Girls Night In, M/M=C/c, child, done

The best couples in t.v. land are all here in original fiction about Max, Liz, Michael, Maria and the rest of the Roswell gang!
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Girls Night In, M/M=C/c, child, done

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Title:Girls Night In
Characters: M/M, Others
Disclaimor: I only own Angela Valenti and Broc Damon, and my story!

Summary: Maria is throwin a gurlz nights, and her brother and there other friends but¡¦s in! Everyone is secretly in love.

Author Note: Please let me know what u think. This is my first story I ever posted online.

My name is Maria rose, I am 18 years old, and I live in New Mexico, and I am a senior in high school. Some of my best friends are Isabelle and Max Evens, ¡§ They are both 18 also and are twins", Tessa and Michael Guerin, "Michael is 18 and Tessa is going to turn 17 soon" , and Kyle Valenti, "Which happens to be my step brother. We are the same age." Our parents had another child, which her name is Angela Rose Valenti, she is 15 years old. There¡¦s also Broc Damon who, my sister Angela has a huge crush on, and he is 16 and his brother Alex, who is also 18. Alex is my best best friend, who is also like another brother to me!

Anyway let me explain some more. My father abandoned me when I was born, and Kyle¡¦s mother abandoned him when he was born also. It turns out that they left to be together and had another family of there on. We never saw them again, which makes us both happy, we don't want anything at all to do with them anyways. Kyle¡¦s father "Jim Valenti", and my mother "Amy Deluca Valenti", they used to be in love, so they got over there spouses quickly, because they didn't even love them, and then they went to Vegas and took us along with them and got married at a chapel. I was their flower girl and Kyle was there ring boy. An Elvis wannabe walked my mother down the aisle, which she thought was totally cool because she used to be a hippy and he was her ideal! So they got married and had Angela a couple years later.

We all go to "West Roswell high school" now! Kyle, Michael, Isabelle, Max, Alex and I are all seniors. Tessa and Broc are both juniors. And Angela is a sophomore. We all have some classes together, even though we aren't all in the same grades!

Tonight I am having a sleepover with Isabelle, Tess, and also Angela. Kyle is supposed to go out with the guys and give us girls some alone time. Well the girls arrived, and we were all hungry so we decided to order a pizza. We all couldn't decide on the same thing, so we got 2 pizzas. Angela and I got a pepperoni and bacon thin crust pizza, and Isabelle and Tess like spicy and sweet pizza, so they got a pizza with, hot red and green peppers, extra pineapple, banana peppers, and pepperoni on it!

When the pizzas arrived we decided to watch a movie first. We all agreed on The Sweetest Thing, which is one of my favorite movies! We all got comfortable on the sofas and ate our pizza, while watching Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz funny movie! I laughed so hard at one of the parts that I started to choke, and then everyone else started laughing with me. I took a drink and finally relaxed.

When the movie was over we all decided to go up to my room and give each other facials. I decided I was going to do Tess, Isabelle was going to do me, Tess was going to do Angela, and Angela was going to do Isabelle. I painted Tess's nails light purple, put some pink blush on her, with a mixture of purple and pink eye shadow, and a pink lip gloss on, with a hint of glitter.

Isabelle is the best one here at this stuff. She put sparkles over my light purple eye shadow, with a purple glitter lip gloss, and she did her nails light blue. Tess did Angela's make up similar to mine, but instead of doing everything purple she did it pink. Angela made Isabelle¡¦s make up look like mine!

When we were finished getting ourselves even prettier then we already were, we went downstairs, to think of what to do. Then Kyle and all of the guys came in, interrupting our girl¡¦s night. We all decided to play Truth or Dare, which is going to be funny because we all like each other. I have been in love with Michael since I met him. Angela has a big crush on Broc. Alex has always liked Isabelle, and she likes him also. Kyle likes Tess and I am pretty sure she feels the same way about him. Broc I¡¦m not so sure about him or Michael. But it's going to be fun!

We all sit in a circle on the floor, all the girls between each guy. I go first. ¡§Angela truth or dare¡¨?

¡§Angela have u ever been kissed¡¨?Maria asked.
¡§No, a boy asked me once if I would kiss him, but I told him I like another boy¡¨.

¡§Alex truth or dare¡¨.Angela asked.

¡§Well I am a dare kind of guy, so I say dare¡¨! ¡§Ok Alex I dare you to French kiss Maria¡¨. Angela said.

Alex goes over to Maria and French kisses her for a couple of seconds, then the pull back and say ¡§ewwwwwwww gross¡¨.

¡§Broc truth or dare¡¨.
¡§Dare¡¨ he says.
Alex grins wickedly, ¡§ Broc I dare you to kiss Tess for a minute¡¨.

Broc goes over to Tess and French¡¦s her then pulls back when it¡¦s time.

¡§Max truth or dare¡¨.

¡§Are you in love with Lizzy Parker¡¨?

¡§Well I used to be, but then I found her making out with the school whore Courtney¡¨!

¡§Tess, Truth or Dare?¡¨


Max Grins, ¡§I dare you to kiss my sister on the lips, for 15 seconds!¡¨

Tess and Isabelle kiss for 15 seconds, but if it was with someone else, they wouldn¡¦t of done it!

¡§Maria truth or dare¡¨?

¡§I dare you too kiss Max on the lips¡¨. Ria kissed Max real quick.

¡§Isabelle truth or dare¡¨.

¡§Is it true that you are in love with Alex¡¨? Isabelle blushes and admits that she is.

¡§Michael truth or dare¡¨.
¡§I dare you to kiss Angela¡¨.

Michael kisses Angela real quick, and then makes a face and whispers, I rather kiss the other sister. Maria overhears him, and asks

¡§Do you mean that Michael¡¨? Michael looks over at Maria and tells her that he¡¦s been in love with her. Maria smiles and admits that she¡¦s in love with him also! They kiss. Everyone looks at each other and smiles. It stated out as a mean and nasty game, then one couple got together and then everyone else confessed there love for each other also. Let¡¦s just say we all had a wonderful night, and went to bed happy because we all have our other half to see in the morning.


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