come on, man!” the second guy yelled, “Let's get out of here! This guy is spookin' me! I can't start this thing. It'll start for you.”

“It's not gonna start,” I said confidently, “I've taken care of that.”

“What did you do to it,” the first man asked.

Without speaking, I raised my hand, and the truck burst into flames. The guy inside dove out the door, then the truck exploded.

“A little of that,” I said, lowering my hand back.

“Who are you,” the first man asked again, looking even more addled than before, “What do you want with us? We ain't done nothin' wrong.”

“You used bad grammar,” I said totally seriously.

It's a good thing my face was hidden, because I cringed as soon as I said it. I don't know what made me say it. I wouldn't even try to explain it for all the Tabasco in Roswell. But when he spoke, Mrs. Biederman, our old English teacher, popped into my head, wagging her finger… “Double negatives are bad grammar, young man. If you want to ever be somebody in this world you must not use bad grammar.” I shook my head and put her out of my mind. There would be time for shrinks later.

“So what… you're like a teacher or something? Bad grammar is a crime now?”

“Shooting a waitress is a crime,” I replied.

The man stared at me, his eyes filling with panic. He knew that I knew. I waited to see what his reaction would be. It didn't take long… He charged at me, picking up a branch from the ground to hit me with. It wasn't smart, but I guess he didn't see any other options at the moment.


“Sheriff Valenti, Roswell Sheriff's Office… How can I help you?” Sheriff Jim Valenti listened for a few moments, his eyebrows arching slightly as he listened… “Okay, I'm on my way. We can handle it from here. Thanks for letting me know.”

Valenti hung up the phone and grabbed his hat, slapping it onto his head with a simple practiced flip. “Hansen, get your hat and gun. We got a disturbance out at a rest stop on 285 a few miles outside of Roswell.”

“Is it in our jurisdiction, sir?”

“It is now. The State guys usually patrol that area. They got the call, but they have no one nearby at the moment. It's close to us, so I said we'd check it. You ready?”

“Yes, sir. Can I ask what kind of disturbance, sir?”

Jim smiled. “Maybe we'd better get there and see for ourselves. I'm not sure I trust the report.”

“You don't trust the state police?”

“No… yeah… I mean, not them, whoever reported it to them. We'll probably get there and find out it was all a prank… just some kids havin' a good time making some crank calls. Wouldn't be the first time.”

Hansen nodded and closed the door behind them.

Jim pulled into the rest stop and looked around. The first thing he noticed was the burning truck, then he noticed that a bank of lights on one of the light poles was sparking incessantly, and he saw the two men… dangling from the arm of the light, thirty feet up, by the backs of their pants. He pointed, and Hansen looked up.

“I guess there was a disturbance after all, huh, Hansen?”

Hansen nodded, his mouth open in disbelief. Jim stopped the car near the pole, and he and Hansen got out.

“See if you can still get a license number off of that truck, Hansen. ARE YOU TWO OKAY UP THERE?”

“GET US DOWN!” both men yelled at the same time, struggling momentarily then becoming still again, fearful that their belts and pants would not hold if they continued to struggle.

“How am I supposed to do that?” Jim yelled back, “How in thunder did you get up there in the first place? Can you climb back down the same way you got up there?”

“We didn't climb up,” the first man yelled down, “We were lifted up… by some kind of power or force field or somethin'… some guy who called himself ‘The Avenger.'”

“Here's the license number, Sheriff.”

“Good work, Hansen. Ever hear of anyone calling themselves ‘The Avenger'?”

Hansen nodded. “There was an old comic book character by that name, I think. Then there was a movie that starred Sean Connery and Uma Thurmond, came out around 1998. Then there was the Toxic Avenger, the Veggie Avenger, the…”

“I get the idea. All right… How are we going to get these guys down from up there?”

The previously ‘burned out' lights sparked brightly again several times then eerily returned to darkness, eliciting howls from the two men. “Hurry up!” one of the men yelled down, “We're gonna get electrocuted up here!”

“Sheriff, look!” Hansen bent down and untied a swatch of cloth from around the bottom of the light pole. “There's something written on it.”

“Let me see. Hold it up in front of the car lights so I can read it.”

“Yes, sir.”

These two planned to rob the CrashDown tonight and kill anyone there. The gun is in the garbage can beside the men's room. Check it for fingerprints. Check their records, too. It's the gun from the CrashDown today.

Jim looked up at the two men dangling thirty feet above. Suddenly, he did not feel any hurry to get them down.

“I'm going to make a call from my squad car. You guys… just hang in there… up there… whatever… and keep doing whatever it is you're doing.”

“Sheriff, get us down… NOW! Or I'll sue you and your whole department!” the first man yelled down belligerently.

“He's kidding,” the other man yelled, “Please get us down!”

“Hansen, check the garbage can by the men's room. If you find a gun, be careful not to destroy any fingerprints.”

“Yes, sir.”

Jim walked over to his car and picked up the mike. Several minutes later, he walked back over to the light pole. Hansen was standing there with the gun, a ‘Saturday Night Special,' wrapped carefully in a handkerchief. He showed it to Jim, and Jim nodded then looked up at the two men hanging from the lights…

“There's a fire truck on the way.”

“How long till it gets here,” the first man asked impatiently.

“Twenty minutes… maybe. Just hang in there. Oh, and the state police are on their way, too. They think they may know you two. Seems you have some pretty long records… including murder. I'd say they're going to be very happy to get you down.”

Both men groaned. There really wasn't much else they could do now, in light of their situation.


“He glowed! He glowed like he was atomic or somethin',” the accomplice said breathlessly, as the state patrol officer handcuffed him and shoved him into the patrol car. “And he had this power force field or something. He blew up our truck. And… and he stops bullets… in the air! He stopped Ralph's bullets! He blew them up as they came out of the gun!”

“Shut up!” the first man said, as the officer stuffed him into the car beside his accomplice. “Don't listen to him. I never saw that gun before. This was all a setup.”

“Sure,” the patrolman said, pushing him into the car and closing the door before turning to Jim…

“What did you see, Sheriff? Was there another man out here? Could someone else have done this?”

Jim shook his head and blew out a long breath of air. “I didn't see anyone else. When we got here, whoever put them up there was long gone. But someone had to do it. We owe a big thanks to an individual or individuals unknown somewhere out there it would seem.”

“You don't believe that plutonium man super hero stuff do you, Sheriff?”

Jim laughed. “Not a chance. They're trying to set up a case for an insanity plea or something… at their trials.”

The state police officer nodded. “That's what I figured, too. Good work, Sheriff. I'll see to it you get some kind of commendation for their arrests.”

“Having them off the street is thanks enough,” Jim replied with a grateful grin, “Take real good care of them.”

“You know we'll do that.”

As the highway patrol car pulled away with the two men in it, Hansen looked at Jim curiously. “You didn't tell him about the note.”

Jim pulled the swatch of cloth out of his pocket and held it up to his nose, sniffing it curiously. “No, I didn't.”

“That wasn't an oversight… was it, sir?”

Jim shook his head. “This was a piece of somebody's T-shirt once. I would very much like to know whose. We're gonna make a date with the lab guys to have a closer look at it… chemically if need be.”

“What do you think you'll find, sir?”

Jim's eyebrows arched, and he stopped and turned to face Hansen. “Maybe… The Avenger.”

End of Episode 100


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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Can't wait for more!

I'm going to move it into the M/M Forum...I Want You To See Me

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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Thanks! You're right, this belongs in M&M or CC. Here's a bit more of the story. :D


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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Codename: TABASCO
(The Awesome Background And Secret Chronicles Of Michael Guerin)

Episode 101 – Coffee & Tabasco (The Morning After)

Max was sleeping… snoring actually… when I climbed through his window. I know how he could be so calm with everything that had happened, but that's Max. Did I say he was asleep? Okay, he was snoring, but he could still hear a pin drop, even in his sleep. He opened his eyes and got up slowly, picking up a baseball bat and a flashlight that he kept near his bed, then he lifted the baseball bat over his head, expecting to smack the hell out of the intruder…

Hold it there! Don't hit me!

Seeing it was me, Max put the bat down. Argument with Hank?

Couldn't sleep.

He laid a sleeping bag on the floor for me and climbed back into bed and sat there for a moment before lying back down. I guess he thought I needed a place to sleep… you know, because of Hank and all. When I made it clear that I was not there to join his snore fest and just wanted to talk, he shrugged. Hey, I was sleeping.

Amazing. He wanted to sleep, and I wanted to talk about our future. I mean, the key to our entire existence was out there, and Max wanted to sleep! Valenti had been hounding Liz all day about what happened in the CrashDown that morning. He showed her a picture of a dead man with a silver handprint on him… like the silver handprint Max had left on her. Kyle got a glimpse of the handprint on Liz, and he told his father, the sheriff. Valenti never saw it himself, but he knew he was onto something; he could smell it. The important thing is, though, that picture proved that there was someone else out there… someone like us… someone who was here in 1959 when that picture was made… someone who would know where we came from, who we were, why we were here, and maybe… just maybe… how to get back to our own planet. And besides, I needed someone to talk to about what had happened tonight, and Max was going to hear me even if I had to prop him up with an ironing board and drop the iron on his head to make him listen. He was the only one I could tell.

“Max, listen! I caught the two guys that shot Liz tonight… I hung them on a light pole and called the highway patrol.”

“Good for you.”

Max lay there for a few moments then rolled over slowly and looked at me…

“You did what? What did you just say?”

“I said…”

“I heard what you said! Michael, are you nuts! Have you lost your mind? You're the one who said we need to stay under the radar, out of sight… and you just invited the feds… and Valenti… into our lives? Why don't you just send them an inscribed invitation! Aliens, at your service. Pick up or delivery anytime! We'll come to you!

“It's not like that, Maxwell.”

“So what is it like, Michael? Tell me.”

“I didn't exactly hang around to chit chat with the sheriff when he got there. I left the two corndogs hanging from the pole, and I took off on my bike. By the time Valenti got there, I was long gone.”

Max was silent for almost a full minute before he spoke again…

“You caught them, huh… the guys that shot Liz?”


“Well, that's good… That's… that's good… as long as no one knows that we're involved.”

“There's nothing to tie them to us, Max… except you healing Liz, that is.”

“Don't start, Michael.”

“I'm not starting. It's done. I'm working on damage control now!”

“There was no damage. We just have to be careful in the future.”

“We've always had to be careful.”

“Right. So nothing has changed.”

“Everything has changed, Max!”

“How do you mean?”

I leaned against the wall wearily. “I enjoyed it, Max. I enjoyed taking those men down… and hanging them up there on that light pole by the seat of their pants. Every time the lights flickered and sparks fell down into their pants they howled… and I enjoyed it. That's not normal, Max.”

Max grinned. “I don't know… I'm enjoying it just thinking about it. I don't think it's abnormal, Michael. You have normal feelings. Those guys almost killed Liz. Hell, they did kill Liz… if I hadn't intervened and saved her. They're scum. They would have hurt others sooner or later. You did the world a favor. So you really put a good scare into them, huh?”

“Yeah… They think there's a superhero out there called The Avenger.”

“How very original.”

“Yeah, okay, so it's been used before. I didn't exactly have time to come up with an all-original, Maxwell-sanctioned name. It just popped into my head. I was avenging Liz, so… I said I was the Avenger.”

“Makes sense.”

“Yeah. It does.”

“But it's all over now, Michael. The bad guys are in the sheriff's hands… and you're no superhero. We're just two guys in high school… nothing unusual about us.”


I nodded, but inside, I wasn't sure. I had enjoyed a taste… a very small taste… of something deeply satisfying, and it tasted pretty good, a lot better than what I usually tasted living with Hank. It was a feeling I had never experienced before. I wasn't sure anymore what the future held. Maybe with my alien heritage I was born to be some kind of superhero. Somewhere inside, I knew that I was supposed to protect Max and Isabel, so I was already supposed to be a kind of hero in a way. Why not a superhero? Yeah… Why not? I could do that! But not tonight… I would need at least a couple of hours sleep. In the morning, after my morning coffee… Stirred, not shaken, with Tabasco.


The next day, things started to get complicated. Mr. Singer, the geometry teacher, didn't show up; instead, this dame named Topolsky pops in. She pretended to be a substitute teacher, but she sucked at geometry. Liz kept correcting her. Then she said she was really a guidance counselor and was concerned about me. The truth is, she was gathering information about me for the FBI. Liz came to the trailer park to warn me after she found Topolsky gathering my records together.

“You're sure it was my records, it was definitely my records?”


“So she's looking for me.”

“I don't know what's going on, Michael. I just thought I should tell you.”


“Did you know they caught the guys that shot me, Michael?”

“Yeah… actually… I think I heard something about that.”

“The sheriff told me this morning. He kept asking me if I'd ever heard of someone called ‘Avenger.' Best I could gather, the men claimed to have been hung up on a light pole by this Avenger, whoever he is. Could be a last name, I guess… Tom Avenger, Harold Avenger… I've heard stranger names. The sheriff thinks they were just drunk and rambling, though.”

“Why would he ask YOU about this Avenger person?”

“I don't know. It was strange. He acted like it was all a big joke, but it seemed like more than that to me. I don't know what he's up to, Michael, but I thought you should know.”

“Thanks… again.”

“You're welcome.”



“There's something… you ought to know. You trusted me by bringing me this information. I want you to know I appreciate that. And…”


“And… I'm going to trust you with something. Can I? You know, trust you?”

“Michael, I would never do anything that would betray you guys, if that's what you mean.”

“Yeah, something like that. What I'm going to tell you… only Max knows right now… I mean, besides me. You can never tell anyone, unless I say it's okay.”

Liz nodded.

“I couldn't sleep last night, so I rode down the highway on my bike and stopped at a rest stop. Those two guys pulled in and started arguing, and I heard them talking about shooting you and that they were going to come back and rob the CrashDown and kill whoever was there so there'd be no witnesses…”

Liz gasped, and her hand went over her mouth reflexively. I think she turned pale, too.

“You see, Liz, I really didn't have a choice. I couldn't let them do that… and… and besides, I figured I would be avenging you… and us, too. It wasn't planned… the name and all. It just popped out. I know it was stupid. The Avenger… that was me. Yeah! Really stupid, I know.”

Liz shook her head slowly, as she processed what I had just told her.

“It wasn't stupid, Michael. You saved everyone who might have been there in the café… Dad, Mom… Maria… Who knows who else!”

Suddenly, Liz stopped and planted a kiss on my cheek. I swear I never saw it coming. I probably turned red. I know I had a hard time finding my voice again. I knew it was just like a friendship kind of thing… gratitude and all… but damn! I understood why Max had to save her.

“So, uh, now you know, huh…”

Liz nodded thoughtfully. “You know, Michael… that makes you an honest to God superhero. I kind of like it, actually. It's not stupid at all. You've got powers that people here don't have, so you are a superhero. Well, you are if you use your powers for good, like you did last night. I guess that would be putting yourself and Max and Isabel in danger, though; I mean, if you made a habit of it. I know you guys have to be careful and appear to be just like everyone else and all. I understand that.”

I nodded, but I was thinking about what Liz had said. Hell, I'd been thinking about it ever since last night's little incident. I liked being somebody special, even if nobody else could ever know it was me. It made me somebody. Being a frikkin' hybrid alien had never made me anything but wanted before… and not in a good way. It was a curse. I didn't even know what planet I was from or anything about my people. But being a superhero was something. Yeah, that was something I could do. And it would give some meaning to this freaky DNA I was born with. I still wasn't sure that I would ever do anything like last night again. It did pose a certain amount of risk to us, and I have enough headaches taking care of Max and Isabel now. Who needs to add more steam to a whistling cauldron anyway? I've got enough on my shoulders just trying to find out who we are… not to mention getting us back home someday, wherever that is. But I knew one thing for certain now. The idea would always be there… in the back of my mind.


Unfortunately, it seemed that Topolsky wasn't the only FBI person in Roswell these days. An Agent Hart showed up in Sheriff Valenti's office and said he was on assignment and that the sheriff should just go about his business as usual. This pissed Valenti off, being that the guy was in Valenti's office, in Valenti's jurisdiction and all, and wouldn't even say what he wanted.

See, my problem with that is that having a federal agent sitting smack dab in the middle of my station house isn't exactly business as usual.

My orders are to not leave this chair until I'm relieved.

Uh-huh. Agent Hart, the FBI has no jurisdiction here. Now I'm going to ask you to please get up and leave. And take your folding chair with you.

Valenti kicked Agent Hart out, but the feds were back before the sun could set, and this time they removed all of Valenti's files from his office and ordered him to forget they ever existed. Yeah! Like that was gonna happen! The problem, for us, was that the picture we wanted to get our hands on was probably in the sheriff's desk and might be found by those yahoo agents going in and out of his office. We had to find it before they did.

The only way I could see to get in the sheriff's office without being seen was to go in the window, but it was on the second floor, and a locked grate covered it. No problem for a superhero, I told myself. Climbing up to the second floor ledge was easy. There, I used my powers to open the grate then quickly slid into Valenti's office and started going through his files. Max and Isabel must have arrived at about that time, because they saw the window grate open and knew that I was there. They also saw Valenti pulling into the station.

Max, you get Michael out of there. I'll keep Valenti out of his office as long as I can.

Max slipped in through the window. I found the picture, and I also found a strange key hidden inside the lid of Valenti's thermos, so I took it; but when I held it in my hand, I had a vision that made me stagger backwards. The sheriff must have heard the noise, because we heard him coming down the hall, so we got out quickly, and Max sealed the grate back. Then we jumped down into a garbage dumpster. Even superheroes get dirty sometimes.

Told you it was no big deal, Max!

That night, Liz sat watching the stars, her diary on her lap. Next to her, on her bed, lay the afternoon paper, with a short article on the front page about the arrest of the shooters from the CrashDown Café the night before… and the strange rumor of an unknown avenger.

I guess it was a lot to put on her shoulders. She already couldn't tell anyone that Max had saved her life… or about us, who we really are and all… and now she couldn't tell anyone that the guy running around Roswell pretending to be a superhero was actually just an alien.

Liz traced a line with one finger through the stars in the sky, as though searching for ‘the one,' then she sighed and began to write in her diary…

Ever since I found out about Max and Michael and Isabel, I've been thinking a lot about secrets… that for everyone who has a secret, there's someone else who needs to know what that secret is. How sometimes secrets keep people from feeling like they belong, and sometimes secrets make you feel like you do belong. And now even I, Liz Parker, the smallest of small town girls with the simplest of lives… even I have something to hide.

End of Episode 101


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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Codename: TABASCO
(The Awesome Background And Secret Chronicles Of Michael Guerin)

Episode 102 – Cherry Cola Isn't The Only Thing That's Sweet (Leaving Normal)

He's the guy.

Max Evans?

Yeah. He's the one.

The CrashDown had been invaded… not by aliens but by orthodontists attending an orthodontists' convention, and Liz had spent most of the evening smiling on demand. Max stayed with her until the CrashDown closed; then they said their goodbyes and Max walked across the street, where he was confronted by a group of jocks who were lying in wait for him.

What's going on, guys?

Evans, right?


Stay away from her.


The answer came from a barrage of fists that left Max bleeding from a cut over his eye and left bruises on other parts of his face. I knew what had happened as soon as I saw him…

I'm going to kill them.

Michael… No! Michael, listen to me. This is bad. Kyle does something to us. We do something back to him. This kind of thing gets all over school, all over town. Rumors start flying. The whole thing about what I did to Liz starts coming up again. We get exposed.

That's exactly what I'm saying. We go and we shut up those guys right now.

Michael, we have to stick together now… more than ever before. We have to go back into our shells. We can't do anything to those guys. I have to stay away from Liz.

That wasn't what I wanted to hear from Max. Okay, I agreed that it had the potential to get out of hand. I just didn't agree about what we should do to avoid the trouble… or maybe I should say, what we should NOT do. Back at school the next day, I “accidentally” bumped one of the jocks on the stairs.

Hey, watch where you're going.

Dude, I'm sorry.

(Yeah, sorry I didn't do it sooner.) I smiled to myself and walked on. A short time later, I spotted the jock I had touched trying to impress this cheerleader, and he starts scratching inside his shirt and all over as he's talking to her. First thing you know, she's looking at him like he's got fleas… or maybe worse… and her friends are thinking, ‘this guy's a dog! Get rid of him! He may be contagious!' I grinned and walked on. Some days, being an alien isn't so sucky. I know, I said I wasn't sure I would ever do anything like back at the rest stop again, but I never said I wouldn't enjoy life. You can't have it and just let them run all over you when you can do something about it. Besides, Max may not agree… okay, he doesn't agree… but the only way to stop these guys is to humble them. If they get away with it, they'll just get bolder and bolder. That puts us in danger. I had to put a stop to it. And I did… without hurting them… so, technically, I did not break my promise to Max, because he only said that we could not hurt them back, not that we couldn't make them itch.


“Miss DeLuca! Come in! I guess you're wondering why Deputy Carson brought you here.”

“I swear, Sheriff! I didn't know I was breaking any law. Well, maybe I knew it was wrong, just a little bit, kind of, but what was I supposed to do? I couldn't just ignore something like that. I mean, what would you do, Sheriff? Wouldn't you do something? Omigod, I need my cedar oil. Here it is. This is okay, isn't it? I mean, it's not, like, illegal, or something, is it… ‘cause if it is…”

Jim sat back into his chair, his head spinning. “You're not under arrest, Miss DeLuca. Take a deep breath. Slow down. You're giving me a headache.”

Maria closed her eyes and waved the vial of cedar oil under her nose.

“You know, Miss DeLuca, you would be a whole lot less nervous if you were just calmer.”

Jim thought for a moment then waved his hand dismissively… “Okay, forget I said that. Look, you're not under arrest.”

“So this is… not about Hillary Lange?”

“No. Is there something I should know about Hillary Lange?”

“Nothing! Nothing! And if she tells you there is, don't believe her, Sheriff; she lies…”

“Miss DeLuca, please! Sit down and…” Jim ran one hand through his hair. “We'll get to that later… maybe. I brought you here for a different reason. I want to know what you know about… The Avenger.”

Maria stared at Valenti for several moments before speaking. “The… Avenger?”


Maria shook her head. “Well, he was some kind of comic book superhero or something… wasn't he? Or was it a Mafia movie… I don't know, I never saw it.”

Valenti took a deep breath. “It's a guy, Miss DeLuca… a guy who calls himself ‘The Avenger…' here in Roswell.”

“Why would I know?”

“That's what I want to find out. I have very good reason to believe that you're his… accomplice.”

Maria's mouth dropped open, and she fumbled for her cedar oil again. As she fumbled in her purse, she noticed her cell phone and pulled it out… “I need to make a call.”

Jim sighed and nodded.

Maria dialed, then someone answered on the other end.

“Liz! Omigod! Liz! I need you! I'm going to jail!”

Maria? Slow down! What happened?

“The sheriff brought me down to the police station; I mean, a deputy did. They think I'm an accomplice. I'm being arrested.”

Maria, slow… look, do you have an attorney?

“No… Oh God, do I need one?”

Maria, don't say another word until I get there… and not until you have an attorney present. What did you do? No! Don't tell me! I'll… I'll be right there.

“Liz, would you let Mom know… please?”

Yeah, I'll… I'll tell her. Just relax, Maria. Don't say another thing until we get there.

Jim sighed. “This really isn't necessary, Miss DeLuca. You're not under arrest. I just need some information.”

“I'm sorry, Sheriff. I can't talk until I have my lawyer.”

“And… who would that be?”

“I don't know… Liz? Can she be my lawyer? She's the smartest person I know.”

Valenti smiled. “I can't deny that, but I'm afraid she'd have to go to law school and then pass a bar exam to be your attorney. I don't think you have time to wait.”

Maria moaned. “I'm going to jail! I knew it! I'm going to jail!”

“You're not going to jail… unless you've committed a crime. Have you committed a crime?”

“But you said I was an accomplice. I'm going to jail, I know it…”

Ten minutes after Maria placed her frantic call, the door burst open and Amy DeLuca stormed in, followed closely by Philip Evans and Liz.

“Jim, what's the meaning of this? What the hell are you doing arresting my daughter!? You'd better have a damn good reason!”

Jim jumped and put both hands up in surrender. “Amy! Amy! Calm down! She's not under arrest. I just had her brought in for questioning.”


“It's not an interrogation, Amy! Calm down! I'm just looking for some information. You're overreacting.”

Before Jim saw it coming, Amy had whacked him over the head. It was probably fortunate that her purse was of the smaller variety, only a small retro hemp bag, and she had recently removed most of the heavier items from it. “I'M OVERREACTING? I'M OVERREACTING?”

“Ow! Amy, please! Just… sit down. I promise I'll explain this. Philip, help me out here!”

Philip Evans carefully took Amy by the arm and guided her toward a chair, making a point to stay on the side furthest from her bag. “Let me do the talking, Amy. I'll handle it.”

“You'd better… for Jim's sake.”

Philip sighed. “Jim, what's this all about? I've known you for years and years, and you've never been a rash person. If Maria has done something, I'm sure it's nothing that can't be taken care of. She's a good girl. I can't believe she would do something that would get her thrown in jail.”

“She's not under arrest,” Jim repeated wearily, for the umpteenth time. “I just needed to ask her some questions.”

“She should have been advised that she could have an attorney present, Jim. Did you read her her rights?”

“She's not under arrest! No… I didn't read her her rights. I'm not arresting her.”

“But you are interrogating her. She should have been advised of her rights.”

“Questioning her… I was just… asking a few questions.”

Philip Evans turned to Amy… “Maria's not under arrest.”

“Thank you,” a very embattled Jim Valenti mouthed gratefully.

Philip Evans looked back at Jim again… “I'll be representing Miss DeLuca. Ask your questions, Sheriff.”

“Thank you.” Jim turned back to Maria… “Miss DeLuca, what do you know about a man who calls himself The Avenger?”

“I told you, Sheriff… I don't know him at all. I never heard of him… except for the one in the comic books.”

Valenti took the swatch of cloth out of his desk drawer and folded it over so that the writing was not visible, then he held it out to Maria…

“What does this smell like to you… Uh, Can I call you Maria?”

“Yeah… sure… it's my name.” Maria sniffed the cloth and raised her eyebrows just a bit.

“Cedar oil.”

Jim nodded. “That's what I thought, too. So I asked myself… Who, in Roswell, uses cedar oil? And then I remembered that you do.”

“I didn't know it was illegal, Sheriff, honest!”

“Cedar oil's not illegal, Sheriff,” Liz hastened to point out.

“No, it's not illegal,” Jim agreed.

“Get to the point, Jim,” Philip said, putting one hand on Maria's shoulder to show his support for her. “Cedar oil is not a drug. It's not illegal. So what's the problem?”

Jim opened his drawer and put the swatch of cloth back. “The problem, Philip, is that that cloth was once a T-shirt. The lab confirmed it. It contained minor traces of common dirt, cherry cola, hamburger grease, Tabasco, perspiration… and a rather large trace of cedar oil. And that swatch of cloth was found at the sight of… an incident I'm investigating.”

“So what, Jim? Anyone can buy cedar oil. Like you said, it's not illegal. What kind of incident?”

“That's not important.”

“Well, it is if you're accusing my client of some kind of collaboration in a crime. Are you?”

Valenti thought for a moment then shook his head. “No.”

“My client has stated that she knows nothing about this cloth or this person you're looking for. So unless you have anything else, Jim, I suggest you let her go.”

“She's not under arrest.”

“Well, she was picked up at school… in a squad car,” Liz hastened to point out.

“Yeah! You brought her in,” Amy added sharply. “She missed class. She wasn't asked if she would mind coming in after school or something.”

“That may have been an oversight, Amy. I'm sorry about that.”

Amy narrowed her eyes, and for a moment, Jim prepared himself to be whacked again, but it didn't happen.

“Well, okay. But Jim, if you want to ask my daughter any more questions, you come to me. I think we know each other well enough, you and I.”

Jim nodded.

Amy motioned to Maria. “Let's go, baby.”

Maria looked at Valenti, and he nodded.

After they had left, Jim collapsed into his chair, spent. But only moments later, he looked up to see a teenaged girl standing in his door.

“Can I help you?”

“I want to report a crime.”

“Well, this is the place. Let's start with your name.”

“Hillary… Hillary Lange.”

Jim's eyes opened wide, and a pain shot through his head.

“Hold on a minute, uh… Hillary.” Jim grabbed his hat and placed it on his head. “HANSEN! Get in here!”

Hansen rushed to Jim's side. “Yes, sir!”

“Hansen, handle this. I'm going OUT… to patrol.”

“Yes sir.”


Hansen carefully wrote the girl's name down on the complaint form… “Lange… L…A…N…G…E.”


“Okay, tell me what happened, Miss Lange.”

“Maria DeLuca stole my class notes… for the exam… right out of my notebook.”

“Um, I'm not sure that this is a police matter, Miss Lange. Did you tell the school authorities… or the teacher? That's probably where this should be taken care of.”

“She's a thief, Deputy! She needs to be locked up… arrested! Are you going to do something or aren't you?!”

“Well, I guess I could make a run over to the school… talk with the proper authorities there. It's not really a police matter.”

“Oh puh-leez! She's a thief! You're the cops! Lock her up!”

At that moment, as luck would have it, there was a knock on the door, and Deputy Hansen looked up to see Maria, her mother Amy, and Liz standing there. Philip Evans had gone home.

“I'm sorry, Deputy, but my daughter thinks she left her cedar oil here. Could we just look?”

Maria glanced around the office and gasped, as she happened to notice Hillary… slumped in her chair trying very hard to be invisible. Realizing that Maria knew full well what she was up to, Hillary immediately attempted to assume control of the situation…

“There she is, Deputy. Lock her up. It's your duty.”

Deputy Hansen sighed and sat back down. He was beginning to understand why Jim had left in such a hurry.

“Okay… Miss DeLuca, will you please tell me if you took exam notes out of Miss Lange's class notebook?”


“Yes… you took them… or yes you're going to tell me?”

“Yes, I have them.”

“Would you please give them back then?”


Deputy Hansen looked surprised. “If they're her notes, you're going to have to give them back. I wouldn't want to have to arrest you for… well, I don't know what for… insubordination or something… to a deputy. Just give the notes back and we'll all be happy.”


“Maria!” Liz exclaimed.

Maria shook her head. “They're not hers, they're Alex's. Hillary stole them. I saw her slip them out of his notebook while he was getting his lunch, so I slipped them out of hers later and was going to give them back to Alex.”

“Is this true, Miss Lange?”

“Of course not! They're my notes. She stole them!”

“Can I see them, Miss DeLuca… please?”

Maria took the notes out of her bag. “Here. They're Alex's. They're not hers.”

“They ARE mine!”

“Well, I'll tell you what,” Hansen said, “I'll ask Alex if these are his… then, if he says they are, we'll have our handwriting expert decide who's telling the truth… and if you are telling the truth, Miss Lange, I'll lock Miss DeLuca up. But if she is telling the truth, I'll lock you up. Does that sound alright to you?”

There was a long silence, then Hillary coughed nervously. “You know, Deputy, I was thinking about what you said. This probably isn't a police matter actually. You're such a busy man. I wouldn't want you to have to go to all that trouble on my account. There must be a lot of criminals and bad guys and all that you need to find… or something.”

“Oh, it's no trouble, Miss Lange.”

“Locking you up will be his pleasure,” Maria interjected, grinning.

Hillary danced around nervously like she wasn't sure what to do for a few moments. “I'll just… um… you can keep the notes. I'll… make some more. I think I'm going to be late for class.” She turned and rushed out the door, leaving Liz and Amy shaking their heads in disbelief.

“I don't think Hillary will be bothering you anymore for a while, Maria,” Liz said, laughing, “She looked like she was about to pee herself just now. It's a good thing you saw her take the notes out of Alex's notebook, though. He'll need them to study for the exam. I guess Hillary will have to learn to take her own notes from now own.”


Cherry Cola isn't the only thing that's sweet. Sometimes justice is… when you can find it. I figure I just have to help it along a little sometimes. I thought Max would enjoy seeing Kyle struggling to get his locker open after I welded it closed with my hand. After all, he did say that he enjoyed thinking about what I did to those guys that shot Liz. But, no. Max thought I was putting us in danger again by welding Kyle's locker closed.

You're the one who put us in danger when you saved Liz. You're the one who screwed up, Max.

Yeah, and I'd do it again right now.

Let's hope we can trust her.

We can trust her.

Well, I don't trust anyone these days.

Okay, that wasn't totally true. I had made my peace with Liz already. And I did trust her… to an extent. Let's say I believed in her. I believed that she would not intentionally betray us. But it was up to her to show us that we had not misplaced that trust. When I said that I didn't trust anyone these days, that was not totally untrue. Even Liz, who had proven herself, was still not beyond all suspicion. But I did trust her… more than I was ever going to let Max know. Besides, I had to tell Max that he screwed up, even if I didn't think so anymore. It kept things kind of equal between us. You see, Max was still doing his own thing, too. Liz's Grandma Claudia had a stroke, and Max just had to play the hero for Liz and help her say goodbye. The problem is, Grandma Claudia was lying in a bed in a coma… at the very edge of death.



Liz looked up and saw her Grandma standing there, then she looked back at the bed and saw her still lying in the bed, then she looked back at the figure standing in front of her again.

Grandma Claudia smiled and glanced at Max.

Let me guess… Max.

She made Liz promise to follow her heart… and to trust it, then the monitor flatlined. But she was already gone before that. Max just held time there for a few moments so they could say their goodbyes. We all have to follow our hearts in the end, Max with Liz, Liz with Max, and me with… my search for justice… and protecting them. The tough thing about following your heart is what people forget to mention, that sometimes your heart takes you to places you shouldn't be, places that are as scary as they are exciting and as dangerous as they are alluring, and sometimes your heart takes you to places that can never lead to a happy ending. And that's not even the difficult part. The difficult part is when you follow your heart, you leave normal, you go into the unknown. And once you do, you can never go back.

End of Episode 102


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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Can't wait for more!

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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Thanks, destinyros2005! I'm glad to see somebody is reading it! Here's the next part.

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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Codename: TABASCO
(The Awesome Background And Secret Chronicles Of Michael Guerin)

Author's Note: On the TV series, Roswell, “Monsters” was episode 102 and “Leaving Normal” was episode 103. I have reversed them here.

Episode 103

The Valenti Factor (Monsters)

When you go with your heart all kinds of things can happen. We agreed a long time ago to never let our hearts lead us and to never leave normal… or whatever normal was to us back then… but to live our lives in self-imposed emotional isolation. The problem with emotional isolation is it's only appropriate for, well… monsters… freaks of nature… genies in a bottle. To some people, that was what we were… monsters. At least, we were sure that's what people would see us as… if they knew the truth about us. So we had placed ourselves in this bottle that we looked out at the world from. But what we did not know at the time was that leaving the state that we called “normal,” leaving the genie's bottle, would actually be our first step toward proving that we were not monsters at all but were actually very, very human, at least in an emotional sense.

Liz stole Max's heart long before he ever healed her that day in the CrashDown, but it was Maria who reached out to us… in her own way… for no reason other than friendship, and already knowing what we were. She had pretty much forced Liz to tell her what really happened after that day at the CrashDown, and then she had freaked out when Liz told her. But like most things Maria, it just took a little time for her to adjust.

And as unlikely as it seems, it was Isabel who reached back… Okay, if you don't count our lovesick resident “alien” Romeo over there.

Maria was having a bad day at the CrashDown and Agnes refused to work. For Agnes, showing up for work was work. The rest of the day she spent taking cigarette breaks. This particular day, though, Liz was at the hospital with her Grandma Claudia and Maria was taking care of the café by herself… I mean with Agnes… Okay, by herself. And when Agnes announced, between puffs from her cigarette, that the customers would get their food when they got their food, Maria kind of freaked. Then Isabel came along, and alien-human relations took a big leap.

Okay, Isabel, I am going to hate myself for this, but I need to ask you for a favor that will leave me forever indebted to you. I am so dead here. Will you help me wait tables?

You're kidding, right?


To put this as succinctly as possible, I'm not really a service oriented person.

Wait! Wait! Wait! Liz's grandmother is in the hospital, okay? And if she doesn't think that I can do this, it's just going to give her one more thing to worry about. Please! Look, it's not for me, it's for Liz.

Well, since you put it that way… No.

So that was that, right? Yeah, right! If you think that, you really don't know Maria! By the way, Isabel, you looked really cute in that little alien waitress costume. OW! Hey! Ouch! Well, it's true, you did! Anyway, after that, Isabel suggested to Max that he go to Liz… because of her Grandmother being in the hospital and all.

You're the one who's always telling me I have to stay away from her. What are you saying, Iz?

I'm just saying that, you know, if something like this happened to grandma or grandpa, I wouldn't want to be kept away from who I really needed.

And that was it. That was the real start of alien/human relations, dysfunctional as they were in the beginning… if you don't count our star-struck Romeo and Juliet.

The next day, Maria was driving down the road in her car, singing Genie in a Bottle, by Christina Aguilera --believe it or not-- when she noticed ISABEL'S car broken down on the side of the road. It was being towed… again… and as some perverted quirk of fate would have it, the tow truck had this fake spaceship on the back of it. That made Maria smile, and she pulled over and leaned out the window…

Going home, Isabel?

Isabel was not amused, and the look on her face let Maria know it.

Um, I mean… um… do you need a ride?

Isabel stared at Maria for a moment and then got into the car. Right away, she started to “fix” some little flaws in Maria's car… stuff like the air conditioning and the stereo… as a friend, you know.

Did I say Maria freaks out easily? Uh, USED TO freak out easily I mean? Well, she did. Then, out of the blue, Maria asked Isabel if her mom knew that she and Max were aliens. “Different,” I think, was the word she used.

You mean horrible disgusting creatures from outer space who sneak into your room at night and perform excruciating experiments, Maria?

Maria turned and stared at Isabel for a moment, and when she looked back at the road, there was a car right in front of her. She slammed on the brakes but it was too late. Did I mention quirks of fate? Well, it was Sheriff Valenti's car that she rear ended, and he got out and sauntered back to where Maria was slouching down in her seat trying to cover her face with her hand…

Oh my God! Oh my God!

Valenti looked at Maria then at Isabel…


“You're not going to take me in again, are you, Sheriff?”

Valenti took a deep breath, and Amy must have still been fresh in his mind, because he rubbed his head without realizing he was doing it.

“I don't think that will be necessary. You do have a driver's license, don't you? Please say you do!”

“Oh, yes! That… That is a definite… uh… yes! Definitely!”

“Can I see it… please?”

Maria dug in her purse and produced her driver's license, registration, and insurance card. Sheriff Valenti looked at them and handed them back with a smile.

“It's only a minor ding. I'll just write it up when I get back to the office. I'll need you to drop by my office sometime, though… soon… and sign some insurance papers for me. The insurance should take care of it. Oh! And, uh… after school will be just fine.”

“Yes, sir… Sheriff.”

Valenti didn't push things then; but later, he showed up at the CrashDown and ordered a Coke then whispered to Maria that he was there to protect her.

We knew what he was fishing for… something so he could lock us up as monsters… little green aliens… or whatever. And frankly, we were worried that Maria wouldn't be able to take the heat. I mean, she did have a reputation, back then, for being, uh… um… uh… a nice girl whose naïve… innocence… might be taken advantage of… by a determined person like Valenti… to get information, you know? Everybody in town knew that Valenti's father had tried all his life to prove the existence of aliens, and we figured the apple didn't fall very far from the tree, you know what I mean?

Maria did go to see Valenti the next morning, and she stood her ground with him. She didn't rat us out, and I was proud of her. That afternoon, after school, we all got together, and Liz and Maria were playing around. Somehow, Maria saw this paper in the principal's office and found out that I had a birthday a few days before, and she and Liz found out that Hank didn't get me anything. Well, that was no big news flash; he never got me anything. He never even acknowledged my birthdays. Most of the time, I even forgot that I had a birthday. It wasn't really a “birthday” anyway, you know what I mean? More like a hatched day. Who cared. Not me. But social services put down the day I was found as my birthday, so that was it, officially. Like I said, Hank could have cared less. But Liz and Maria had a little cake and some candles on it in the back of the CrashDown when I got there. Then they insisted on giving me gifts. They hadn't had time to buy anything, so it was just in fun stuff, you know. Liz gave me a pair of CrashDown antennas to wear on my head. As if! And Maria gave me a CrashDown apron, the one she was wearing. I wanted to say, “No way,” you know, but the truth is, all I could feel was a big lump in my throat. It wasn't really what they were giving me… that was all just in fun stuff, you know. It was just that they… well, they cared enough to… they thought about… Anyway…

I think I swallowed some salt water while I was swimming. Gets stuck in my throat sometimes, you know.

After I left the CrashDown, I stuffed the antennas into my pocket and looked at the apron. Maria had been wearing that apron. I don't know why, but I decided to stick it inside my shirt for safe keeping. Well, hey, it wouldn't fit in my pocket, and I wasn't going to wear it. And besides… it felt kind of… right… next to my heart. Nobody else ever cared before enough to give me anything.

I decided to go for a ride and clear my head… sort out my thoughts and all, so I rode down to the mall for a while then headed out toward the desert to watch the sunset and be alone. I had a hard time handling feelings back then. I wasn't… accustomed to it. With Hank, you couldn't have feelings. You had to bottle them up. If you didn't, you'd do something you regretted.

As I was driving into the desert on my motorbike I see this car off the side of the road, and I wondered about it. Someone might be broke down or somethin' out there. Of course, I couldn't rescue anyone on a bike. But I guessed if I had to I could go get help for them, you know? So I pulled my bike off the road and looked around. I hadn't seen anyone walking on the road. I didn't see anyone off the road either, so I was just about to go when suddenly I hear noises coming from the other side of a big sand dune about a hundred feet away, so I went to check it out. I parked my bike and climbed up the sand dune. It sounded like someone getting hit. I know the sound a fist hitting someone makes…

Anyway, when I got to the top of the dune, I saw this guy beating up on some girl. It looked like he was trying to get his way with her, you know, and she was resisting. He had ripped off most of her clothes and was punching her in the face. I let him have it with a blast that knocked him clean over the other side of the next dune. Then, realizing what I had done, I tried to cover my face so the girl couldn't identify me. I should have sensed danger, but I let my emotions cloud my senses. As I covered my face, I got tackled from behind… hard… and knocked over the dune. I didn't stay down, though. I rolled back on my feet, and the two guys that tackled me got a big surprise they never expected. They got thrown over the dune with their friend. When they got up, they all took off running and I heard their car leave in a hurry. Then I looked at the girl again. She was shaking and scared.

“Are you okay? Geez, I'm sorry. That was stupid. Of course you're not okay. Are you hurt? Bad I mean?”

The girl sniffed and tried to wipe the sand and dirt off her face. Then she realized that she was exposed and tried to cover herself up, but her clothes were ripped too badly. I took off my shirt and put it around her…

“Do you know those guys?”

“They're from a school in Tucson… Arizona. They're in Roswell for the game.”

“The football game… at the high school?”



“I'm not sure. Maybe. Or they may just be in town to see the game. They're from Tucson, though.”

I thought about it for a moment then nodded. “I don't want to leave you here by yourself, and I don't have a cell phone on me.”

“I had a cell phone. One of them took it away from me; he threw it over that way somewhere.”

“I'll find it.”

I hurried up to the top of the dune and looked around. I guess I was lucky, because I spotted a glint of light in the sand a distance away, and it was her cell phone. I hurried back to her with it.

“I want you to call the sheriff's office. I happen to know the number by heart. Don't ask. Tell him you're six miles east of the city limits on the side of the road. Tell him what happened. But you have to promise me you won't tell him anything about me. You can't give him any description of me… at least not the right one. My life… other lives… depend on it. Please.”

She nodded, seeming to understand. I looked at her face, trying to gauge it… to get any feel at all for what she might do. Would she tell him? I couldn't be sure, but I had a gut feeling that she wouldn't. I know, a gut feeling is not much to go on, but it's all I had. I wouldn't tell Max or Isabel. I can't stand smug “I told you so” looks, and Isabel is a force to reckon with when she's furious.

I dialed the number and handed the phone to the girl, then someone picked up on the other end.

“Sheriff's office. Valenti speaking.”

“Hello, Sheriff? My name is Corinne…”

I stayed with her until I saw a dust trail coming a few miles down the road. Then I used my powers to remove the tire tracks my bike had made and I nodded toward the oncoming car.

“He'll be here in a couple of minutes. I have to go.”

“Thanks. I won't tell him about you, I promise.”

I nodded, hoping that she meant it. Then I took off on my bike, erasing my tracks behind me as I went. On the road, I quickly changed the color of my bike with my powers and slipped my helmet on over my head. Moments later, I passed the sheriff heading toward where Corinne was waiting. I knew she would be okay… and several guys were about to get busted by the long arm of the law. Valenti could be a pain in the ass, but you had to give him his due… He took a big bite out of crime in Roswell. He kept things pretty calm, for the most part. I had no doubt that those three guys would be sitting in his jail cell very soon.


Jim Valenti closed his book and helped Corinne into his patrol car.

“You can't describe the person who saved you… anything at all?”

“I'm sorry, Sheriff. I was blinded. Those guys rubbed my face in the dirt, and my eyes were blurry… all I could see was a shadowy figure. He saved my life, though, and chased them off. I know that. He's a hero.”

“So it was a guy then… who saved you.”

“Yes… I think… maybe… or it could have been a girl. It was one or the other.”

Valenti sighed and put his car into gear then pulled onto the road and headed back toward town. An hour later, he pulled up at the station again, after dropping Corinne off at the hospital. Deputy Hansen was there to meet him as he pulled up.

“I heard, Sheriff. Is she okay?”

“She'll be okay. Just took some hard punches to the face… probably a broken nose. Looked like maybe a fractured cheekbone, too. And her eyes got dirt in them. Clothes were ripped off of her. Three guys… sewer slime… one was battering her and the other two were apparently watching. She had a man's shirt wrapped around her when I got there, but she couldn't remember where she got it. I'm heading over to the high school. They'll be able to give me a starting place where I might be able look for our three new jail residents.”

“Is this the shirt, Sheriff,” Hansen asked, reaching into the car and removing a man's shirt from the back seat.

“Yeah. When the medics took her out of the car they wrapped a light blanket around her and tossed the shirt back into my car. They thought it was one of mine. I looked at it though. It's a common shirt… nothing unusual. Thousands of them out there. Could belong to anyone.”

Hansen handed the shirt back to Valenti, and Valenti looked it over again and sighed. Then he noticed a string hanging down, and he tugged on it gently.

“Well, hello! What have we here?”

Something peeled away from the inside of the shirt and fell into Valenti's hands.

“What is it, Sheriff?”

Jim smiled, holding up an apron and staring at the alien motif emblazoned on it…

“A clue, Hansen. I'd call it a clue. After I throw three pieces of sewer scum into my jail, I'm going to make a little courtesy call at the CrashDown. Somebody there is missing something. Hop in the car. I've got a sudden desire to go huntin'.”


“For sewer rats.”

Hansen nodded and climbed in on the passenger side of Valenti's car.


The administrator at Roswell High laid a list of names down on the counter, and Jim looked it over carefully…

“Is this all the students from Tucson who are here for the game?”

“All the ones who came on the bus, Sheriff.”

“Could they have come on their own… not on the bus?”

The administrator nodded. “Sure. If they did, there's still a possibility that we can find out who they are, though. There's a roster of students attending the game. The athletic department has it. Everyone has to get a ticket or a student ID pass to get into the game.”

“You wouldn't have pictures of any of these students would you?”

“No, sorry. Oh! You know what, though! I've got a Tucson High yearbook. It has pictures of all the students, whether they came for the game or not.”

“Beautiful! Can I borrow it? I promise I'll bring it back.”

“Sure. Take your time, Sheriff.”

Jim took the book and handed it to Hansen. “We're going over to the hospital… to see if our girl can ID her attackers.”


Corinne turned the pages, shaking her head slowly after each one… “No… No… that doesn't look like any of them. She turned the page again and her breath caught in her throat… “Oh!” She pointed a shaking finger at the picture of a burly-looking boy with a smug smile, as her eyes welled up with tears… “This one… and right below him… he's one of them, too. And the one beside him is the other one.”

Jim nodded and looked at the names. “Same class all three. Seniors. Looks like they won't be graduating with their class. Too bad. Now I just have to find out where they're staying. You did fine, Corinne… real fine!”

Back in the car, Jim made a few quick calls and got the name and room number of the motel where the three were staying, then he shook his head sadly… “What makes three guys, seniors, with their whole lives ahead of them throw it all away and screw their lives up like this?”

Hansen shrugged. “Just because someone made it as far as they did doesn't mean they got there through charitable works. They sound like the type who would pull butterflies' wings off and torture puppies and kittens when they were young. They've just moved up to people now… people who can't defend themselves at least.”

Jim looked over at Hansen and nodded. “Their type are always cowards when you get right down to it. They want to hurt others, not get hurt. They think the world owes them everything and that they should get whatever they want handed to them on a silver platter. Well, they've got a surprise coming.”

Jim pulled his squad car into the motel's parking lot and looked for the room number. “There it is. Back me up, Hansen.”

“You got it, Sheriff.”

Jim walked up to the door and knocked on it. A moment later, it opened slightly, and someone looked out. Then it slammed back quickly, but Jim was quicker, kicking the door open before it could be relocked.


Jim had his service revolver drawn, and the guy in front of him dropped to the floor, his hands over his head.

“Down all the way… on the floor… spread eagle. Where are the other two?”

“I'm the only one here. There's nobody else. I haven't done anything. What do you want with me?”

“You're under arrest for kidnapping, attempted rape, assault and battery… Any of this jog your memory?”

At that moment, Hansen came in through the back entrance, his gun drawn and two wide-eyed young men walking in front of him, their hands over their heads.

“Caught these two trying to make a run for it, Sheriff.”

“Good work, Hansen.” Jim looked at the guy on the floor… “Are these the two who aren't staying here with you?”

“I want my lawyer.”

“You'll get one. You two, get down on the floor, too. Spread eagle, beside your friend…

You have the right to…”

Jim rattled off their rights then handcuffed their hands behind their backs, as they grimaced…

“You're hurting me, Sheriff. That's too tight,” the first one complained.

“Good,” Jim muttered, putting a finger under the cuffs to test the tightness. “Any looser and you wouldn't be cuffed. Buck up and bear it. Life is going to get a lot harder for you three in the near future. You might as well get used to it.”

Hansen smiled.

“I didn't touch her,” one of the two guys Hansen had caught said. “I was just…”

Jim nodded. “Watching? Standing guard? It's called aiding and abetting… to kidnapping, attempted rape, and assault and battery.”

“You're wasting your time with us,” the first guy said bitterly. “The one you should be arresting is that monster that attacked us. He probably attacked the girl, too. You should be out there looking for him… protecting the citizens from things like that.”

“Yeah, he's not human,” the second guy agreed. “He was glowing all over, and he threw us over a hundred feet… without even touching us. No human can do that. That's who you should be tracking down, Sheriff… instead of bothering some nice guys just minding their own business. You should go find that monster.”

Jim took a deep breath and seemed to think about what the two had just said for an unusual amount of time before answering seriously…

“There are different kinds of monsters in this world… There's your kind… the kind I'm sworn to defend our innocent citizens from… and there's… other kinds. I'm starting to have a lot of respect for one of those other kinds… an awful lot of respect. Help me get them into the car, Hansen. We'll drop them off in a cell then head over to the café… you know the one. Do you have any Tylenol on you?”

“No, sir. Why?”

“Because I'm going to be getting a headache.”

End of Episode 103


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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Codename: TABASCO
(The Awesome Background And Secret Chronicles Of Michael Guerin)

Episode 104

Trust But Verify (Missing)

Sometimes our hearts take us to places that put us in danger. But it was done, and what's done is done. Once you follow your heart you go into the unknown and you can never go back. So now we had to deal with it. That was where I was now… in the dealing with it mode. Max had done it… I had done it… and Isabel --well, she used her powers “recreationally,” so even she had done it. For genies in a bottle, we were not very good at staying in the bottle. But none of us would admit that he… or she… was the one putting us in danger. It was always the other one. In the end, we were more alike than we wanted to admit. And as surprising as it was, Topolsky --agent Topolsky-- actually pegged Isabel. Topolsky, who claimed to be a teacher but wasn't. Topolsky, who claimed to be a guidance counselor but wasn't. Topolsky, the FBI agent, actually saw through Isabel's tough outer façade… and saw a glimmer of the real inner Isabel…

How well do you think you know yourself, Isabel?

Very well.

Then you might be a little surprised by your computer profile. Now, you said in our first meeting that you wanted to be a supermodel.

You work with what you're given.

That's quite a jet set career for someone who puts family first, craves stability and security, and leans towards care giving fields.

Well, I never trusted computers.

Think about who you are, Isabel, and what's important in your life; and don't forget, there's nothing wrong with just wanting to be normal.

For someone who wasn't a real guidance counselor, Topolsky sort of had Max's number, too, when she asked the class which person they thought they were most like in a picture she had. Max said he was the guy behind the tree, and Topolsky jumped on it…

That's interesting. That's a hard place to be. I've been behind the tree myself. In college, I barely left my dorm for three years. Then I realized that I had gotten myself into this situation where I wasn't really living. I was just going through the motions, and it was really, really risky to change… to get out there in the world.

But it was worth it.

Yes, it was.

Coming out from behind the tree, huh?

Exactly. You start small. You say, "Today I'm going to do one thing to get out there." Nothing big. Just one thing.

Well, I can't say that Max had not already done something big. He healed Liz. That was monumental where we were concerned. But Topolsky was basically telling him to come out of the genie's bottle altogether and live his life… not to be afraid to have a life. If she had known everything she thought she knew about us, I wonder if she would have felt the same way. But the fact is, Max took her advice. He started to get closer to Liz and stopped talking about us needing to keep our distance so much. And that led to a potentially disastrous situation for the three of us… and maybe for Liz, too…

Liz, what's wrong?

My journal's missing.


Maria, I wrote everything in that journal.


Things about Max.

Personal things about Max?


What… like, where he's from, what he is… I mean, what he isn't?

I mean… everything.

Liz had written all about Max in her diary. I trusted her motives, but I had to make her see that there could be dire consequences… for us. That's why I pocketed her diary. I only wanted to make her see that what she was doing was unwise, but it started to get out of hand. They suspected everybody… Alex… Liz even suspected her own mom for a while. Max was sure it was Kyle who had taken it. All of them had had the opportunity. Then Topolsky found out that Liz's diary was missing, and before we knew it the FBI was looking for it, too… not for our benefit, I assure you. The agents even searched Kyle's bedroom while he was out. I intended to give it back sooner, but well, have you ever heard the expression, “When it rains it pours?”

The door of the CrashDown opened, and Liz and Maria, alone together in the café since some customers had just left, both turned to look. The figure standing in the door seemed to block out all the light. It was imposing. The man lingered there for a moment… looking… seeming to choose his victim, kind of like the scene in “High Noon,” and time seemed to stop. Liz and Maria held their breath.


“Sheriff. H-Have a seat. I'll… I'll be over in a minute.”

“I'm not eating, thank you.”

“Oh?” Liz replied hoarsely, trying to moisten her rapidly drying throat. “What… uh, what can we do for you then?”

Valenti straddled a chair as though he intended to stay for a while. “I've been pondering this sort of enigma for some time… you know… how things can get lost in places where you wouldn't ever think… and where you wouldn't think someone had been or should've been… and what it means when you sort it all out. Trying to make sense out of a clue that someone dropped in my lap… like a sort of open book, but I had to interpret it.”

Liz stopped breathing and a silent gasp caught in her throat. He's got it! Sheriff Valenti has my diary. Kyle gave it to him. He knows everything. Oh God!

“Sheriff, you… you can't jump to any conclusions… whatever it might look like on the surface. We all have fantasies and… and we let ourselves… we let our imaginations… fly off to places where, you know, we could never really go… ourselves. I mean, a girl's private thoughts can be just fantasies, not, like, real life, and… Where did you, uh, where did you find it, Sheriff?”

“Well, now, that's the most interesting thing, Liz.”

Valenti pulled out the alien-motif apron and held it up, looking first at Liz then at Maria with an intenseness that seemed as though it might melt steel. Liz actually looked relieved, but it didn't take a detective to see that Maria was acting guilty, even though she had done nothing at all wrong. She took one look at the apron and staggered, fumbling for her cedar oil. Both Maria and Liz knew that the apron was Maria's… and both of them knew that there was no point denying it. They also knew who had had it last.

“You found Maria's missing apron! Where did you find it, Sheriff?”

“In the desert… six miles east of Roswell… on a half naked girl.”

Maria's eyes grew wide, and her jaw dropped. I'll kill him.

Valenti smiled, but it was the smile of a cat holding onto a mouse's tail.

“You see, I was looking in all the wrong directions. I thought one of you was helping Max or Michael, and all along it was the two of you.”

“Excuse me?”

It's the old Clark Kent disguise… Or what was that movie where Zorro pretended to be gay? Zorro, the Gay Blade! Yeah, that's it. The one person no one would expect. Nobody would ever expect two girls. What I haven't figured out yet is how you do it… or why.”

Liz closed her eyes. “I… I… Ay! Ay! Ay!”

Valenti smiled. “How am I doing so far?”

“Like a rocket that's spinning out of control. I don't have a clue what you're talking about, Sheriff.”

“Definitely a crashed spaceship… ROCKET! Crashed rocket, definitely,” Maria said, agreeing with Liz.

“Mmm, well, I still haven't put all the clues together. I guess I could be wrong, but it all makes sense, except for how you did it.”

“Sheriff,” Liz groaned, “What does any of this have to do with Maria's missing apron?”

“You really don't know, do you?”

Valenti could come up with some pretty wild theories, but he was a certifiable master of reading faces and behaviors. Liz and Maria's behavior was telling him that they really did not know what he was talking about. But it also said -loud and clear- that they were hiding something. It frustrated Valenti. He had hoped that even if his far-out theory did prove to be wrong it would addle Liz or Maria one into saying something that would incriminate either Max or Michael, whom he still thought were really the most likely suspects. But everything in Liz and Maria's faces was saying that they were as clueless as he was.

“Okay, back to theory number one then. I know that somehow, someway, Maria was at the scene of two crimes… or something that she is associated with was at each of those scenes…”

Maria gasped. “I haven't done anything, Sheriff. I'm innocent. I need to call Mom.”

“NO! I mean…

Wait… just for a minute. I promise I'll leave. I'm just trying to figure out a mystery that's been confounding me for a while now.”

Valenti stood up and walked to the door. He reached for the doorknob then turned and looked at Maria… then again at Liz. “I know you know something… one of you does, maybe both of you. I'm not saying either of you has committed any crimes. I'm… I'm kind of leaning in a different direction. Talk to Max and Michael. Tell them they can trust me. Tell them… Well, just tell them that.”

Valenti put his hat back on his head and quickly exited the café, leaving Liz and Maria looking at each other with shocked and puzzled expressions on their faces.


Did I say that when it rains it pours? Valenti may still have been puzzled over who was responsible for the recent mysteries, but Maria was not…

“I trusted you! I trusted you! I had a birthday party for you… Okay, well, such as it was, but it WAS a party. And you take my gift and go on a CRIME SPREE! And… and the sheriff finds it on a naked… bar room floozy! I was starting to believe in you, Michael. Now… I don't even know who you are anymore. Maybe all this is normal on your planet, whatever that is… but we don't do things like that here. God, why do I care!? It probably is normal where you come from. I'll get over it. It's none of my business. It's not like I care or anything… ‘Cause I don't, you know.”

I tried to calm Maria down, but she was really mad. I let her get it all out before trying to explain.

“It's not what you think, Maria. That girl… three guys were trying to rape her. I took care of them and gave her my shirt to cover herself up with, because they tore her clothes. Then I helped her call Valenti. You don't think I could just stay there and tell the sheriff it was me that did it, do you?”

“Why not? If you really saved her, I mean, saving someone's not a crime.”

“But humans don't lift people up and throw them a hundred feet through the air… with special powers.”


“I'm sorry, Maria. I didn't know Sheriff Valenti was going to come after you.”

“How did he find my apron, Michael? You said you gave her your shirt, not my apron…”

“I, uh, I had to put the apron somewhere, so I put it inside my shirt. With everything that was happening, I guess I forgot it was there, and it must have stuck to the inside of my shirt when I gave it to her.”

Maria smiled. “You put it next to your heart?”

“It was just… the easiest place to carry it… you know.”

“Of course. I knew that. That's what I meant.”


“Michael, just what are you up to?”

“What do you mean?”

“First, Valenti finds your T-shirt…”

“A little piece of it.”

“Okay, a little piece of your T-shirt… at the scene of a crime, and it had cedar oil on it… because earlier you had bumped into me and I had spilled it on you. Then he finds the apron that I gave you… at the scene of another crime. It's a lot of coincidences. And there's that stuff people are saying about some guy the paper is calling ‘the Avenger.' It's you, isn't it?”

I shrugged. The truth is, I didn't know what to say.

“Omigod, it is you.”

“So sue me.”

“Michael's trying to help people, Maria,” Liz said, stepping in for me. “He's not looking for trouble, he just decided to do something about it when he sees trouble happening from now on instead of burying his head in the sand and pretending he doesn't see it. He's taking chances… chances that could put his life in danger… in order to do what's right. But he has to keep this all secret. No one can know.”

“You knew about this, Liz?”

“Yeah… well… kind of. Yeah, I guess so.”

“And you didn't tell me? Some friend you are.”

Liz looked at Maria with sad eyes. “Do you forgive me?”

“No… Yeah… Oh, I don't know. Don't look at me like that! All right! All right! I forgive you already.”


Girls! Who can understand them? Can you see me giving Max the pouty look and asking for hugs? He'd die laughing… right after he kicked my ass all the way back to our home planet. But girls, see, they do stuff like that. I remember thinking, maybe it's an Earth… girl… thing. Then I thought, Naw… it's probably just a girl thing… Someday, if I ever get back to my planet, I've got to check that out. And I was right. It's a girl thing, even here on Antar.

All things considered, I thought enough had happened already since I took Liz's diary, so the next day, I gave it back to her…

I had to know the risk… so I had to know what your journal said.

You took it?

I never meant for things to get out of control… It's nice to know we have at least one friend in this town.

Does Max know that you…

No… and you know what would be really great? If you didn't tell him.

But why didn't you just destroy this, Michael… because anyone that found this would know all about you.

No… they'd know all about you, Liz. Thank you for giving me one more reason to envy Max Evans.

Over the next few days, I spent a lot of time thinking… about our lives before Max saved Liz and all this started… how I used to wish that something would break the routine and get me out of this crazy little town and away from my nowhere life with Hank, hopefully back to our own people, only I had no idea who those people were or where to find them… or even what planet they were on. Stepping out of the bottle opened up our worlds unimaginably, but it also confirmed what I already knew… that the bigger your world gets, the bigger your problems get, too. Now I had a choice. To continue to put us in danger… without Isabel's knowing… or to climb back in the bottle and recork it… try to regain the past. I wondered if that was possible… I wondered if it was what I really wanted.

End of Episode 104


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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Codename: TABASCO
(The Awesome Background And Secret Chronicles Of Michael Guerin)

Episode 105

Here I Come To Save The Day (285 South)

I had almost decided to forget about this super hero thing and go back to being whatever it was I really was… or maybe whatever it was that Max and Isabel wanted me to be. The truth is, I wasn't really that keen on running around saving people anyway. I mean, it was fun to fry those guys' sorry asses… the ones that shot Liz. And the ones that were beatin' up on that girl, they deserved what they got, too; so, yeah, I kind of did enjoy that, I admit it. But it's not like I want to dress up in pantyhose and a cape and run around like some frikkin' Captain Marvel, singing out, “Here I come to save the day! Hi yo, Silver… Away!” Wait… that was the Lone Ranger. Well, the “Hi yo, Silver… Away!” part was the Lone Ranger. Somebody else said the first part. Who was it? Wait a minute… I think… Oh, Geez Louise! See what I mean!? Yeah, like I really want to be known as Roswell's alien Mighty Mouse! Here I come to save the day… Check out these tights, I think I'm gay!

The Lone Ranger was okay… he was cool. But I don't want to be him either. I wouldn't mind being kind of like him, maybe… a little bit… in some ways. He was sure of himself… and strong. And he always saved the day. Hank wouldn't have messed with The Lone Ranger… or Zorro either. He would've got a big “Z” carved into his drunken ass if he'd messed with the Z-Man. If I was going to be a real super hero, I guess I'd want to be like Zorro or the Lone Ranger. But they weren't really SUPER heroes, they were just heroes. They didn't have super powers. Did you ever notice that all the super heroes wear stuff like pantyhose and tights? I mean, get real! Either that or they're like the Hulk, bursting out of their clothes all the time. That's not me, see. I just want to be able to use my frikkin' alien DNA for something useful for a change. And if I help a few people in the process, that's a good thing, right?

The fact is, for the last few days, I had been kind of preoccupied -Isabel said “obsessed-” with this vision I got when I touched that key in Valenti's office. I kept seeing this geometric dome, even in my dreams when I was asleep. I knew it was something important, something that might help us find out who we were… and maybe help us get back home. Then Max told me about this stuff that his boss at the UFO museum had on his computer, stuff that could help answer our questions. So I sneaked into the museum and downloaded two pages about this guy named Atherton. Unfortunately, I didn't notice that Max's boss was sleeping at a desk nearby, and the computer woke him up. He had me arrested, and Max had to make up a story about sending me over there to get something for him after hours. But now I had something real to go on… something that could lead us to our goal. And I fully intended to follow up on it.

Marathon, Texas. That's where I had to go. Only trouble is, I didn't have a way to get there. Max wouldn't give me the keys to the jeep. He wanted to wait until we got more information about the place. And my bike was temporarily indisposed. It had a busted wheel. Don't ask! I knew that whatever was in Marathon wasn't going to wait, so I started looking for some other way to get there. That's when Maria showed up with this cracked assignment one of our teachers had handed out. We were supposed to pair up with certain people. The teacher… that would be Mr. Sommers… decided who got paired up with who. Or is it whom? Well, anyway, whatever… Actually, Agent Topolsky did the pairing, but I didn't know that then. Maria must've won the “karma sucks” lottery or something, ‘cause she got paired up with me. She was supposed to ask me these really stupid questions, like what kind of ice cream I liked and what my favorite TV show was. I wasn't the slightest bit interested. See, going to class was kind of a hobby for me back then… I did it when I felt the inclination… which wasn't often. And I wasn't feeling any inclination to answer questions for a stupid class assignment right then. I just wanted to get to Marathon.

That's when I realized that Maria had a car. Okay, it was really her mom's car, as she pointed out, but hey, details, you know. It was a car. And with a little luck, it would get me to Marathon, I figured. So I offered to answer her questions if she would give me a ride to the highway. She was going that way anyway to drop off something for her mom at the lift-off gas station, so she agreed. When she got out to go inside, I took the car. And for the record, I wasn't stealing it! I was only borrowing it. I did intend to return it.

I had no intention of taking Maria along. That was her idea. She just couldn't bear for us to be apart. Okay, okay, the truth… it was the car she didn't want to let go of, but, hey, I was in it, right? She jumped in with me and refused to get out, so what could I do?

He's stealing my car… You're stealing my car!

I'm borrowing your car. Now get out.

You're telling me to get out? This is my car. Actually, it's my mother's car, and if anything happens to it, life as I know it will be over. So wherever it goes, I go.

Fine, you had your chance.

Omigod! You're kidnapping me. No, wait, you're abducting me!

And that's how I abducted my first human. And I wasn't even a full-fledged member of the alien abductor's guild yet. Now, see, Maria's smiling now… but she wasn't smiling back then, when I was taking her car. She was, well, acting like she was… being abducted… or something. She managed to let Liz know what was going on and where she was with her cell phone, and then we had Liz, Max, and Isabel all chasing after us in Max's jeep. And Kyle was following them. Kyle couldn't figure out what we were up to. He just didn't want Liz around us. He was acting like the jealous boyfriend… ex-boyfriend, actually. The irony is that his dad, the sheriff, had started to figure things out already, and he didn't want Kyle in the way, but he couldn't tell Kyle what he knew… or what he thought he knew. That left Kyle trying to figure everything out on his own…

There's always something weird going on with them, Dad. Like… like today at the CrashDown. Max and Isabel leave in some big hurry and they take Liz with 'em. Like, right in the middle of our conversation… They just drove off… They're not home… They lied to their parents. It's just weird, you know?

You have any idea where they went?


Yeah, well, I'm sure they'll turn up.

Dad, what do you know about Max Evans?

Kyle, stay out of this.

What do you know, Dad?

I'll talk to you later.

Valenti wanted to put all the pieces of the puzzle in place first, and he didn't want Kyle getting in the way, but his refusal to tell Kyle anything just guaranteed that Kyle would try to find out on his own. Meanwhile, Maria was still freaking out over being “abducted.”

Marathon, Texas? That's like in another state.

It's only 3 more hours.

You are going to be arrested.

For driving to Texas?

Across a state line with a minor? In a stolen vehicle? There are laws, you know. And that cell phone you just tossed? Vandalism of personal property. God, I just… I knew you had criminal tendencies. You even drive erratically.

What's exactly wrong with my driving?

I told you not to go over eighty. The engine won't take it.

Maybe it's just tired of hearing you talk.

Oh… so what… what's in Marathon? Contraband? Some woman? What?

You wouldn't understand. You don't understand anything about us.

Listen, I already know more than I want to, okay?

See, it's all about you, isn't it? This could be the most important day of my life and all you care about…

That's when we heard the siren and noticed the police car behind us…

Are you happy now? Go ahead! Tell 'em I kidnapped you and I stole your car. I mean, what's one more arrest on my record, huh? Damn it!

What do you mean, this could be the most important day of your life?

Forget it.

You have 20 seconds to convince me.

See this place? It's the first real connection we've ever had to finding out where we come from, and it's in Marathon, Texas. If I don't get there, or if somebody else gets there first, the only link we've ever found will be gone.

I guess she must have believed me. Either that or she was crazy about me and just wouldn't admit it. What? Yes, you were! Admit it! You liked me. Yeah, okay, I liked you, too. But I wasn't going to let that get in the way of our getting back home. Max and Isabel and I had agreed… no entanglements. And you were definitely an entanglement. Well, I don't mind being entangled now. I like it, actually, now. But back then I was still fighting it… and denying it. And getting pulled over by a cop wasn't making my day -or my mood- any brighter.

Ninety-four! Where you going in such a hurry, son?

That's when Maria finally made up her mind whose side she was on…

I've really gotta pee. See… I… I've… I have this like really weak bladder condition and I drank a Big Gulp at the last station, and it had caffeine, you know, so it makes me have to go even more. So he was just driving really fast so we could get to the next station so I could pee.

Could I see your license, please?

Of course, officer.

There's a drive-thru about three miles up. Nice clean rest rooms. And watch your speed.

Maria looked at me with this really penetrating look… You owe me big.

I did… and I knew it. And that sent all kinds of mixed feelings through me, almost enough to give a displaced alien a meltdown. On the one hand, I was relieved, obviously. I wasn't going to get arrested again. On the other hand, I didn't like being obligated to anyone… and it had to be to Maria, of all people! That just had to come back to bite me somehow! And then there was this minor problem… this very uncomfortable… warm… cuddly feeling that Maria was giving me. It felt good, and that was just something I couldn't deal with. I had never felt that way before. Attraction… hormones… normal teenage lust… I was familiar with those things, but this was different. It scared the hell out of me. Because these feelings meant that I was losing a part of me… a part that Maria owned. I wasn't sure I could deal with that. But I also wasn't having much success fighting it. I was definitely not going to let her know that, though. The day I let her know that, it would all be over. I might as well practice yelling, “Honey, I'm home!” Mighty Mouse was suddenly looking pretty good! What? Yeah, I know I do, but I don't mind all that now. I like being the “man of the house” now. I like being married to you. But back then it scared the crap out of me. It was like I was jumping off a cliff, and I knew it, but I couldn't stop myself. All I could do was yell all the way down as I fell. What? No, I wasn't yelling, “Here I come to save the day.” Let me tell this story, Maria. I'll be the Joker here if you don't mind.

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah! Things got worse when the car suddenly decided to die… and Maria was, like, “I told you so.”

Did you pull on the chokey thing?

Yes, I did pull on the chokey thing.

Hurry. Just do something. Go!

Don't tempt me.

Come on. Wiggle your nose, blink your eyes, do the Samantha-Jeannie alien thing. Come on.

I can't.

Why not? Come on! If there's ever a time to have secret powers, now is the time.

They're not secret powers.

I don't care what you call them! Just use them and get us out of here!

“What do you want me to do, Maria? Throw fireballs at it? Come to think of it, that's not a bad idea really!”

“Michael, don't you dare!”

“I could use my powers to lift it up and hang it in a tree maybe!”

“Just use them to fix it!”

“I can't! You have to know something about car engines, and I'm not a mechanic. I just know how to blow things up and throw bad guys around. I'm… still not very proficient… with my powers. I'm learning, okay?”

“Well learn while you're fixing Mom's car… please? I really don't want to spend the night out here, Michael. Just try?”

I sighed and opened the hood. I wasn't sure what to do, but maybe, I figured, if I touched… And then again, maybe not.

“What did you just do?”

“I humiliated myself, okay? I fried the engine! Apparently, Jettas aren't wired for super powers. Next time, tell your mother to get a Viper!”

My “super powers” had super fried Maria's engine… or, at least, the battery. Either way, it was obvious that we weren't going anywhere. I figured we would be spending the night in the car, so I climbed into the back seat and started to move this box out of the way… the one that Maria was supposed to deliver to the lift-off gas station for her mom… and when I touched it, this green alien… balloon creature… suddenly inflated in my face.

Well, that's nice.

What? What? My mother makes them. What… Where are you going?!

See that motel over there? I want to get some sleep.

No, Michael. Wait!

“126 dollars… COD… cash preferred. Isn't that what you said to the guy at the Lift-Off? Is that the going rate for a little humiliation now, Maria?”

“I told you, Mom makes them. They're just novelties… they're souvenirs. It's Roswell, Michael! Everybody makes money off of the aliens in some way or another.”

“Yeah… Everybody but the aliens.”

“I told you not to touch the box. Damn it, Michael, nobody told you to steal Mom's car anyway!”

Maria followed me into the motel, and I got a key and paid for a room. When I opened the door to the room, she looked around like she had just walked into a bordello.

It's like the porno version of Aladdin.

At least it's warm.

I don't even want to think about what I could catch in here.

You know, if you stop being such a princess about things…

Princess? No, no! I think I've been a pretty good sport up until now, but I'm cold, and I'm hungry, and I'm in some nookie motel with a guy I… I barely even know, and I… and I just… I really want to go home right now.

I wasn't going to admit it, but I could kind of see Maria's point. But then I told myself that she didn't have to jump back in the car again back there at the gas station. She could have been at home in her own bed right now. It was her own choice. Now I just had to convince myself of that.

Do you get hungry, Michael, just like the rest of us?

Yeah. Of course I get hungry.

What, uh… what other human urges do you feel?

Not if you were the last woman on Earth.

Ditto. And so you know, I am not gonna be getting an “F” on this assignment, so you better start answering some questions… right now, pally… and I mean for real. So… favorite ice cream flavor?


Pistachio… favorite TV show?

Win Ben Stein's Money.

Ok, favorite book?

James Joyce… Ulysses.

You have not read Ulysses.

“What incensed him the most was the blatant jokes of the ones who pass it all off as a jest, pretending to understand everything and in reality not knowing their own minds.” Page 655. Told you you wouldn't understand. Next question.

All right, how about just one personal question? You know, since I didn't turn you in back there. Why is it so important to you to find out where you come from?

Because there's gotta be something better out there for me than Roswell, New Mexico… What's so funny?

“I've had those same feelings. Is that why you're doing this Avenger stuff… to get away from Roswell? Isn't that kind of counter productive?”

“Yeah, well, who asked you!”

Maria told me about her dreams of being whisked away in a limo by her father, who comes back for them and is filthy rich now. And he takes Maria and her mom away from Roswell to live this great life of splendor and happiness somewhere far away.

Substitute a spaceship for the limo, and you see what I mean… I don't suppose we could share the bed?

Not if you were the last alien on Earth.

Maria took the bed, I laid down on the floor beside it, and we both went to sleep. But a short time later, the “three Musketeers” figured out where we were. They saw Maria's mom's Jetta outside. Liz wanted to knock, but Isabel chose to use her powers, and the sounds of the door unlocking woke Maria up. She rolled off the bed on top of me.

Aaah! Liz?!”


What are you guys doing here, Liz?

Um… well, we thought you were in trouble, but… yeah… I guess we were wrong.

No! No! You don't think… I mean, that is like so unreal! I mean… come on, would you tell them, Michael?

Come on, Honey, we don't have to lie.

Maria gasped and started hitting me. Yep, she liked me! Isabel just shook her head…

I believe you. The day Michael calls anybody “Honey,” it's all over.

And then, as if things weren't already bad enough, Kyle just waltzed in through the open door. Everyone stopped talking and turned to look.

“Great! It's the fourth Musketeer! What do you want, Kyle?”

Why don't you go ahead and finish what you were saying? Or are you afraid that I'll find out what your little secret is? Are you afraid that I might find out what the hell you guys are doing out here… in the middle of nowhere… in the middle of the night?

Get out, Kyle!

I threw Kyle across the room, but he got back up and tried to get Liz and Maria to leave with him. They refused.

Just stop it, both of you, okay? This has gone so out of control! I am not your girlfriend anymore, Kyle.

Liz, I don't know what's going on here, and I don't care. I just want you to come back with me.

You don't belong here, Kyle. This is none of your business.

Kyle shook his head in disbelief. I don't know… I don't know what I ever saw in you.

He left, and Max offered to take us all home, but then Liz demanded to know everything. I wasn't too keen on the idea, but Isabel decided to tell her…

What do you want to know?


That'll make you accomplices.

Go ahead.

Max and Isabel told Liz and Maria about the key and about my breaking into Valenti's office to try to find the picture Maria had seen from 1959… the one of the dead body with the handprint on it. They told them everything. And I filled in the gaps.

Liz looked thoughtful…

So you guys think that this key is gonna unlock the dome and then… and then you guys are gonna find something there… something that's gonna help you figure out where you actually come from?


Then what are we waiting for?

“Morning,” Max said, “Early. We need some sleep first. It's 2 AM.”

“You guys sleep? Maria asked.

I groaned. “Yeah! Imagine that! Just like real people.”

“Well, you don't have to be so huffy. It's not like I've met any aliens before. How would I know?”

“It's what I came into the motel to do. Remember?”


“You thought maybe… something else?”

“No! Of course not! I just know how you… how you think… sometimes.”

I should have been angry, but all I could do was grin. I didn't let Maria see it, though. Max, Liz, and Isabel left and got another room. You know, I would have given a day out of my life to be a fly on the wall in that room. But I was tired. I don't remember drifting off to sleep again, but I did. The next thing I remember is Maria rolling off the bed on top of me again. We both woke up at the same time when she fell into my arms.

“This is getting to be a habit, Honey. Wouldn't it be easier in the bed?”

“No! It wouldn't!”

Okay, that was not Maria's voice… I jumped up quickly. Sheriff Valenti was standing over us.

“Maria, get your things together… I'm taking you home.”



I was pissed. Lord knows, I wasn't getting any sleep. And I guess I kind of blew up…

“What the hell is this?! Grand Central Station? Are they handing out the key to our room now to everyone who walks in? Who's next… the Pope? Can't a guy get a little sleep… and PRIVACY!? In his own motel room!”

Sheriff Valenti had always intimidated Maria for some reason, and she hurried to wrap herself in the blanket from off the bed. It wasn't like she was afraid of him like being afraid of a robber. He was more like a strict father figure. Her first thought was to defend herself… in her own way.

“I'm a big girl, Sheriff. I… I know what I'm doing.”

“You think? Well, maybe you do, but I know what your mama will do… to ME… if I let you stay here tonight… with HIM.”

“Did you come here to save me, Sheriff… or to save yourself?”

Valenti took a deep breath. “A little of both maybe. Actually, I came here to talk… to Michael.”

I hadn't been prepared for that, and it definitely took me by surprise.

“Just talk? With me? You don't want to throw me in jail or something?”

Valenti shrugged. “That's one option. But you haven't done anything…” He looked at Maria sharply and added, “That I know of… yet. So I guess I'm just here to talk… unless Maria wants me to take her home.”

Maria moved over next to me and leaned against me. It gave me that warm cuddly feeling again.

Sheriff Valenti nodded. “I guess I have my answer.”

“What do you want from me, Sheriff? If you're not arresting me and I'm not doing anything wrong… why are you here?”

“I don't know that you're not doing anything wrong. I never said that. I just don't know that you are. I can't arrest you for what you might have done. Is there something I should arrest you for?”

Maria and I both shook our heads.

“Then I'm just here to talk. I've suspected a link between the two of you for some time. Strange things happen… and I find something that belongs to Maria. It's getting to be a regular habit. But it got me to thinking. Roswell's a pretty tame place… normally. But there are times when there are these annoying little problems that a sheriff can't do anything about… No proof or the perpetrator of the crime can't be found. And so I got to thinking. Here's someone who, by all appearances, WANTS to be a hero… and he's got the girl… just like in the movies. She provides him with… what? Cover? Supplies? Information? Whatever… you work together. Amy will probably rip my ears off, shove them up my rear, and tie them around my liver for even thinking about what I'm about to suggest, but… I have several unsolved cases that could use… special talents. And you need someone on your side. Well, someone besides just Maria. Actually, you both need someone on your side. Amy doesn't have to know about this, does she?”

Maria shook her head vigorously.


Valenti appeared to relax a bit. “What I'm proposing is an alliance… of sorts. You see, Michael, I don't care what you are. I care WHO you are. I admit, that wasn't always the case, but some things have opened my eyes lately. And I've given it a lot of thought. If you wanted to cause trouble, you could do it. I don't mean the normal teenage stuff. I mean… real trouble… the kind somebody from… out there somewhere might be capable of. But you've never been that kind of person. You've been in trouble with the law, but it was regular stuff. And I know Hank. He's not an easy man to live with. I guess I could be wrong about you, but my gut is telling me that I should trust you.”

“Go with that feeling, Sheriff.”

“Yes, well… that's easy enough to say… quite another thing in practice… when you're the sheriff. Still…”

“What would you want me to do for you… in exchange for… being on my side?”

“Nothing too much… help out with a few old cases that went cold… and maybe a few new ones from time to time. Stuff like that. You wouldn't have to do anything really. I'll make the arrests. I just need your special talents to find a few people and get evidence for me. Think you could handle that?”

“You gonna shine a bat light up in the sky whenever you want me to come running?”

Valenti smiled. “I don't think the council would approve the cost. And they'd want to know what it was for. I'll figure something out that's less… dramatic.”

“What if I said I don't need you on my side?”

“Oh, you do! Believe me! I'm not the only one out there looking for you. But I can give you protection… well, a lot more than you would have without me. I'm not saying I can guarantee you total protection, but it's better than nothing. What do you say?”

“What if I needed time to think about it?”

“Then think about it.” Valenti stood up and put his hat back on. “You know where to find me.

Oh, and, Michael… you should lock this door. Anyone could just walk in.” With that admonishment, Valenti walked out of the room and left. I held up my hand, and the door slammed shut and locked.

“Robin! He thinks we're Batman and Robin… him and me!”

Maria smiled. “I don't think he's comparing you to Robin, Michael. He's offering you a peace offering.”

“One that I have to pay for. It's not free, Maria.”

“It might still be worth considering, though, Michael, don't you think? I mean, at least he wouldn't be chasing you anymore.”

“No, not if I just turn myself in to him… tell him everything… and then do his job for him.”

Maria grinned. “Well, I'm glad to see you're considering it anyway.”

I fell back onto the floor and closed my eyes… “I need sleep. Tomorrow's going to be a big day. Maybe I'll find out how to get home. Then I won't need Valenti… or anyone else.”

Maria nodded then climbed back into the bed and covered herself up.


“Yeah, what is it?”

“Good night.”

I held my hand up and the lights went out. Then I smiled.

“Good night, Maria.”

End of Episode 105


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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Super powers! That's awesome!

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Codename: TABASCO
(The Awesome Background And Secret Chronicles Of Michael Guerin)

Episode 106

Sweet n' Spicy
& Writings On The Wall (River Dog)

By the time the sun had begun to rise, we were already back on the road and on our way to Marathon. Frankly, Maria and I got very little sleep in Aladdin's pleasure boudoir that night, but I have to say that us sleeping together did give me a kind of new perspective. Huh? Yes we did! Okay, “in the same room.” Geez! Details! Anyway, as I was saying, sleeping with Maria kind of gave me this whole new perspective about her, you know? I wasn't ready to admit it, most of all to myself, but I was kind of starting to like her… in a weird kind of way. I mean, she could have been real hard nosed about being, you know, “abducted,” and me taking her mom's car, and all that other stuff, and she could've had me arrested and ruined any hope we ever had of finding out who we were. But she didn't do that. She gave me a chance. Nobody ever really did that before Maria.

It took about four hours to get to Marathon, Texas, but when we got there, there it was… just like I told them. Not Marathon, the dome. They couldn't doubt me anymore, not even Isabel…

It's just like you drew it, Michael.

I told you it was something.

But when I took the key out of my pocket and stuck it in the front door, the door didn't open. So Max decided to unlock it with his powers…

We've come this far. Maybe it unlocks something inside.

Then we saw that the place had already been ransacked pretty good before we got there. As Liz pointed out at the time, somebody was definitely looking for something. Max figured whatever it was they were looking for they'd probably already found it a long time ago, but I wasn't so sure. I held the key in my hand again, and suddenly I saw this blurry image.

There's something here. A room.


I don't know, Max. It's hidden.

That's when I saw another keyhole… I put the key in and turned it, and a secret door popped up out of the floor.

Jackpot, Maximilian.

We went down some steps into the hidden room, and I was just starting to look around when I heard something that sounded like footsteps over our heads.

Max waved his hand to get our attention… Somebody's up there!

I had a good idea who it was…

“Great! Batman's here. I've got to tell him to stop following me like this. He's becoming a boor already.”

Isabel looked at me like I'd totally lost my mind. “Batman? What's that supposed to mean, Michael? Honestly, I wonder about you sometimes.”

Then, suddenly, there was another sound… a sound I knew too well. It was someone's head getting smacked… hard. And I knew whose head it was. I also knew he was unconscious, because I heard him hit the floor like a ton of bricks. I could only guess who it was that whacked him… one of Topolsky's agents… Hell, maybe even Topolsky herself. Topolsky wasn't exactly some shy, shrinking violet, if you know what I mean. She wouldn't mind beaning the sheriff if he stood on her shadow… Back then, that is… before all that stuff happened that brought her over to our side. Now she's one of us. Crazy thing is, I think getting beaned in the head addled the sheriff, ‘cause he seemed to enjoy it. He was like, ‘Damn, that woman is hot.' Not right at that moment, of course… he was unconscious… but after he woke up again and his headache wore off. He sounded like a new member of the Agent Topolsky Admiration Society. Membership: one… well, two, really… him and her. But whatever, that was his problem. We had our own problems. What we came to Marathon to find was about to be snatched away right under our noses. So I started grabbing all the papers I could and stuffing them into a box…

Whoever's up there looking for us isn't gonna stop until they find us. I'm gonna find out everything I can before they do.

We probably would have been caught if Maria and Liz hadn't seen a rat run into a hidden tunnel. We followed the rat and got out just in time… but not before Isabel saw this necklace with an alien-looking symbol on it and palmed it.

As we were driving off, I saw Topolsky pop out of the tunnel we had just come out of. She was onto us. But it wasn't going to happen… not this time. We had slipped through her fingers. I knew deep inside that I probably owed Sheriff Valenti for that. If his head hadn't got in the way and slowed her down… Anyway, I just hoped his head would be okay. It was hard. I had a feeling he'd be fine. And I had a feeling, too, that Topolsky would make herself real scarce before he woke up again.

Driving back home with Maria in her mom's car, we were talking about different stuff… You know… who we are and all mostly, and I realized that I wasn't the only one whose emotions were being challenged that day…

…All this time that I've known you, Michael, I've just always thought of you as, like, this “guy,” you know… like this weird guy from the other side of the tracks going nowhere in life; which, of course, you know, you still are that, but… what I didn't realize was that there's this whole other side to you.

What, that I'm from…

Well, clearly there's that; but putting that aside, underneath that, um, weird, poorly bathed exterior, there's, like, this whole… deeply wounded, vulnerable guy.

Listen, alright, in terms of what happened yesterday between us, that was just… we were on the road. Alright, we talked. That's all. Over.

Of course. Wait. You think something happened between us?

I wouldn't admit it to her, but inside, I think I may have smiled. Yep. The Avenger had something going for him. I sensed it. What's that? Well… yeah, sure, I guess. Go ahead. Why should I do all the talking? Uh, but don't embarrass me, Maria.

We'll see! I just wanted to tell our little muse that there was this whole other conversation that I had with Liz later… about you, Michael.

The thing about Michael, Liz, is that he's weird but surprisingly interesting.

He's interesting?

Not interesting for me, obviously.

Oh, yes, obviously.

I mean, it can never be. There's a number of obstacles: his hair, his personality, the fact that he was hatched.

Um, Okay, I'm ready to tell this story again, Maria. You can stop now.

Not yet, Dear.

Can you please tell me what happened in that motel room?

I told you, Liz, nothing happened.

Are you sure?

Nothing physical, although it wasn't very verbal, either. What Michael and I share… well, it's non-verbal. Michael is the type of person my mom likes to refer to as a vibrator.

A vibrator?

You know what I mean… someone who communicates by, you know, sending vibes out into the atmosphere.

What kind of vibes was he sending you?

Vibes that are, you know…

You see, Michael, you thought you were the only one who noticed. But a girl knows what she feels. We just don't always post it as headlines in the morning newspaper… well, not till we're ready to anyway.

So, then, you agree that we had, like, this thing already going… even back then?

It was going. I wasn't openly admitting it. But I knew that what I was feeling wasn't a fetish for cute, Tabasco-swilling, mixed up alien studs… just one particular lovable one. You can tell your story again now.”

I don't know, Ria… You're doing just fine now. Maybe you should…

No, I'm enjoying listening to you tell it, Michael.

Alright, well, it seems Topolsky got a call from her supervisor, Agent Stevens, of the FBI…

Your assignment… Repeat it to me.

…observe the subjects and determine whether or not the theories about them are substantiated.

You're forgetting something, Agent… the word “covertly.” To “covertly” observe the subjects to determine whether or not the theories about them are substantiated. Covertly!

I've been acting covertly.

Drop-kicking the sheriff? You call that covertly?

The sheriff was endangering my operation.

Your operation!?

Our operation.

Wrong again, Agent. Not your operation. Not our operation. My operation! Mine! I think I have a piece of my bagel permanently lodged in my esophagus. New orders, Agent Topolsky. See if you can follow 'em this time. Whatever those kids took from that house, I want it. Get it. Whatever those kids are doing right now, I want to know about it. Do you understand, Agent Topolsky?

I understand.

By any means necessary, Agent.

Yes, sir.

Don't waste my time, Agent!

I'm all over it.

And she was… And I knew it, though I didn't know about that phone call. Kathleen told us a lot of the little details years later… here on Antar. Anyway, at the time, I knew she was “all over it,” because we couldn't shake her. She always seemed to be in the shadows everywhere we went. And if she wasn't, her agent cronies were. She was like a skunk's scent… obnoxious and unshakable. Uh, no offense, Kath! We weren't exactly on the same team back then like now. What? No, you smell a lot better now. OW! Hehehe. Kidding! Hey, that skunk thing was just a… a… you know… a metaphor. You smell good. Can I live now? Maria, protect me here! I'm your husband! What do you mean, I deserved it!? It was a JOKE. YOU'RE laughing… even Kathleen's laughing… Uh, you're not gonna dump any more of that sand on my head are you, Kathleen? Okay… But it was funny… you've gotta admit. And when you were Agent Topolsky you did give us a lot of headaches… That's all I was saying. We like you now, Kath. But that wasn't always the case. And we really, really didn't need the FBI on our tails day and night, so I went to meet with Sheriff Valenti in his office. He had offered to help us in exchange for a little help from me, and I needed to know all about this Atherton guy, so I asked him to get me information on Atherton… and I asked him to get Agent Topolsky off our tails. Oh, and I asked him how his head was feeling.

“It hurts. She packs a kick like a mule… like to gave me a concussion. I'll see what I can do about your… requests. Give me a little time… an afternoon should do it.”

“Thanks, Sheriff. That information… it's really important to us.”

Valenti knew what he was doing. He went straight to Milton, the UFO Museum guy, and asked him about Atherton. Milton was a walking, talking encyclopedia of everything alien related, and he rattled off everything that was known about James Atherton, including that he disappeared in 1959 and that some thought he had been abducted by aliens. After getting this information -which I learned later Valenti wanted as bad as we did- he set about taking care of the Topolsky problem. But in the meantime, her agents broke into the Evans' house and stole the box of papers I had brought from Atherton's house. It was in Max's room. To make it look like a robbery, they also stole the TV, the VCR, and a bunch of other stuff out of the living room. But Valenti wasn't fooled. He paid a visit to Topolsky at school… without overtly accusing her… to let her know he was onto her. And a day or so later, he pulled her car over as she was trying to follow us…

Did you lose something, Ms. Topolsky?

What about you, sheriff? Do you always chase cars when you're off duty?

Only when they blow through three red lights, two stop signs, and do 70 in a 30-mile-an-hour zone. Ms. Topolsky, you are a walking, talking, moving violation.

I'll take that the best way I can.

Now, I could bring you in, hold you overnight… while I'm at it, do a thorough background check to find out what our new guidance counselor is really up to… or we could just have a nice conversation.

At that point, Topolsky knew she had no choice but to deal, and she and Valenti moved their conversation to a local bar.

How long have you been following me, Sheriff?

A while now.

Observe anything unusual?

Well, besides an FBI agent being assigned to our local high school, yes, I have. That's a hell of a kick you've got going. It about gave me a concussion. It's a good thing I'm not the sensitive type.

Aren't you? It seems to me a man who spends his entire life trying to avenge his father's mistakes could be considered sensitive.

Oh, I wouldn't worry too much about my father's mistakes if I were you, Agent Topolsky. It seems you've made a few of your own.

Such as?

Well, such as letting them slip through your fingers.


Whoever it is you're after… Such as exposing yourself to the local…

Maybe we're taking the wrong tack here, Sheriff.

It's funny how everybody agrees they've taken the wrong tack when their cover's been blown. Well, anyway, I just thought I'd give you a heads up before I call your superiors and let them know you've been made.

Sheriff, look. If my superiors find out about this, I'm off the case… gone for good, and where does that leave you? Isn't there some other way we can work this out?

Why, whatever could you be thinking, Ms. Topolsky?

I probably have information that you would like to have, and you have information that I might want. Maybe we can work together here.

Let me think about that.

I guess if I had been there and had heard Valenti say he wanted to think about it, I might have drop-kicked him myself. But maybe he was just being smart… trying to get what information he could from her. And he did get her off our tails… as promised… at least for the moment. His continuing allegiances remained to be determined. Fortunately, he made the right choices in the end, and so did she. But back then he was still trying to get whatever he could on us… at the same time as he was trying to help us. It looked a little two-faced, but he was playing all the positions in order to win the game.

I need to back up just a little bit, though, to right after the robbery at the Evans' house. Deputy Owens noticed the necklace Isabel was wearing… the one she took from Atherton's house… and he knew that he had seen the symbol on the necklace before…

Where did you get that?

At the mall. Kind of like the retro look. Why?

I just haven't seen anything like that since I left the reservation.

Well… maybe they're branching out.


Which reservation?

I grew up on the Mescalero reservation just outside of town.

Later, when I got my first look at the pendant Isabel was wearing, I knew that I had seen the symbol on it somewhere before, too. But not on any reservation… in my mind. I guess I was staring, because Isabel noticed…


I know that. I know that. How do I know that?

Pretty wild, huh? I found it at Atherton's.

This has to mean something.

Max thought it was a symbol from our past. Unfortunately, we had to stay low and under the radar for the moment, because the FBI guys were all over the place. We couldn't just run off to the reservation and check it out. So Liz decided to do it for us. But Max wasn't having any of it…

Max, you saved my life.

What does that have to do with it?

…If anything happened to you… or Michael or Isabel, I just… I couldn't live with that. Let me do this one thing.

Liz, I already told you no.

Max, I didn't come here for permission. I came here for the pendant. If you don't give it to me, I'll just draw it. I'm going.

Score one for the girl! I gotta confess, I never wanted Liz or any of them messing in our lives in the beginning, but I did have to give her her due. I loved Mister “I'm the king, we'll do it my way” getting his tail bobbed. Okay, that's not the way he saw it… or the way Liz meant it… but she did kick ass back there. I almost thought I was seeing Maria. Maria can kick some serious ass. What? No, I'm not going to forget it, don't worry. It's part of why I love you. You got spunk.

So Liz was off to the reservation with the pendant in her hand. And I just had this kind of creepy feeling deep down inside like the Avenger was going to be needed. So I excused myself from the others and followed Liz… covertly. I was right. Before she was even out of Roswell, she had a tail. And not just one tail, either, but three of them. They were trying to stay invisible, but these guys were about as covert as a herpes sore. I didn't want to make any spectacles in Roswell, so I rushed ahead and hid, waiting just far enough out of town so as not to be seen be everyone. Then Liz drove by. Moments later, the first carload of agents appeared… and it's engine shut down mysteriously. Slowly, it coasted to a stop. The other two cars pulled up behind it and rolled down their windows.

“You guys need some help?”

“Forget about us! Stay on the girl! Don't lose her!”

The agent driving the second car tried to pull out again and follow Liz, but his car accelerated suddenly and rammed the car that had broken down. Then it backed up into the third car, leaving that car's hood crumpled and its engine smoking.

“What the hell are you doing, Bartley!? You're putting us all off the chase! Who gave you your license?”

“I don't know what happened. I put it in drive, and it just took off. Then it slipped into reverse. I didn't do it, the car did it!”

“Cars don't drive themselves, Bartley. You screwed up.”

The agent driving the first car huffed. “You guys stop arguing. I think I can fix this one. It‘s probably just a blockage in the fuel line.”

The agent opened the hood and searched for the fuel line. He probably could have fixed it. I hadn't really fried it… yet. I had just made a bubble in the fuel line. But at that moment, a motorbike drove up and this guy who looked like he was in town for the UFO convention or something got off and offered to help.

“Keep going, buddy. We don't need any help.”

“You look like you've got a battery problem. I've got experience with this. I can take care of it for you in no time.”

“Yeah? Well… okay… do it then.”

The agents moved aside, and I reached into the engine, thinking silently… Okay, this is where I put my hand in the Jetta… right… here. Like I said… experience.

Flashes, sulphuric smoke, agents running, coughing… “It's gonna blow!”

I shook my head and acted disappointed. “Aw, damn! Your engine's fried. Where'd you get these clunkers? I never saw a car spew out smoke like that before! It's almost like it's saying, ‘leave me alone!' I hope you've still got the warranties.”

“I told you! I told you!” Agent Bartley shouted, feeling vindicated. “It's the frikkin' cars! They're possessed.”

“Too bad YOU'RE not possessed, Bartley… by intelligence. Shut up.”

The agent looked at me and nodded toward the road. “Get out of here. You didn't see anything. We'll take care of it.”

“Sorry man. I never saw a car do crazy stuff like that before… well, except one. It had to be crushed before it could be stopped. It would start up all by itself. Took its driver on a 200 mile ride at 120 mph. Driver couldn't stop it, couldn't control it. The car was in control all the way. Same kind of car, too.”

“Go! Get out of here!”

“I'm going. I'd get rid of those cars, though, man. They're dangerous.”

I hopped on my bike and drove off. After I was a good ways down the road, I changed my looks and the color and wheels of my bike back and grinned. “That should slow them down pretty good.”


On the Mescalero Reservation, meanwhile, Liz was showing the mysterious pendant to a souvenir shop clerk when out of nowhere, a hand reached out and grabbed her arm, turning her around brusquely. The hand belonged to an elderly Mercalero named River Dog, and his eyes seemed to be burning a hole in the pendant that Liz had been showing the souvenir peddler. But the old Mescalero didn't speak. Instead, after looking at the pendant, he turned and walked away.

Who was that?

Stay away from him,
the peddler warned Liz seriously.

But when Liz was about to get back into her car, River Dog showed up again, and he reached for the pendant…

Give me that.

Who are you?

Please! Where did you get this?

We just… found it.


No… uh, I found it.

Who else knows? How many know? Tell me.

No one else knows.

How did you know to come here? Were you followed?

No, I wasn't. I… what does this mean to you? Please tell me.

This is dangerous. It brings death.

That was it. That was the extent of the conversation. To say that River Dog was not exactly a talkative sort would be an understatement. But he did have an air of mystery about him… and a graveness that gave Liz pause.

Back at the CrashDown, later, a young Mescalero named Eddie came in and ordered a redskin basket. Liz caught the meaning in his voice and told him that she had been trying to get that name changed.

I have a message from River Dog. He'll meet you at ten o'clock tonight… Come alone… The reservation… Someone will meet you.

When Liz told us about the appointment, we knew that it was important. But Topolsky and her agents were watching every move we made. So we cooked up a plan to give the agents the slip. Actually, MAX cooked up the plan. I wasn't exactly happy with it, because it used me as bait while Max and Liz got to go see River Dog.

Is he still following us, Michael?

I don't know, Max. I think so.

I can't believe this,
Isabel groaned, I… I just wish things would go back to the way they were.

I still think this plan bites.

Michael, the plan does not bite.

I'm being used as a pawn. I want to go meet this River Dog guy.

We dropped Max off at the cinema with Liz and then drove off quickly to make it look like we were trying to lose the agents following us. But we wanted them to follow us. Isabel and I were the bait. Meanwhile, Max and Liz walked through the theater to a pre-arranged place where they were to meet up with Maria. Then they drove away in Maria's car… to see River Dog.

At the reservation, Eddie balked about taking them to River Dog, because River Dog had only asked Liz to come. But Liz convinced him to let Max stay.

There will be a test. If you pass the test, River Dog will answer all your questions.

And here I was… stuck at the CrashDown with Maria and Isabel, listening to Isabel's deepest inner feelings and answering questions for Maria about my DNA… Oh, happy happy joy joy!

Ok, so what's with the Tabasco sauce?

Sweet and spicy,
I replied, while munching on a piece of cake I had swiped from the counter.

Sweet and spicy?

We all like things extremely sweet mixed with extremely spicy,
Isabel explained, It's our little dietary quirk.

Well, I'll have to, uh, keep that in mind,
Maria said with a trace of a smile.

I nodded. You do that.

Are you two flirting? God, could my life get any worse?

I remember thinking, the only consolation about having to wait there for Max and Liz to return was that Isabel was just as miserable as I was. Life was fair after all! But they'd better get back soon!

On the reservation, Max and Liz were being led on an unexpectedly long hike and had begun to wonder if Eddie was really taking them to River Dog… or somewhere else…

Um, Eddie? How much… How much further is it?

It's very close.

But Liz wasn't so sure now. Max, I don't think this is a good idea anymore. We've been walking for too long.

Eddie, uh, where exactly are you taking us?

You're here.

We're where?

Good luck.

No, Eddie… Eddie! You can't… you can't just leave us here. Max?

…Frikkin' Eddie!

That's when Liz noticed the cave. So the two of them went inside to check it out. Then, Liz felt someone grab her in the dark…

What was that? Let me go!

Liz? Liz, where are you?
Quickly, Max created some light with his hand to see in the darkness of the cave.

Let her go. Who are you?

You have passed the test.

River Dog knew, when Max created light with his hand, that he was one of the aliens, too. That was the test… to get him to “reveal” himself… or Liz to reveal herself. Up until that moment, actually, he had had no idea which one was the alien, if indeed either one was.

I once knew someone like you. I didn't know where he came from or why he was here. He stayed pretty much to himself. He befriended me and everyone here. He began to trust me.

Do you know where I can find him?

I haven't seen him for forty years. Besides me, the only man he trusted was Atherton. The man gave Atherton his necklace, the one you had.

What happened to him?

Atherton was murdered.

Who killed him?

The man killed him… I was too far away to see what happened, but when I reached them, Atherton was dead.

When was this?

November, 1959… I have one more thing to show you. This way.

River Dog showed Max and Liz a drawing that the alien from 1959 drew on the cave wall.

He said someday you would come.

Max looked at the drawing… It seems familiar, like I know what it means, but I can't remember.

He was afraid they were trying to kill him.

Who was?

I don't know. He felt they were close to finding him, so he had to leave. I promised I would never share this information with anyone unless they passed the test.

Has anyone else come? Has anyone passed?

No, no one.

So this has some type of meaning. It's some kind of message for us. Maybe it's some type of warning. I don't know.

It's time for you to leave.

Can we come again?

I have completed my promise. There's nothing more I can tell you, nothing more you can learn.

And that was it… except for one final warning… not to Max, but to Liz…

Make sure he deserves your trust.

River Dog wasn't sure whom to trust. But he had made a promise, and now he had honored that promise.

At the CrashDown, meanwhile, Maria was getting ever more frazzled waiting for news from Liz and Max…

This is taking too long. They're in trouble… What are we supposed to do?

We wait.

You know, Michael, now I know why Isabel left. You are obviously the last person to be around in a crisis.

We were told to sit here and wait until they come back, alright? And that's what I'm doing. I'm not the one freaking out. You're freaking out.

I am not freaking out. I just… I wish you would say something.

Say what? What do you want me to say?

I don't know what. Just say something, you know, to make me feel calm, to make me feel like it's gonna be alright.

Maybe it's not gonna be alright.

Thanks, that helps a ton.

What do you want me to do?

I don't know… You know, all I ask of you is just to try to make me feel better, you know, be a guy or whatever. Forget it. I have obviously tried to bark up the wrong tree.

Okay, never let it be said that Michael Guerin does not rise to the occasion. Maria wanted me to do something? She asked me to do something? She wanted me to make her forget about her worries? I could do that!

I reached over and kissed her.

That was to calm you down.


Maria reacted stoically to the whole thing… outwardly, at least. And me? I was Stonewall Guerin, totally in control. And who could see what I was thinking, anyway, right? Yessss! Sweet n' spicy! I knew it! I would definitely trade the Tabasco for that condiment! Oh, oh! Core meltdown! Lips of pleasure! Tilt! Tilt! Tilt! Abandon all preconceptions! Going down! Nuclear heat wave!

In stoic silence, we walked off in opposite directions. Someday I might even admit I liked it… our first kiss.

End of Episode 106


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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Codename: TABASCO
(The Awesome Background And Secret Chronicles Of Michael Guerin)

Episode 107

The Accomplices (Blood Brothers)

Somebody once said that no man is an island. I don't recall who said it, offhand, but what they meant was that we all need others in some way or another, even those of us who think we never will. Having Liz and Maria on our side had worked out pretty well, I had to admit. But we weren't ready to let anyone else in on our secrets. Valenti had pretty much figured it out on his own, even if I hadn't exactly confirmed it in so many words. And he was pretty sure that Max was one, too. He couldn't make up his mind about Isabel, but there was that guilt by association thing, so he was watching her, too. He would have suspected Maria of being an alien if he hadn't been there when she was born and if he hadn't dated her mother, Amy, at one time. Amy had been a “flower child,” of the 60's and early 70's type, but that didn't exactly make her an alien. Jim and Amy were pretty close… sometimes maybe a bit too close, he thought… like when she was mad and holding a handbag. At those times, the other side of town was too close. But he did like Amy… a lot. She had spunk. So did Topolsky. He admired that trait in both of them. Jim Valenti liked strong women. He was strong enough to handle them. But he was no pushover, and he knew a threat when he saw it. Topolsky was a threat. He would have no qualms about sending her packing if he needed to. Amy, on the other hand, was no threat. Well, except when she was mad and had a handbag. But Valenti could take the lumps. And Maria was no alien. Neither was Liz. He knew this well. But they did seem to be involved, in some way, with us, and Valenti was determined to know everything about those relationships.

I had given the sheriff just enough information to satisfy our agreement of mutual cooperation. I had no intention of filling him in on every aspect of my private life… or Maria's. So there was still a lot that he did not know about us. I wanted to keep our secrets tightly managed and known only to those who already knew them. But unexpected events were already conspiring to make that even more difficult than it already was. The aliens in a bottle, it seemed, were about to need help from a human… again.

With one of the teachers out for the day, Max decided to take Liz for a ride… to try to get away from all the alien-related problems for a while and just have a few moments of normality. Yeah… as if!

It's the old highway. My dad used to take this when we drove to Albuquerque.

I never even knew this place existed, Max.

I just thought we should do something… you know… something normal, for once. Things have been so…

Yeah, I know, insane. Oh, my God. I love this song.

Me, too.

Max and Liz both turned their attention to the song on the radio. It was one of those songs that has a way of making you forget that you have troubles… until trouble finds you and thumps you on the head, you know what I mean? You trying to avoid me? Forget it, chump! I'm right here… riding on your shoulder… all the time.

A wild horse suddenly ran into the road, and Max veered and crashed the jeep into some bushes trying to keep from hitting it. When Liz lifted her head and looked at him, he was unconscious… and lying on the steering wheel.

Max? Max? Oh, my God.

The genies really had tried to stay in their bottle. But now someone had dropped the bottle, and it had shattered into a million pieces. Whether or not it could ever be put back together again would have to be seen.

Blood pressure 124 over 84.

How do you feel… Ringing? Any buzzing?

No, I'm fine. Is he going to be alright?

We can't know for sure, but his vital signs are good. Nurse, have someone contact his parents right away. Get him on a monitor. We need some blood tests. Get me a CBC and a spot 12. And draw blood for a trauma panel.

At school, Maria was accusing me of avoiding her, because I didn't have much to talk about and was late to class. Then the call came through on her cell phone…

You and Max were in an accident?

Now I had something to talk about. I grabbed the phone… What the hell's going on?

You remember what I said about trouble finding you and tapping on your shoulder? Well, forget that! It hauled off and slugged me upside the head. The principal found out about the accident, and she told Topolsky. And Agent Topolsky turned around and called Agent Moss…

Get to the hospital NOW! We might have an opportunity.

Meanwhile, Isabel, Maria, and I rushed to the hospital, and after charming a nurse named Susan into letting us in to see Max, I started looking around for the blood sample they had taken from him. Isabel saw Agent Moss come in through a back door and knew that he was looking for it, too. Fortunately, I found it first, and I palmed it. I was gonna just let Moss keep looking for it, but I happened to spy another sample nearby. It wasn't blood, and it wasn't Max's. It was yellow and in a little cup. One of the nurses had set it down momentarily and gone off to look for something. Anyway, I grabbed an empty blood vial and poured some of the mystery sample from the cup into the empty vial. Then I waved my hand over it and turned it red and stuck Max's name on it. Let them figure that out. I watched as Moss found the vial and quickly left the hospital with it. I think I ought to let Kathleen tell you what happened next… ‘Cause she tells it so well…

“No, what you mean, Michael, is you want to sit there and laugh your ass off, like you always do when I tell it.”

Well, it's funny! So sue me!

“Sue Rath? On Antar? Really Michael!” Kathleen smiled just a bit. “Okay, I admit it, it is funny now. But it wasn't then… not to me… or to Agent Moss. Stevens called us both into his office to discuss Max's blood sample…”

“Did you find anything unusual?”

“Unusual? Nooooo! He's PREGNANT, you imbeciles! You brought me a urine sample… from a pregnant WOMAN!

I felt my senses reel, and I had to find a place to sit down. Moss just stood there, his mouth flapping like a fish out of water but nothing coming out.

“Are you s-s-sure you tested the right sample?” I asked.

Stevens glared at me. I guess he was sure.

I shrugged. “Well, he is an alien… isn't he?”

“Agent Topolsky! If you failed to get the blood sample, I would think that you would be professional enough to admit that you failed… not try to pass off a… from a pregnant…”

Steven's voice failed him momentarily.

“But the sample was red,” Agent Moss managed to croak, “Not yellow.”

Stevens took a deep breath and tried to relax his already pulsing neck veins. “You put something in it… the lab couldn't identify what it was. It seems to be a derivative of Tabasco sauce. Idiots! You couldn't even get real blood! If you were trying to put something over on me in order to save your butts it's not going to work. I should have the two of you drummed out of the agency, but unfortunately I still need you. Find that blood sample… or get me another one… this time, the real one, agents, from the real subject, Max Evans, not from a… a… a… I can't even say it. You are both this close to leaving the agency under unfavorable circumstances. Do you understand what I'm saying, agents? Being removed… with extreme prejudice.”

“I'm all over it, sir!”

“You'd better be, Topolsky! Now get out of here!”

Agent Moss and I hurried out of Stevens' office. I had never seen Stevens this angry before.

“I hope you can follow through on that promise, Agent Topolsky,” Moss said to me outside, “Because the alternative won't be pleasant for either of us.”

I nodded. “I know. Getting drummed out of the agency would really screw up my résumé.”

Moss looked at me like I was a moron… and I guess I was, knowing what I know now. “No, Agent Topolsky, it will not look good on your résumé. Agent Kathleen Topolsky… Deceased. Cause: Classified. ‘Removed with extreme prejudice,' Agent Topolsky, means removed permanently… very permanently.”

I closed my eyes and swallowed hard. I wanted to argue that we don't do things like that here, but deep inside I knew… This was a secret unit… a “special” unit… meaning we didn't exist as far as most others, even within the FBI itself, knew. We were outside the pale of accepted norms… outside the boundaries of accountability. We were renegades in our own system, even if we considered it to be for a good cause. There is no protection for those of us who are out on the limb… especially if we're stupid enough to saw that limb off while we're sitting on it. Of course, Michael did help with that.

“It was all for a good cause, Kathleen… saving our asses.”

Kathleen nodded ever so slightly and then smiled in spite of the memories. “Well, at the time, I would have liked to have landed on top of you when that limb fell, Michael. But now… I'm thankful to you and Max… and the rest of you… for giving me a chance for a new life… a good life… here with you… and Jim. I didn't know it then, but my time was already up and the clock was ticking off the final minutes. If it hadn't been this case that ended it, it would have been something else. It's not the kind of unit you just resign from. There are too many secrets you take with you.”

I knew what she meant. And I was actually glad that Kathleen was here on Antar now… and on our side… never more so than a couple of years back, when we found out that the Ghors had kidnapped all our children and were selling them. Kathleen kicked Ghor butt! I was glad we had our own FBI agent then… and one with a great kick at that!


“Yeah, Jim?”

“Just for the record, Kathleen does have one hell of a kick. I seem to remember almost getting a concussion myself once when I was sheriff. But it wasn't a kick that put Hosk in the hospital. Kath was aiming for his stomach… with her fist. Hosk never was as bright as a 15-watt light bulb, and when he saw her fist coming, he puffed his chest out and pulled himself up to his full 9-foot height. That made Kath's punch fall a little low, to his regret. Anyway, it was all caught on film by a Xarian news team. After that, especially for the first year or so, everywhere we went, we were stopped by people wanting her autograph… or just wanting to hug her. She didn't actually get the kids back all by herself. All of you guys… all of us did. But she was like this symbol for what everybody on Antar wanted to do to Hosk. And she actually did it.”

I've still got that video clip, Jim. It was a great moment. I think everybody on Antar has it. It was a great seller for a long time… still is. I think when I get back to the house, I'm going to watch it again. Getting back to the story, though… I knew that the FBI would try again to get some of Max's blood. The only question was how… and when. I had successfully palmed the real sample, which I got rid of… permanently… with extreme prejudice. But we decided that we needed to give the FBI something or they'd never stop trying. We had to give them a real blood sample, but not from one of us. It had to be human. So Isabel turned to Liz…

We can take some of your blood, Liz.

It can't be mine. They can tell male from female blood.

Then we need to find a guy.

“Alex!” Isabel and Maria both said at once, looking at each other.

I still wish I could have been there to see Alex's face when Liz told him she and Maria needed his blood. He must have thought he'd finally discovered what they were hiding… they were vampires! Come to think of it, we should have told Kyle we were vampires back at the motel when he popped in and kept demanding to know what we were all up to. He probably would have believed it with all the crap that had been going on! Just stand still Kyle and lean your head over a bit this way… Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeah, that's what we should have done!

“Funny, Guerin! Ha! Ha!”

I'm glad you agree, Kyle. Anyway, Alex was definitely, um, lacking enthusiasm for the idea of being a blood donor… especially since the girls wouldn't tell him what it was for. But I have to give him credit, he came through for us… not happily, but, hey! He came through! Isabel drew the blood, then back at the hospital, I replaced the vial I had taken earlier with the one with Alex's blood in it and put Max's name on it again using a little special alien “voodoo” to redo the bar code and name just like they had been.

In the waiting room, Alex was still demanding to know why we needed to replace Max's blood with his. He suspected all kinds of things. But I doubt he ever considered aliens as one of the possibilities. Liz was trying to calm him down…

Alex, wait…

I've been waiting, Liz. And apparently I'm not going to get an explanation.

It's complicated, okay?

No, no… It's not okay, Liz. None of this is okay.

Alex, look, you've gotta trust me.

What is it… drugs? Is that what this is? You and Max go out for a drive, he gets wasted, almost kills you both. That's what I'm covering for, isn't it?


You can't use Michael's blood because he's just as high. So who do you call? You call on your buddy, Alex… stupid, straight Alex who does everything you say ‘cause he's such a loyal friend that you lie to and you use whenever you can.

It's not true.

Then tell me the truth, Liz… for once.

You're right. It's drugs.

Well, that did get Alex to stop asking… for the moment… but Isabel wasn't too thrilled when Max told her what Liz had said. She just groaned…

Great. That'll be a lot easier to explain to Mom and Dad. Let's go. Mom's waiting in the car.

Max and Isabel left with their parents, but as Maria and I were getting into Maria's car, Maria remembered that she'd left her purse on the table in Max's hospital room, and her keys were in the purse. I told her to go ahead and get in and I'd get the purse and keys. When I went back in Max's room, I saw this shadow that looked like someone searching for something behind the curtain, so I pulled open the curtain. It was Agent Moss and another agent disguised as medics, and they were looking through the trash.

Forgot her purse, I said, holding up the purse.

“How do you know they weren't medics,” Isabel asked… when we were back at the house.

I'm telling you, it was the same guy… the one that followed me into the CrashDown the other night. He was going through the garbage. And the other guy, the one I saw looking for blood, he was going through Max's charts.

There's nothing for them to find,
Max said.

This time. But this is the closest call we've ever had.

Max looked contrite. I'm sorry.

It wasn't your fault, Max,
Isabel said, shaking her head.

I nodded in agreement. I didn't say that. But somebody's closing in on us. And unless we do something about it…

The only thing we can do is run,
Isabel said, finishing my sentence.

I shook my head. No, that's not true. We can figure them out before they figure us out.

Whoa! had I just said that? Me? Michael Guerin? The guy who wanted to leave Roswell forever when Max healed Liz? I just realized that at some point I had undergone a radical change in perspective. It must be this Avenger persona, I thought to myself. It's giving me a different outlook. Then I shook my head. No… it was having Maria and Liz on our side. It was trusting in somebody. They gave me a feeling of belonging, especially Maria… a feeling like we should fight for what we had. At least, we didn't have to give up and just run.

This is already so out of control, Michael, and you just wanna make it worse?

I wanna know my enemy. That's the only chance we'll ever have.

Later that night, Agent Topolsky met with Moss and asked him about the new blood sample he had snatched. He had had it tested himself this time… before giving it to Stevens… just to be sure.

It came back normal. I think something might've happened.

What do you mean?

Well, there were five of them… and they kept coming in and out of his room a lot.

Doing what?

I'm not sure. But they brought another one in… tall kid, kind of wiry.


I think they switched blood samples.

We really hadn't realized that the FBI might figure out where the sample came from and come down hard on Alex to try to make him talk. We had only figured on a little blood being his sole contribution. But Topolsky called him in and pretended to already know what he had done and why he had done it. She did everything short of threatening to have him arrested if he didn't talk, though she didn't phrase it that way. She was trying to get him on her side by making him think that we were using him. She even slipped something into his drink that made his nose start bleeding, then she followed him and slipped into the men's room after he had left so she could get the bloody towels and have his blood compared to the blood in the vial Moss had stolen from the hospital. I remember thinking later, after we found out that Topolsky was FBI, that it was a really good thing that we hadn't told Alex anything. He couldn't tell the FBI what he didn't know, right? But looking back on it now, I wonder. At least, if he had known what he was doing for us and what he was up against, he could have defended himself… made up some kind of logical excuse or something.

We didn't really know, yet, that Topolsky was FBI. She was still pretending to be the school guidance counselor. But we knew that the first thing we needed to do was find out everything we could about whoever was onto us. So we decided to check out this Moss guy and find out who he was working with. Max and Liz pretended to window shop and then walked into the UFO center, letting him follow them around for a while to be sure that he really was following them. Maria, Isabel, and I were waiting outside the UFO center to tail him when we came out. Maria was driving.

Not too close, I said.

Relax. God, you guys act like I've never tailed someone before.

Maria started to drive out in reverse, and Isabel grinned…

Subtle, he'll never notice us going backwards.

We followed Moss to the motel where he was staying and waited for him to leave again so we could check out his room. Waiting was not our strong suit, but finally, our impatience paid off. I told Maria to act as a lookout with Isabel, which didn't sit too well with Maria. She wanted to come in and search the room with me. I told her to keep looking out the window, but she had other ideas.

You know, this is the second time you've dragged me to some cheap motel.

Yeah, well, don't spread it around. You'll ruin my reputation.

What exactly are you looking for?

ID maybe… something to tell us about this guy?

Luggage tags?

No tags.

You know, Michael, uh, toiletries say a lot about a man, which, by the way, you should take note of, but I'm guessing you will have more luck by the phone. You know… notepads, messages, that sort of thing.

Just keep looking out the window, would you?

Listen… any babysitter worth her salt knows that the best place to look is in the garbage can. It's always revealing.

Moss. His name's Moss,
I said.

First name or last name?

I don't know.

Keep looking, Sherlock… What? What is it?

Looks like a phone number… local.

Maria picked up the phone and dialed the number.

What are you doing?

You want to find out who's on the other end of the line, don't you?

Topolsky. Hello?

Maria hung up the phone quickly, looking like she'd seen a ghost.

That was Ms. Topolsky… Ms. Topolsky, as in school Ms. Topolsky. Alright, either she's taking her job way too seriously, or she's not exactly a guidance counselor.

So now we knew. Topolsky was more than she was pretending to be. This was serious. There was no way of knowing what she might have found out about us or how much damage had already been done. But we had to stop her… soon. So we concocted a plan to out her.

Thanks for coming, Alex.

Hi, Liz. I've met you here at the CrashDown a thousand times, but it just doesn't feel the same. You know?

Yeah. I know. Alex. You've been my friend since Ms. Elmer's class in the fifth grade.

No, no, no. We actually met in fourth, but you didn't notice me till fifth.

Yes, and I've come to you with every problem I've ever had.

Until now.

No, even now. What happened at that hospital with Max, that was like the most important thing I ever had to do in my life. And I called you. Alex, this is the hardest thing I have ever asked anyone to do. Look, I need you… I need you to believe in me, even though I can't… I can't tell you what you want to know.

Because of Max.

No, forget Max, Alex. This is between us. Look, I told you before this was complicated. Well, maybe it's not. There is a right side, and there is a wrong side. And if you choose the wrong side right now, Alex, something really terrible is gonna happen… to all of us. I am begging you, Alex. If five years of friendship have meant anything to you, please trust me. I swear to you, I am on the right side.


Alex knocked on Topolsky's door and went into her office.

I've thought about what you said, and I'm not worried about me right now. It's Liz. Look. If… if I do this, if I give you what you want, what happens to her? I mean, what… what do your friends do?

She'll be questioned. They'll probably want to do some medical tests to make sure she wasn't harmed in any way.

But no… no police, right?


But if… if they're involved in drugs then… It is drugs, isn't it?

Just write down everything that happened at the hospital, and we'll take it from there.

At that moment, Liz knocked on Topolsky's door.

Is something wrong, Liz?

Can I see you for a second, Ms. Topolsky… privately? It's really important.

I'll be right back, Alex. You can go ahead and start that project we were talking about.

So, Liz, what's the emergency?

Look, I don't know what Alex has been telling you, but there is something you should know.

I'm listening.

It's just that, uh, Alex… he's sort of changed all of a sudden. I don't know. It's like… like he's paranoid or something. See, we've been friends forever, and this year I have made some new friends, and I just think that… that he's feeling a little hurt. Has he ever said anything to you about this at all?

Liz, you know I can't discuss my counseling sessions with other students. That wouldn't be right.

Yeah, I know. I understand that. It's just that I'm afraid that he might be saying some things to you that… that could really hurt somebody.

We both know Alex. I think we can trust that he'll do the right thing, don't you?

But you don't understand his state of mind right now.

Let's let Alex speak for himself, okay? Now I really should get back to him.

No, wait. Ms. Topolsky, wait! I mean… can't we just talk about this some more?

Topolsky turned and stared at Liz, and the look on her face told Liz that she had figured out what was going on. The charade was over. Liz was keeping her out of her office while Alex… while Alex what? Topolsky rushed back into her office. Alex was sitting at her desk with her laptop open in front of him. He slowly turned it around so that she and Liz could both see the screen… and the logo of the FBI and Department of Justice. Topolsky had been outed. For her, this assignment was over.


“You know, Michael, a thought occurred to me.”

“What's that?”

“When the sheriff calls me into his office this time and accuses me of being your accomplice… he'll be right.”

“He won't know about the motel.”

“Yeah, well, all the same, I am your accomplice now. I'm in over my head.”

“You can always get out.”

“Not on your life!”

I smiled. “If Valenti asks you anything, just act dumb.”

“What's that supposed to mean?”

Suddenly, red flashing lights were going off in my mind. I knew I was stepping onto thin ice, and I had to judge my next words very carefully…

“You know… pretend you don't know anything. If I can do it, you can do it.”


“Or better yet, just use some of that Maria gobbledygook on him. He won't know what hit him.”

“Maria Gobbledygook?”

“Yeah, you know, the way you talk when you get all excited… no one can figure out what you're saying.”

“Is that what you think, Michael… I'm an airhead?”

“I didn't say that. Actually, it's kind of brilliant… in its own way. I never knew anyone else who could do that before I met you. You're… unique.”

“Yeah? Well, I would say the same about you, but since there aren't that many aliens running around here, I guess that's kind of obvious. There aren't, are there?”


“A lot of other aliens running around out there.”

“Not that I know of. So you think I'm… unique?”

Maria didn't answer, she just planted a long kiss on my lips and then grinned. “I don't do that to every alien I meet.”

End of Episode 107


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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Codename: TABASCO
(The Awesome Background And Secret Chronicles Of Michael Guerin)

Episode 108

Burning For You (Heat Wave)

December 2nd, 1999. That was the date. Definitely! I remember it like it was yesterday. There was this weird December heat wave. Okay, I admit it. I do have some pretty good reasons to remember it… that was the day Maria and I started to get, uh, close.

Maria was cleaning up downstairs in the CrashDown, and I looked in through the window at her. She was kind of dancing around and sweating from the heat, and that got me feeling the heat, too, you know what I mean? Anyway, Maria opened the door for me and I came in. We started kissing and I guess maybe the windows got a little steamed up. I think Liz was studying upstairs or something. She got thirsty from the heat and came downstairs looking for something to drink, and she hears noises, so she peeks into the restaurant and sees Maria and me on the counter…

What's that, Zorel? I was helping your mama reach some boxes… of cereal… or something. I don't remember. Anyway, as I was saying…

What? Yeah, what else would I be doin' on the counter… with your mama!? Are you gonna listen to the story or sit there grinning and letting your imagination run away? They all know what I was doing… helping your mama reach… something. I don't remember what. Anyway, it was like 90 degrees outside… in the shade, and we were… trying to reach something… whatever… up on the counter.

The next day, at school, Maria and I got together again in the janitor's closet…

We were looking for chalk, Zorel! For Pete's sake, go swimming or something! Yes, on earth they do keep chalk in the janitor's closet… I think.

Where was I? Oh! There was this girl that Kyle had started dating, Vicky Delaney, and she invited Liz to this, uh… party… at the old soap factory. Kyle tried to tell Liz that she shouldn't go, but Liz said she wanted to. Then Liz told Maria about it and Maria told me about it. In the end, even Max was there… and Isabel… and Alex! And that was kind of a miracle itself, because Alex wasn't talking to Liz or Maria after giving his blood and all and then nobody would tell him what was going on. But as I was saying before… There was this weird heat wave, and it seemed like the whole town just got… hot… in more ways than one. Amy was even talking to Sheriff Valenti again. She showed up at school because Topolsky had wanted to talk to her, then Topolsky blew the town after she got outted and Amy was ticked off because she had taken time off to come in and then Topolsky wasn't there. But she found Valenti there and they talked a little and he made this joke about was she stayin' out of the slammer lately…

Oh, very amusing.

Then later, Valenti came into the CrashDown and found Amy there trying to sell Jeff Parker these alien head cocktail stirrers. And they started talkin' again…

Sheriff! Uh…

Hi! I stopped by your shop. They told me you were here.

Oh! Nothing's wrong?

No, nothing's wrong. It's just, uh… Amy, listen, about what happened. It's just, uh… I realize it was a long time ago, and I just want to make sure that you know that… I was just doing my job.

Oh, yeah. Well, I appreciate the sentiment, Sheriff, but it did scar me for life and all, so…

You were breaking the law. You were stopping honest, hard-working people from doing their jobs.

Those honest, hard-working people were destroying a 200-year-old piece of native American architecture… raping our town of its history.

Amy, the native Americans wanted that thing torn down more than anybody.

That's not the point.

Well, it is kind of the point.

There were more than twenty of us out there that day. I was eighteen, naïve, clueless. Why did you pick on me?

‘Cause you were cute.


You were wearing cowboy boots and a little skirt. Well, I had to arrest somebody, so…

Well, I don't know what to say. I'm outraged. I am now outraged. You are looking at an outraged woman. Sorry… it must be the heat.

I just, uh… I just wanted to apologize. It's good to see you again, Amy.

Yeah, I know, it wasn't me and Maria, but hey! We're talkin' the sheriff here… Valenti. You have to take everything in perspective. For him, that was ssssizzlin'. Ow! Watch it, Jim! That almost hit me!

There was one place in Roswell, though, where there was no heat wave. In fact, more of a cold front. Alex Whitman. Alex wasn't talking to Liz or Maria, as I said before…

Alex! Alex please wait. Will you just give me a chance?

What, Liz?

Let's just try and talk.

What do you want from me? More blood? A urine sample? How about my kidney?

Then Isabel decided to dream walk him, and she found out that he thought of her as, like, his dream girl or something, so she sweet talked him into goin' to the rave at the soap factory with her… to try to warm him up a little.

Meanwhile, Liz saw Maria in the girl's bathroom wearing a turtleneck sweater.

Maria, it's 105 degrees outside, and you're wearing a turtleneck! …What is going on here? You and Michael. Kyle and Vicky. Ms. Hardy and Mr. Krewlick.

And Max was on my case about being with Maria… But I wasn't backing down this time…

I hate to tell you this, Max, but when I have urges, you're not exactly the first person I think about.

Yeah, I realize that, but the point is, we can't let things spin out of control. I mean, sure, it starts as a kiss…

It's more than that.

How much more?

I don't know, Max. It feels so wrong, but it feels so good.

I set Max up… then Liz gave him the double whammy. Because he was feelin' hot for her, too, but he'd been trying to act cool and all. So Liz hit him with me and Maria…

Max, you know when you said before that we couldn't be together… that we were different? I just sort of accepted it, you know? Because I thought that it was, like, physically impossible… that it… that it couldn't be. But when I saw Maria with Michael… the truth is that… I was hurt, Max. Why is it okay for them, but it's not okay for us?

Yeah, see? Everybody thinks Max and Liz hit it off first, but it was me and Maria… well, except for him saving Liz's life after she got shot. But Maria and I got into the… uh, the heat wave… before they did. I know, Maria and I had our little differences at the time. She wanted us to talk and have this visible relationship, and I wanted… a more private relationship. But we both agreed on one thing… we had the passion… in the janitor's closet, the eraser room, empty class rooms…

Passion… that's a… a classic novel, Zorel. We, uh, we had to read it… together… for an assignment.

So, anyway, moving along here, the rave at the soap factory ended with the sheriff bustin' up the party and arresting some people for trespassing. These two jerks that were workin' the sound system handed Liz and Alex each a bottle of liquor when the sheriff showed up and said here, hold this. So Liz and Alex got busted holdin' a bottle of liquor in their hands before they knew what had happened. That got Alex pretty hot… not in the same way as the rest of us. In jail, he threatened to tell Valenti everything, and Liz knew he was dead serious this time…

…I'm done. I'm done protecting you… or her, or anyone else you're associated with. ‘Cause I'm telling Sheriff Valenti everything… verbatim… about replacing Max's blood at the hospital, discovering Topolsky was FBI… Everything!

No, look, look, Alex… look… listen to me. You had just… you should just know all of the facts before you do something like this.

Well, I thought you said it wasn't your secret to tell.

Alex, the reason that Isabel did whatever it is that she did is not that she's low, she's just… she's scared.



Scared of what?

She… she's scared of being different.

Oh, come on. Save it.

Alex… Max and Michael and Isabel, they're different from us. They're different from us in a way that, if the wrong people found out, they would be in a lot of trouble.

I know the whole drugs thing is a load of crap, Liz. I mean, why would the FBI be so interested in three kids into drugs?

No, Alex, listen to me. This doesn't have anything to do with drugs. Alex… Max, Michael, and Isabel… they aren't from around here.

Where are they from? …What? Like, Wyoming? …Oh… okay, fine. Canada. They're Canucks. So what… you're saying the FBI is all over them because they're like… illegal aliens?

Yeah, sort of. Listen, Alex… they're from somewhere else.

Liz, what are you talking about?

God, there isn't any way for me to say this, but to just… but to just say this, okay? Look, Alex… they think they were in the 1947 crash. Okay, they were like in these incubation pods for a really long time… like forty years, and they came out in, like, the form of humans… and now all of these people suspect them. That's why Topolsky's here… and that's why Valenti arrested us… and that's why we're here… because he knows that I'm involved. I'm really sorry, Alex, but… you're involved, too.

Liz, are you okay?

Alex… you don't even understand. The past few months have been like absolute torture lying to you. I will never, ever, lie to you again, I promise.

Fortunately, by the time Valenti came to get Alex to interrogate him, Liz had convinced him of her sincerity… if not that we were aliens…

Whitman! Sleep all right? What say we go down to my office?

No… Right here. I'm ready to talk.

Alright. I want to know what your involvement is with Liz, Max, Michael, and Isabel. And I want to know what happened with Ms. Topolsky.

I'm ready to talk about the fact that I'm a kid. I'm sixteen years old. I'm a sophomore in high school, so what could I possibly have to do with a teacher leaving? What does any of this have to do with you, anyway?

I'm just doing my job, son.

I was at a party! And my only wish was that, while I was there, I engaged in some sort of depraved activity, like drinking or sex, but I didn't. I didn't break any laws.

Everybody who was at that party was trespassing on private property, and both of you were minors in possession of alcohol.

This has nothing to do with that party, does it? Sheriff, I want out of here… right now. I demand it, or I'm going to get a lawyer and I'm going to sue for abusive treatment of a minor. I may be sixteen, but I know my rights.

Alex did it. He got them released. Valenti knew he wasn't going to get anything. He'd have to wait for me to tell him the whole story… if I ever did.

Alex, you were amazing.

Well, yeah… Yeah, I was, Liz.

Uh, so… um, how do you feel? You know, about what I said?

Well, part of me, uh… part of me feels like you've gone insane, and the other part of me feels like I want some of the massive doses of hallucinogens you've obviously been taking. But I don't believe in aliens.

Neither did I… You don't believe me, do you?

I believe that you believe. Leave it at that.


Get home safe.

You, too.

See you at school.

And you know what? I was a good influence on Max! Because he went over to see Liz, and they finally got it on… the passion bit… even though the heat wave was over. Well, not the whole heat wave. Just the weather one. All those little fires that got ignited just kept growing… Maria and me… Max and Liz… Isabel and Alex… Kyle… um, well, not all of us maybe. Vicky Delaney didn't last. But chalk one up for the aliens… and especially for the Avenger and his girl. We were the first!

End of Episode 108


Huh? Yeah, Zorel, I think Max and Liz did finally read the whole book.

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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Codename: TABASCO
(The Awesome Background And Secret Chronicles Of Michael Guerin)

Episode 109

Wild Fires (The Balance)

Alright, here's the thing, see. Max and Liz, back then, they had this kind of love that was like a… a gas grill, you might say, with a flame control knob and everything. They were trying to keep it on low simmer and pretend like they could keep it that way. Once they experimented with the heat levels, though, they kind of turned it up on high and left it there. But the point is, in the beginning, they were trying to control their feelings for each other all the time. Me and Maria… we were like a wild fire. We didn't have any control. Uh… knob… knob, I mean… You know what I mean. We just burned bright and hard. But you see, what happens with wild fires is then someone comes along and dumps a lot of cold water on them. That's kind of what happened to us. The sad thing is… looking back now with 20/20 hindsight and all that, you know, I guess I'm the one that threw the water on it. But I wasn't trying to put it out… or even tone it down. I was just trying to keep it under wraps… not out in public. Problem is, wild fires don't stay under wraps very well. And that was okay with Maria, ‘cause, see, that's the way she wanted it… out in public for everyone to see. But I was still hung up with this ‘hide the aliens' mentality. So we had what you call this failure to see eye to… irreconcilable… well, whatever. Anyway, we weren't getting along really great all of a sudden. I already knew it. I was the one that told Maria that we would be better off apart. But I didn't mean it. I don't know what I meant. I was just stubborn, I guess…

Oh, yeah! Now you agree, huh, Maria!

Yeah, well, okay, I admit it. I had a little… tiny… microscopic… trace of a stubborn streak back then. Not now, of course. But Maria, she could be pretty stubborn back then, too. We had both said some things that we didn't really mean. Anyway, I knew for sure that the train had derailed when Max and I went over to the CrashDown, and Maria was there…

Well, if it isn't Prince Charming and Quasimodo.

Maria seemed aloof as Liz got a drink for Max… Max likes cherry cola. What does Michael like?

Cherry cola with arsenic?

I guess Max kind of figured out that there was a chill in the wind. Maybe Maria's little alien doll with all the pins stuck in it was a clue. I had to tell Max that we kind of broke up… me and Maria.

What? Why didn't you tell me?

Look, I don't… I'm not sure if we did or didn't. I mean, it's confusing.

Liz brought Max his drink… Cherry cola… on the house.

And Maria brought me mine… Yours is $1.25.

I nodded. Guess it's not really confusing anymore, is it?

Yep! Wild fires! They burn really hot until they get a good dousing. I got up and started to leave and accidentally spilled my drink; then, in all the commotion, our books got knocked onto the floor and I saw this paper with hieroglyphic symbols on it in Max's notebook… the same symbols I had seen before in my mind.

What's this?

Put that away!

Later, at Max's house, we talked about the hieroglyphs, and Max said that they were from River Dog's cave… that he had drawn them from memory. I knew then that I had to see them. So I went to the Mesaliko Reservation… behind Max's back.

I'm looking for somebody named River Dog… RIVER DOG.

She's not deaf… She's just not answering you. My name's Eddie. Who are you?

Well, Eddie, I'm somebody looking for River Dog.

He's busy… in the tent. It's a sacred ritual. You can't go in unless somebody invites you.

So invite me.

It's a sweat. It's a spiritual cleansing. It's intense.

If that's where he is, then that's where I want to go.

Eddie led me into the tent, and I saw this old man chanting.

Is that River Dog?

Don't worry, he knows you're here. No talking right now. Just follow the chant.

We both drank water from a bowl that was passed around. Then River Dog threw something into the fire that made it crackle and spark like it was alive or something. That was pretty much it. Trouble is, after wasting all that time at the “sweat,” I still hadn't got to talk to River Dog about what I had come to see him for, and I knew I had to get back to the CrashDown or Max was going to figure out where I was. I didn't want to have to deal with that right now.

Back in town, meanwhile, Alex was becoming a believer in aliens, thanks to Isabel.

Okay, then let's just say it were possible, alright? Why on earth would… excuse the phrase… Why would you be sent here to begin with? I mean, what purpose could you possibly have?

To wipe out the world, one annoying teenager at a time.


I don't know. When we came out of these pods, we looked just like normal kids. We've never been anything else but what you see. No green skin, no antennas. We have emotions, we feel pain, and we probably have more questions about ourselves than you do. I mean, haven't you ever felt different from everybody else? Like if you tried to reveal your true self to someone, they just would never understand.


Well, that's what it's like to be us. We're just as human as you are, Alex… only we can manipulate the molecular structure of things.


Isabel illustrated by turning Alex's catsup into mustard.

I think that's about when I started to feel ill. It was a feeling I had never felt before, because, see, we didn't get sick… ever. But my temperature just started going up really high and I started to sweat all over. Maria was the first one to notice. She had been ignoring me, but when I started looking ill, she noticed immediately. She put her hand on mine, and then she freaked…

“Omigod! Omigod! Michael's burning up!”

Isabel rushed over and put her hand on my forehead. Her look told Maria more than words could have. Quickly, Maria fumbled for her purse then pulled out the little alien doll and began hurriedly removing the pins from it. I have to tell you, it took a while to get them all out… and that girl has a real imagination!

“I'm sorry, Michael! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it!”

Isabel looked puzzled. “Maria, what are you doing?”

“Taking the curse off. I didn't think it would really work.”

“That's not doing it, Maria!”

“How do you know?”

“Because it's just a stupid doll!”

Isabel took the doll and threw it across the room, and Maria ran out of the CrashDown. When she came back, she had Max and Liz with her. They had gone out for a bite to eat together… kind of a big date. Anyway, Max found me on the floor, with Isabel holding my head in her lap.

Something's wrong, Max. He's really sick.

They gave me some water, and I started to feel better, so of course I insisted that I was okay and said I just wanted to go home. Max offered to drive me.

We're leaving now, Alex. You need a ride? Isabel asked, turning to Alex.

Alex shook his head. What I really need is a sedative.

After we were gone and things seemed to have settled down again, Maria prodded Liz about her big “date” with Max.

I don't think that we should talk about it, Maria.

Are you kidding? We have to talk about it! We're the only two people in this world capable of having this conversation!

That we know of.

Don't complicate things, okay? Who wants to go first? Fine, I'll start, I'll start. It was… explosive.

Yeah. Uh, that's a really good word.



Maria thought a moment. It was like every cell in my body felt the same cell in his and started heating up,

Liz nodded. And I got really dizzy. Did you get dizzy?

I get dizzy just thinking about it.

Ok, you know, like, all of that time that I spent with Kyle… I didn't have any of those feelings that I did when I was with Max. What about you?

Doug Sohn in the eighth grade?


Amateur. Michael is the real thing.

Okay, now, here is the big question. Do you think that we feel like this just because of the fact that they're like…

Oh, their non-human status?


What if they've like ruined it for us with anyone else?


Leave it to Michael to just wreak havoc on the rest of my life, even though he wants no part of it.

I wasn't there at the time to hear their conversation. I only got the details later… a LOT later! But see, the thing about wild fires is that even if you douse them good, they can still pop back up, because they just keep smoldering beneath the surface. It's hard to really stamp them out. Maria still cared about me!

What Liz and Maria couldn't have known at the time was that it wasn't over… the fever, I mean. Well, Maria and me either. Max and I were in the UFO Center when it hit me again… and this time it hit me like a ton of bricks. I started calling for Max…

I'm here, Michael… I'm here.

I looked at Max, and my eyes were cloudy white. As soon as Max saw them, he told me to keep them closed. He didn't want to draw any more attention than we already had. Someone yelled to call an ambulance, but Max said that I got really bad migraines and that he would take care of me. Then he took me to the CrashDown and sneaked in through the back door. Maria saw Max come in and immediately asked about me…

Michael. Is he okay?

Does he look okay to you?
Isabel asked.

What's wrong with him?

How should I know? Nothing like this has ever happened before.

They took me upstairs and stuck a thermometer in my mouth, but it only went up to 112.

We're gonna need some ice and towels. We need to cool him down, Maria said.

That's when I started to chant or something.

What's he saying? Isabel asked.

Max shook his head. I don't… I don't know. It's some kind of chant. Michael, can you hear me? What are you saying? What are you trying to tell us? Michael, it's me… Max. Please let me help you.

I stared at Max with white eyes and just whispered, River Dog.

On the Mesaliko Indian reservation, Liz and Max weren't finding Eddie to be very helpful this time.

You're not welcome here anymore.

We just want to find out what happened.

You told someone what you found here! River Dog is really angry!

It is really important that we talk to him about what he did to Michael.

He tested him. Your friend didn't pass.

What do you mean?

That's all I know.

That's not enough. I want to know exactly what River Dog did to him.

He wants nothing to do with you. You betrayed his trust, and that's something he won't forgive.

I don't want forgiveness. I want answers before my friend dies,
Max said insistently.

Michael's really sick, Eddie, Liz added, And we don't know what to do. We need River Dog.

I'm sorry, but he's gone.

I'm waiting here until he comes back,
Max said flatly.

Back in town, Maria brought Isabel a plate of food and a bottle of Tabasco sauce, as they watched over me…

I care about him, too, you know.

I know you do, Maria. But Max and Michael are all I have… and if I lose them…

At that moment, I started to convulse and began chanting softly. At the same time, on the reservation, Liz and Max heard chanting nearby and went to check it out.

Max! That's what Michael's been saying over and over.

It's coming from that tent.

They peeked into the tent and saw Indians passing a bowl around.

What are they doing, Max?

I'm not sure. But maybe what's happening to Michael isn't natural at all.

That's when River Dog suddenly appeared. He told them to bring me to him right away… that there wasn't much time. When Max and Liz got back to the CrashDown, I was covered with this weird webbing. They rushed me to River Dog, and Maria, Isabel, and Alex went along.

Man who lived in this cave when I was a boy was not like us. Some of the elders believed he was an evil spirit, so they decided to test him. He was invited into the sweat, just like I invited your friend. His reaction was quick and severe. Within a minute, his eyes were white, and he developed a fever.

Just like Michael.

Only it took the symptoms longer to show up in your friend. That's why I dismissed him at first. But when you told me he was sick, I knew he was another visitor.

That's an interesting way to put it,
Maria said.

River Dog nodded slightly. That's what he called himself. In my language, the word is “nasedo.” So that's what I called him.

And you knew Nasedo well?
Isabel asked.

I saved his life. After the sweat, he ran out into the desert. And we were told not to follow him. But I was a boy, and I didn't listen. I found him in this cave… dying. He had to trust me with his secret so that I could heal him.

And now you'll do the same thing to heal Michael?

I'll try, but I'll need the help of all of you.

Alex looked up, surprised… Even me?

Healing requires energy. The more we have, the faster we heal. Now everyone take your place in the circle. There's a line for each of you leading to the center. Nasedo gave me these stones. They're from his place, and they carry an energy inside them.

You mean, these are from…
Max asked.

Wherever you are from. He said that his body carried the same energy that's in these stones. He called it the balance. He said that the heat from the sweat disrupted it in some way.


He told me to hold the stones until my energy activated them. And the balance would be restored.

And if you didn't?

He would die…

As they followed River Dog's lead and began to chant, the energy in the stones began to have its effect on me. First, I woke up in this other place again, and this time they were all there with me… and Maria kissed me. Then I went back to the past and saw Max and Isabel right after we left the pods. I watched them leave me because I couldn't bring myself to trust anyone enough to go with them. Did you know that it was three years after that before we saw each other again? Max and Isabel trusted each other right away. She held his hand, and they walked together. But I stayed there. After that, I saw something that I've never revealed to anyone… ever… until now. I went from the past to the future, and I found myself on this strange planet. It was Antar, but I didn't even know its name. And there was Maria again… on Antar. I didn't know what it meant, but she smiled and kissed me. Then she held out her hand… and I took it.

I guess you've figured out that I didn't die, so you know River Dog pulled it off… with a bit of help from everyone there… Well, except Liz. He made her abstain because he sensed her deep concern for Max, and he knew that that wouldn't work or something. I woke up and pulled the webbing off of me. It was really gross! The webbing, I mean. I liked the kiss! And now I knew what to do with the rocks. I inserted them into various places in the cave wall, and after I had inserted all five rocks, all the rocks started to glow brighter and brighter, revealing a constellation of where we came from. It was a map… a map home… and maybe, just maybe… to something more. If I was willing to hold onto Maria's hand and never let go.

End of Episode 109


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Codename: TABASCO (M/M, ALL, TEEN) Ep 112 - 01/01/2007

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Codename: TABASCO
(The Awesome Background And Secret Chronicles Of Michael Guerin)

Episode 110

Feeling The Heat (Toy House)

After my experience with the balance, I knew, somewhere deep down inside, that Maria and I were meant to be together. I had seen it… and felt it. But that didn't make things instantly change. First off, Maria was acting very cool toward me, and I found out it was because I hugged Max and Isabel after coming out of the trance or whatever it was and didn't hug her. She felt shunned… She said I acted like it was all an “alien” thing, just between the three of us. Actually, it kind of was an alien thing. Max and Isabel and I share a similar biology, so it was something that kind of affected the three of us… or could have. But I understood Maria's feelings. I never intended to shun her. So I decided to try to make it up to her…

Maria had this woodshop project to do for school, and she was trying to make a napkin holder… only I thought it was a shoe tree. Maria's good at a lot of things that I can think of, but none of them involve wood… uh… real… uh, you know, the stuff you get from trees… What? I am not blushing, Maria! I don't blush! It's the angle of the sun. Maybe I'm getting a little burned. I'll turn the other way. No, it was not my imagination, I saw the way you smiled. Yes, you did! It wasn't just a smile, it was one of “those” smiles. That's why I… Never mind. Let's move on. Does anyone else think it's getting a little warm out here?

Where was I? Oh yeah, the wood-working project…

I was trying to compliment Maria for making this great shoe tree, only it was supposed to be a napkin holder, so I tried to help her with it, but it kind of got broken. I really wanted to do this for her, so I built her another one myself and put it in her locker… with a note that said “Handmade by Michael – Thanks.” It was beautiful… It was spring loaded… It redefined the term ‘napkin holder.' It would have got her an A on the project. But you know what she did? She turned in her original one and got an F. I was floored. But what floored me even more was why she did it…

…I, um, I… I didn't use yours. I kept it. Thank you.

She took an F so she could keep the one I made for her. That just totally blew me away. I couldn't believe she did that.

I got something to say to you… If anything like that happens to me again, like when I got sick, don't help me. I can't get indebted to anyone, and I can't get entangled. I got to be a stone wall. And when I'm around you… sometimes I don't feel like a stone wall anymore.

Well, what do you feel like?

I don't know. Like confused.

It left me not knowing what to say, which isn't normal for me. But the thing is, see, then I knew that Maria still liked me. That was pretty cool… especially since I was feeling kind of down after the balance thing. I had become accustomed to thinking of myself as this powerful avenger-type guy, and then the balance knocked me right off my feet. I needed to get my confidence back. Realizing that Maria still liked me was what it took!

Around the same time as this was happening to me, Max had a problem pop up that had the potential to affect us all as much as my experience with the balance did. He was talking to his mom in the kitchen when she spilled some oil. It touched the burner and went up in flames, along with the oil in the skillet. Max yelled, and his mom dropped to the floor, then Max used his powers to put the fire out. He told her that he had poured a pot of water on it, and she believed it.

You saved my life, Max.

Mom, I… I just…

Poured water on it… You told me.


She believed it… but Valenti didn't. See, the fire set off the alarm, and the fire department came. That gave Sheriff Valenti an excuse to drop in, too, and do some snooping on Max. Of course, Valenti said he was just making sure everyone was okay. But he was always snooping on Max. When I told him that stuff about me before, I intentionally left Max and Isabel out of the conversation. But he suspected them, too… and he wanted to know everything there was to know… about all three of us. At least there was one bright spot, though. He wasn't leaning on us and threatening to arrest us all the time anymore like he used to do before I made my deal with him. But he still used every excuse he could to try to get more information… on the sly. So it was no surprise, really, that he showed up.

Heard you had an incident here. Just want to make sure everything's okay.

Oh, we're fine… really. Just a little grease fire, but thank God my son put it out… He just came right in, pulled me out of the way, poured this pot of water on it, and suddenly everything was okay. It was miraculous, really.


The sheriff thanked Mrs. Evans and left, but he came back later with a brochure on household emergencies. He had highlighted the section on grease fires to make sure she read it. In the brochure, it said that water won't put out a grease fire, it only spreads it. He also told her that Max was involved in some way in the shooting that went down in the CrashDown, and that according to some witnesses, Liz actually got shot and Max healed her. That made Max's mom start wondering about a lot of things, and when she was alone, she pulled out some old videos. One of them showed Max picking up a bird that appeared to have a broken wing and then releasing it. When he did, it flew away. She had always wondered about that but had written it off as coincidence or something, but now Valenti had placed a real seed of doubt in her mind, and she was starting to question everything. And that was driving a wedge between her and Max. She even quizzed Isabel about him…

Have you ever noticed anything about your brother? Anything… unusual?

Like what?

Well… I don't know. Anything that… maybe you were unable to explain.

Mom, what's this about?

Oh, forget it. Never mind. I guess I'm… I'm just a bit shaken still from the fire.

But that wasn't true. She had more questions for Max…

Mom, why are you doing this to me?

I'm not doing anything to you.

…You're supposed to be my mother. You're not supposed to investigate us.

I remember meeting with Isabel and Max in the quarry to talk about what was happening, and I was upset that Max had healed a bird and given himself away like that. I think I may have accused him of trying to be Doctor Doolittle. But he pointed out that he was only six years old at the time and didn't even know he had powers. He just did it somehow.

Isabel had always hated keeping secrets from her mom, and she wanted to just come out and tell her everything about us. That's when I decided I had to intervene… well, not me maybe… the Avenger. Somebody had to do it. But first, I had another situation to fix…


Outside Maria's house, I waited just out of view until her mom left. She had a box under her arms… probably more blow up alien balloons for the gas station to sell to tourists or something. As soon as the Jetta was out of sight, I tossed a small pebble at Maria's window, and a moment later, she opened the window and looked out…


“Hey! I thought I'd come over and, uh… you know… uh… maybe… apologize… I guess… or something.”

Maria smiled, then she stuck her head out the window and looked toward the road. Her mom's Jetta was gone.

“Alright… but you can't stay too long. Mom will be back in an hour.”

I climbed through Maria's window and sat down on the chair in front of her computer desk, and Maria looked at me questioningly…


“Huh? Oh! Yeah, uh, look… uh, what I wanted to say, Maria, is that… maybe, you know… maybe I… I should have shown you that I appreciated you more than I did… and, uh… well… I was wrong to… to say what I said about not wanting your help ever again. Even an ali… uh, a person like… me… can't always be a stone wall. What I'm saying is I don't want to be a stone wall when I'm with you, Maria. A stone wall can't feel the things I feel when I'm with you… And there's one more thing…”

“What's that?”

“Something I owe you… that I was supposed to give you and kind of… forgot.”

Maria looked puzzled. I got up and walked over to her and put my arms around her. Then I hugged her. I heard her breathe in deeply then let it all out as her arms encircled me and her lips met mine. And I knew I had done the right thing… because I felt good all over.

About five minutes later… maybe it was ten or twenty… I kind of lost track of time while we were kissing… we looked at each other again, and Maria smiled. I smiled back, and she took her arms back from around me and turned around to get something…

“You made that great napkin holder for me, Michael… I wanted to make something for you. Here.”

“What is it?”

“Open the bag and find out.”

I opened the bag and removed something that looked like pajamas… Maria's pajamas. But they had been… well, I don't know how to describe it. She had dyed them electric blue and had sewn a gold-colored zigzag lightning stripe down the side of each leg. She had dyed the top fire-red and had sewn something on the back that looked like a… I can't even say it… Yeah, that's it… what Maria just said… a cape. A blue cape! On the front of the pajama top, she had sewn a gold letter “A,” for “Avenger.” To say I was in shock might have been an understatement…

“Uh, uh! No! I am not wearing this! No way, no how! Not happening!”

Maria started to look hurt again, and I suddenly saw everything about to crash right into the basement, so I swallowed hard and looked at it again…

“It's… it's nice… But I wouldn't need to wear it all the time, you know. Even Superman looks like Clark Kent most of the time. He wouldn't go to school in… uniform.”

“Well, of course not! I don't expect you to wear it to school and everywhere, Michael! I just thought if you had, you know, any more Avenger-type problems to solve… maybe…”

Well, I knew of one problem I had to solve… how to keep from having to wear this and not lose Maria forever, but I couldn't say that…

“Maybe… maybe I could wear it once… and we'll see what happens. I've got someone I have to talk to right now, and it's sort of an Avenger matter.”

Maria's eyes lit up, and I knew I was in real trouble.


I would have walked in the front door like any normal person, but wearing Maria's pajamas I wasn't exactly feeling “normal.” The last thing I wanted was to have to explain this to Hansen and a bunch of curious deputies. Valenti was drinking a cup of coffee when I climbed in through his window, which was unfortunate, because it took him ten minutes to get all the grounds out of his nose… after he sprayed the rest of it all over his office.

“I have really got to get… a new filter… for that pot! God, that coffee is strong!” he said, blowing his nose again and mopping some more grounds up as they came out. “Michael… what the hell is that?!”

“Don't start! It was kind of a gift, and you'd better just say you like it. I could blast you through that wall, you know.”

Valenti snickered and lifted my arm up, sniffing the material.

“What are you doing?”

“Looking for traces… of cedar oil… or cypress oil.”

“Leave her out of this.”

“Oh, I'm not going to arrest her, Michael… though that outfit might be some kind of crime… if I can find out what statute it breaks.”

“Very funny! Remind me to laugh… when you're hanging from the arm of a light pole.”

“You wouldn't do that.”

“Don't be so sure.”

Valenti grinned. “At least they're not tights… more like… a nifty harem outfit. What's the “A” for?”


Valenti nodded, picking up the rag again and wiping off a few more coffee grounds, which continued to work their way out of his nose.

“This coffee could be declared a deadly weapon… when inhaled. I really need to get Hansen to buy us a new pot.”

“You could clean this one out.”

“What for? Heat kills germs. Hell, this coffee kills germs!”

“Maybe it would taste better when it comes out your nose, though.”

“Good point. So, Michael… why are you here? Did you hope to kill me with my own coffee?”

“No, that was just a lucky bonus.”

“Plotting to kill the sheriff. I could lock you up for life.”

“You could… after they got you down off the lamp post.”

“You know, Michael… I understand you. I do. That's what you don't know about me. And it's a good thing I do, because anyone else wouldn't be so easy to deal with.”

“I'm just lucky.”

“Yeah, you are. You joke about it, but you really are.”

“How do you figure?”

“Well, you and I, we have a similar past…”

“Which planet did you come from?”

“I don't mean like that. I mean… we both grew up challenged… challenged to become something that… we didn't become easily… and to do it without a great amount of help. And because of that, we grew up a little rough around the edges. We understand each other. Well, I understand you anyway.”

“I understand you, Sheriff. That's why you're the only person… almost… who knows what you do about me. I know that you're driven to find out everything you can, but I also know that you, more than almost anyone in Roswell, will keep those secrets… because if you betrayed us… betrayed me… you would be betraying yourself now. That's why I told you what I told you. It's why I made the agreement with you.”

“Maybe you do know me better than I thought, Michael. I'm not sure how I feel about that… especially with you standing there in harem jammies.”

“Well, I'm starting to like them.”


“Yeah. They annoy you. They're also comfortable, in a weird sort of way.”

“They… distract me. They don't annoy me. Getting back to my question, Michael, why are you here… and dressed like that?”

“I came to ask you to lay off of Max, Sheriff.”

“Why? Is he one of you?”

“Yeah. One of my friends… one of my BEST friends. And I don't like what's happening to him. You're driving a wedge between him and his mom. Max is talking about leaving town because his mom is suspicious of him and asking a lot of questions that he can't answer. And you know why, Sheriff? Because he doesn't have the answers. He was abandoned when he was little… him and Isabel both. But they grew up and became something in spite of their early life. Can you see why I feel a kinship with them? Like me, they don't know who their real parents were… only mine are on some other planet. It takes a lot to overcome some kinds of scars, Sheriff. And in Max's case, you're adding to them by making his mom suspicious of him.”

“Listen, Michael… it's not my intention to drive a wedge between Mrs. Evans and her son. It's just… good police work. Divide and conquer… It's… well, it's… yeah, I guess I see what you're saying. I didn't think about it like that. What can I do?”

“Don't put any more ideas in his mom's head.”

Valenti nodded pensively. “I'll, uh, I'll try to take your advice, Michael. I will.”

“Thank you, Sheriff. And regarding your other question…”

“What was my other question? I forgot now.”

“Why I came dressed like this.”

“Oh, yes! Now I remember! Well…?”

“I thought you might need some help on one of your cases… so I came dressed for the job.”

Valenti smiled. “I could use some help… but God help me if anyone associated you with me… dressed like that. Could you put something else on?”

“You won't tell… anyone… on me?”

“No. Maria will never know.”

That's when I had this pang like I'd never had before. It was something I had said to the sheriff earlier… about why he couldn't betray me now because he would be betraying himself, too. And there was something else… I took a deep breath and looked at the ceiling for a moment…

“I'm sorry, Sheriff. There's someone who means more to me than my self-respect… apparently. I have to wear this. But, hey, it's not so bad. It's comfortable… and it's not tights, right? Besides, someone took an “F” on a project because something that I gave her meant more to her than a grade. She means that much to me. The PJ's stay.

Valenti shook his head and grinned. “Michael, if I ever have another son… I would be proud if he were a lot like you. Come on… I'll show you some cases I'm working on. Lock the door. We wouldn't want Hansen walking in on us. He might get the wrong idea.”

End of Episode 110


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