Unraveling the Secrets and Lies. Teen. CC 1/?

The best couples in t.v. land are all here in original fiction about Max, Liz, Michael, Maria and the rest of the Roswell gang!
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Unraveling the Secrets and Lies. Teen. CC 1/?

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Title: Unraveling the Secrets and Lies

Author: Roselle aka Ti aka Ti88

Email: roswellgoddess2001@yahoo.com

Rating: TEEN - watch the show you can read this

Spoilers: End of the World through Departure.

Summary: Well those rumors that got around bugged me. I felt alot of the shows downfall happened with EOTW. This is me trying to correct it...well if you must know this is actually me trying to correct more problems than that. EOTW was the start of them. Basically, I believe there would have been more investiagation into the rumors and that investiagtion would have opened up a whole can of worms. It gets rocky between the podsters in some parts, but I promise in the end it will all work out.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Roswell belongs to WB?at least it did when I started this?now its UPN and the writers, producers and all those people. I get no money from this, just a warm fuzzy feeling and a clear head from getting the stuff that?s floating around out of there.

Author's note: Many of you have been with this since the beginning. Be patient as I repost it all here. There are 20 parts to post. For those just joining, I hope you enjoy. The end is in sight.

Author's note 2: The title was given by an awesome Stargazer writer friend. Cheri. (I couldn't figure out a title. Heck as I rewrote the summary, I think I finally understand it.)

Thanks : To everyone who has feedbacked. To everyone who has read. To everyone who has wandered when a new part is going to come up. Thank you. And Tracie thanks for not kicking it to Dead and Buried.

Part 1: Gimmie me a break already

Tess walked through the halls of West Roswell High thinking about the strange turn of events that constituted her life and laughed. One minute she was throwing herself at Max because of what she knew, and the next Kyle gets shot, their mother appears confirming ?Destiny? and she became the hated one. Then to shake things up a little more, Nacesdo as Pierce dies, leaving her to move in with the man and his son Kyle, who now turned friend and protector, was not too long ago trying to expose them. She found herself smiling at the thought or mention of ?Buddha Boy? as she liked to refer to him.

Michael and Isabel gave up on ?Destiny? and went back to their humans. Max had gottenLiz back. Everything had seemed fine - in fact her and Kyle had even begun flirting, and then Liz had dropped by to help her get back Max. It didn?t really work at first - then Max came to her. But he wouldn?t say what happened. And it wasn?t like her and him were together or anything, it was just weird. He wasn?t with Liz anymore, but Tess wasn?t sure if she wanted him. There was the whole?

Before Tess could finish her thought and get her locker closed she began to realize people were snickering all around her. She looked up and down the hall and they were all doing it. Oh she could tell they were trying to be inconspicuous about it, but they were doing it all the same.

?What is going on? She asked. She didn?t really expect an answer. But one would have been nice. ?Did I drop something? Do I have something on me? She started to look back the way she had came, then she started checking her clothes and shoes - nope no toilet paper stuck to her. Oh good, she did step over that?well whatever it was in the girls? room - women could be so gross sometimes. Tess gave herself one final check and not seeing anything wrong started to get pissed off. ?Someone tell me something or so help me? She was interrupted by a sarcastic reply.

?So help me what?you gonna fry them all with your evil alien eyes? Tess groaned. That reply could have been Kyle -why couldn?t it be from Kyle, he would have gotten then to stop. But no, she knew that tone and voice anywhere - and it was all Michael. She turned to look at him and sure enough it was Michael, trademark smirk and all.

?Michael!? Tess practically screamed. Maybe he could shed some light?well a girl can always hope. ?What is going on? I feel like everyone is laughing at me, like they know some great secret I don?t?but involves me none the less.?

The whole time Michael just studied Tess trying to figure out if this really was such a great idea. He knew she had feelings for Valenti and if he didn?t know any better, he?d say Valenti had feelings for her too. What a laugh, both his women had been with Max Evans. But if rumors were true than Valenti had gotten at least one of his women back - but he didn?t believe that for a moment. Liz would never hurt Max like that and with Valenti of all people unless shehad a good reason and revenge wasn?t it. Besides they had gotten past that and Liz wasn?t shallow like that. And while Kyle Valenti was not on the top his favorite people list - he knew that if Valenti did sleep with Liz then he wouldn?t have blabbed it around the whole school and? Get a grip Guerin, all that time you spend with the blond hurricane is starting to rub off on you. He had started rambling in his head. Maria was so going to pay for this.

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