"Octopus Garden" PG-13 L/Mi

The best couples in t.v. land are all here in original fiction about Max, Liz, Michael, Maria and the rest of the Roswell gang!
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"Octopus Garden" PG-13 L/Mi

Post by brendonsbabe(d) » 02/24/03 10:58

Â"Octopus GardenÂ"

Title: Octopus Garden
Author: Emma
E-mail: aerochick2003@hotmail.com
Category: L/Mi
Rating: Pg-13 for alcohol use
Feedback: I live for feedback!
Disclaimer: I own nothing
A Short Summary: Short little polar fic
AuthorÂ's Note: Lyrics are from Â"Octopus Garden by the BeatlesÂ"

IÂ'd like to be under the sea in an octopusÂ's garden in the shade,
HeÂ'd let us in, knows where weÂ've been, in his octopusÂ's garden in the shade.

Â"HeheheÂ" Liz giggled. Â"An Octopus has a garden.Â"

Â"ThatÂ's like not possible!Â" Michael looked puzzled. Â"ItÂ's underwater!Â"

Liz took another sip of her wine cooler and turned up the old record player.

IÂ'd ask my friends to come and see an octopusÂ's garden with me.
IÂ'd like to be under the sea in an octopusÂ's garden in the shade.

Suddenly Max came running into her room, not even noticing Michael sitting on her floor.

Â"Liz! Why werenÂ't you at the meeting at the Crashdown?Â"

Â"Oh sheesh Max! Maybe I didnÂ't want to go.Â" Liz replied in an exasperated tone.

Â"Oh, sush! This is the best part!Â" Michael called out from the floor.

Â"Michael?!?!?! What the Hell are you doing here?Â"


We would be warm below the storm in our little hide-a-way beneath the waves.
Resting our head on the seabed in an octopusÂ's garden near a cave.

Â"Liz, whatÂ's going on?Â"

Liz lifted up her bottle.

Â"Absolutely nothing that concerns you Max.Â"

Â"Liz, what the Hell are you doing?Â"

We would sing and dance around because we know we canÂ't be found.
IÂ'd like to be under the sea in an octopusÂ's garden in the shade.

Â"Just leave Max.Â"

Â"No, I will notÂ…Â…Â…Â…Â"

MaxÂ's refusal to leave was cut shot when Michael conked him on the head with LizÂ's Biology book.

Liz started to giggle hysterically again.

Â"Quick, Michael, pull him out onto the balcony!Â" Liz whispered.

Michael did as she asked, and then shut her window.

We would shout and swim about the coral that lies beneath the waves.
Oh what joy for every girl and boy knowing theyÂ're happy and theyÂ're safe.

Michael gathered Liz in his arms and sat back against the bed again.

Â"Hey.Â" He whispered.

Â"What?Â" Liz whispered back.


Michael claimed her lips with his own. Shocked at first, Liz froze, but began to kiss him back. Then ended the kiss and stared at each other

Â"WowÂ" Liz murmured.

Â"Yeah.Â" Michael breathed.

Â"Hey Michael.Â" Liz whispered.

Â"What?Â" He whispered back.


We would be so happy, you and me, no one there to tell us what to do,
IÂ'd like to be under the sea in an octopusÂ's garden with you.


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"Octopus Garden" PG-13 L/Mi

Post by destinyros2005 » 02/24/03 19:54

Not one to normally read polar fics, but this was adorable. Michael conks Max on the head with the book!

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"Octopus Garden" PG-13 L/Mi

Post by JOSHSTALKER » 03/20/04 18:42

I just started reading polar fics and I think this one was short and sweet. Good work.

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"Octopus Garden" PG-13 L/Mi

Post by BrendansBabe » 03/20/04 19:34

Thanks very much.

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