Roswell Kiddie Series Story1:Cookie Baking Fun,M/M,Child,fin

The best couples in t.v. land are all here in original fiction about Max, Liz, Michael, Maria and the rest of the Roswell gang!
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Roswell Kiddie Series Story1:Cookie Baking Fun,M/M,Child,fin

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Title: Cookie Baking Fun
Characters: M/M
Disclamior: I only own my story. I do NOT own Roswell, or the characters that we all love!

Summary: Maria is excited about Christmas. She realizes that Michael has no family, so she invited him over.

Author Note: They are like 6years old.

Part 1

Two girls are walking out of there classroom, holding hands. One has curly blonde hair and the other girl has long brown hair in pig tails. There giggeling and skipping down the hallway. School just ended. The curly hair girl was so happy and hyper. They were both goofing around and being silly that they even didn't notice three kids stop suddenly because someone dropped there lunch box, and the girl with curly hair ran right into him and fell down on top of him. That got her to stop giggeling, and she looked down and noticed that she was lying on top of a Spikey Head. She was so shocked, that she didn't get up from him. The boy under her scowelled and said, "Get off me cheese head."

Maria gasped and then glared down at him and said, "Don't call me cheese head, dork butt."

The girl with the pig tails rolled her eyes at her friend and glanced at the spikey heads friends and smiled at them, ashamed. "Sorry, Max and Isabelle." She said.

Max smiled and said,"Thats ok Lizzie." Isabelle glared at them both and left them all there. Max smiled at Lizzie appoligical because his sister was being rude. Then he led Lizzie out of there ,leaving the two fighting kids. ?Bye Maria!? Liz said to her best friend.

?Bye-Bye Lizzard, Maxie Pad, and Ice Princess.? Maria screamed at them.

Michael pushed her, "Get off me, you way a ton, I can hardly breathe."

Before Maria could say anything, they heard giggeling behind them and saw Kyle, Paulie, Rodney, Tommy, and Doug all standing there watching them fight. They were all grinning, voting who they think is going to win.

"Well I think Hurricane Deluca is going to win, because she has lots of baby fat." Paulie said.

Michael chuckled at that.

"Naw, Guerin will win, he is trailor trash, and you never know who will rob you there, so he needs to be strong!" Doug said.
That shut Michael?s chuckle up fast and he growled at Doug.

"I don't know Ria is kinda cute, she could probaly use her good looks to win." Tommy said. Maria growled at that. And Michael didn?t really seem to like that someone else thought she was cute!

"Eww, you so didn't just say that my sister is cute! And ya I agree with you guys, I think Maria will win, but its because of her stubborness!" Kyle said. ?And don?t even start Ria, your just like our mother!?Kyle said when Maria was about to make a fuss.

"I don't know guys, Mikey here has a good grip, and he has a very nasty temper also, so it might be a tie." Rodney said after some thought.

Someone walked passed those 5guys and lifted Maria up, and said "I don't know, they both know that if either one of them fight any more this year, that they'll be stuck in the first grade again!" Alex said, giving Maria a pointed look. Maria just pouted at her other best friend.

?But he started it Alex.? Maria said.

?I did NOT, you?re the one who fell on me, and wouldn?t get up off of me.? Michael said.

Alex had enough of this, he grabbed Maria?s arm and tried to drag her away, but she wouldn?t go with him. ?I forgot something in class, you go ahead Alex, I?ll see you tommarow at school.? Maria said walking back to her class. Alex shrugged waved by to her and left.

Maria came back out with her coat. ?Tell mom that I am going over to Tommie?s house, and his dad will bring me home.? Kyle said to his little sister, who was younger then him by a few minutes. Kyle didn?t even wait for her reply, him and his friends left. Maria just rolled her eyes at the back of her twin.

Michael walked up to Maria. ?What? What are you standing there for? Maria said. ?I was just going to walk you home.? Michael said, with his hands in his pockets. ?Oh.? Maria said, while looking down at her red sneakers, with her Kermit the frog patch. They started walking down the hallway together.

?I can?t wait for Christmas. I can?t wait to see if I am getting my dream Barbie house. And I can?t wait to see if my mommy is going to like what I made for her in art class. And we are baking cookies today, I am soo excited!? Maria said all in one breath. She was really excited that she didn?t notice Michael?s look in his face. A frown.

?Do you make cookies with your mommy dorkbutt? Maria asked smiling at him, and then she frowned because she noticed that he wasn?t happy. ?What?s the matter Mickey?

?I don?t have a mommy, I don?t even have a daddy. I have a foster dad who can careless about me. He hates me. I?m like his free personal slave. I don?t have a Christmas tree, and I don?t have anybody to make cookies with. I am not getting anything for Christmas. Who cares anyway.? Michael said embaressed.

Maria stuck out her lip in a pout. ?What about The Evan?s twins? Couldn?t you ever make cookies with them? Maria said.

Michael muttered to himself. He can?t belive that he got her feeling sorry for himself. ?Naw, they have there own family.? Michael said.

Maria frowned and made up her mind. She grabbed Michael's hand ?Come on, your coming home with me. And we are going to make the best Christmas Cookies EVER. My mommy won?t mind, and I?m sure she?ll even let you bring some home with you. Maybe you can even sleep over.? Maria babbled with a grin on her face. She loves helping out people. She does feel sorry for doofus face though. Michael sighed but went with her anyway.


Maria and Michael walked across the street to Maria's home and found her mother making a Ginger Bread House. As soon as they walked in the door the new that her mother had been busyt baking all day long, while she was at school. You could tell because the house smelt like a bakery, and there were cookies all over the house. Maria was so excited that she ran over to grab a cookie, but right before her filthy hands touched Amy's cookies, she heard her mom say, "Uh-Uh Maria Rose Deluca, those are for later on. Now get in the bathroom right now, and wash your hands and come eat some lunch. I made grilled cheese and tomato soup." Amy said.

Amy didn't notice Michael because she just figured that the boy with Maria was Kyle. "You too mister!" Amy said without turning around. Amy turned around to wash her hands, they were just a little too dirty for her liking. When she turned around she gasped, there was a boy that she had never seen in her life before, standing right in front of her confused and nervous, not sure what he should say.

"Oh, my dear god boy you have scared me half to death. I am soo sorry, I thought you were my son Kyle." Amy said to the frightened boy.

Maria skipped back in the room and saw that Michael was ready to bolt out the front door any minute, so she ran and grabbed his arm. "Mommy this is dork butt, ehhh, I mean Michael, but I call him dork butt and Mickey." Maria said in one breath.

"Shut up Cheese head, don't call me Mickey or dork butt."Michael said.

Amy just stood there laughing, not sure what to say. "Maria, you finally found your match. You both have dirty mouths, that need to be rinsed out with soap. Michael I assume your name is, go into the bathroom and wash your hands, I made some lunch." Amy said, setting some made cookies into a basket. She was trying to clean up some more space, for the roll out cookies her and her daughter and she's guessing Michael is going to make also.

"Oh and by the way little one, where is your brother?" Amy said. Amy went and got out three bowls and 3 paper plates. She put some soup in the bowls and she gave each of them two sandwiches. She new that Maria could eat like a pig, so instead of one, everyone is going to get two.

"Kyle told me to tell you that he went over to Tommies house to play before supper, he said that his daddy will drive him home." Maria said bored with the conversation.

Amy got a tray and placed there lunch on it, she brought it to the table, and placed everyones food on top of there placemat. Maria loves the carebears, so they had carebear placemats. Amy went back in the kitchen and got out glass's for drinks. "Maria baby girl, what would you like to drink?" Amy asked her daughter.

"OHHHH, can I have some chocolate milk mommy?"An excited Maria asked.

Amy laughed at her young daughter and said,"Later with our cookies we will have chocolate milk, ok honey?"

Maria stuck out her bottom lip in a frown, but replied, "OK mommy, I'll have some pink lemonade then."

"What would you like to drink, son?" Amy asked Michael, when he walked in the room.

Michael looked at the older women and responded, "I'll have whatever, Ria's having please."

Amy smiled at the boy and got everyone a drink. She got herself a cup of hot tea.

Everyone sat at the table. "Dig in kids, we have lots of cookies to make, and we are making the hardest ones next." Amy said taking a bite out of her sandwich. The kids didn't even respond to Maria's mother, they just did what she said, and digged into the food.

Michael was eating like he hasn't eaten in forever, and Amy was concerned for the boy. "Michael hungry, do you get fed at home?" Amy asked, feeling bad that she had to ask. Michael nodded, not wanting anybody know that , he only eats when The Evans offer him food. So he was very, very gratefull for this meal. Amy just ignored her thoughts.

"So baby girl, how was school today?" Amy asked. Amy new that Maria loved school.

Maria sighed. "It was fun, Lizzie, Alex and I played on the swings. We finger painted. And me and Michael got into one of our battles." Maria said that with food in her mouth.

"Young lady you know that we do not talk with food in our mouth."Amy said to her daughter. "What about you sweetie? You have fun today in school?"Amy asked Michael.

Michael finished chewing like a good boy before he replied to Amy. "Mrs. Deluca, I had an ok day, thankyou. I painted a picture of the family that I wish I had. There was a food fight in school that I had fun watching. Oh ya, and me and cheese head had fun before we came here also."Michael said.

Amy rolled her eyes. Cheese head and dork butt, where do they come up with these names? They continued to eat in silence.


When they were done with lunch, they all went to clean up. Amy cleaned there dishes. She got an apron for both of the children. When the kids came back in, she helped them tie it around there waist.

"OK kids, I already got the dough ready. I am going to roll the dough on the counter and you are going to pick your favorite cookie cutters, and place them on the dough, press gently." Amy said, while she rolled out the dough.

"When do we get to put the icing on , Mommy?" Maria asked excited.

Amy replied, "Well, the cookies have to bake first, and then they have to chill. I'll let you know when it is time. How about while I roll the dough out, you and Michael look through the cookie cutters."

Maria and Michael did what Amy had asked. Maria found a gingerbread man, a santa, a pixie, a xmas bear. Michael found a candy cane, a toy, a gift, a reindeer. Let's just say, that there were many to choose from. Amy picked out a really big doll and a really big bear.

"OK, kids pick one of your choices, and place it down on the dough softly."Amy said.

Michael was about to smash it down hard in the door, but he stopped when he heard Amy gasp and said, "NO, no, no ,no Michael honey, that's not how you do it. Let me help you hun." Amy grabbed onto the boy's wrist and guided his hand down gently, making sure to have the whole cookie cut through. "Ok, now pick that up gently without tearing it apart and place it down on the cookie sheet please." Amy said.

Maria made a few gingerbread men, she does this every year with her mommy. She placed them on the cookie sheet, one by one. Maria helped Michael make some also.

"Michael honey are you having fun? Because I know that my Maria,loves making cookies." Amy asked the boy.

Michael smiled shyley and nodded his head. He couldn't wait to have some.

Amy smiled at the boy, she wondered if the boy ever made cookies with his mom.

"Mom, this is the first time for Michael to make cookies. He doesn't have a mommy who loves him, like I have a mommy that loves me." Maria said, while reading her moms thoughts. She frowned.

"Hey mommy, Michael has no plans for Christmas, can he please, please, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee come over for dinner? He can sleepover on Christmas Eve and spend Christmas with us." Maria said excitely.

Amy laughed at her silly daughter. Michael obvioulsy made her daughter happy. "I don't know hun ,we'll see. I'm sure that his mother will want him over there with his family." Amy replied.

Michael quickly shook his head no. "No, I don't have a mommy. I'm an orphan, well I have a foster father, but he doesn't care about me, i'm there for the check basically." Michael replied

Amy and Maria frowned. They both feel bad that Michael has it so badley! They both hug him and Amy agree's and tells him he is alway's welcome here! He doesn't want the pity but smiles and hugs them back.

They continue to cut the cookies, when they have a whole cookie sheet, Amy place's it in the oven. She set the timer for 10 minutes. They kept on cutting the cookies for 10 minutes, and when they heard the buzzer go off Amy checked the cookies. They were done, so she took they out of the oven.

Maria tried to get a hot cookie but Amy quickly moved the pan out of the way and said ," There hot kids. Once they have cooled down, we can icing them. Maybe about 20 minutes or so."

Amy took out some powder sugar, food coloring, vanilla, and some other stuff. She poured all of the stuff she needed in a small bowl. "Maria, baby would you like to mix this up, without spilling any? Michael can help if he wants." Amy asked.

Michael looked at that green gunk and asked, " What is that gunk?" Michael stuck his finger in the bowl,and his finger turned green from the dye. He licked it off and had a grin on his face. "YUMMY!"Michael said. Maria did the same thing and grinned.

Amy rolled her eyes and said, "Now, children if you keep on eating the icing, there won't be any for the cookies. Now stop that. NO more!" Amy decided to make some more icing, but made red instead. "Michael, boy mix this please, don't drop any, and NO more eating it, kids." Amy demanded with her hands on her hips.

Michael said, "Yes mam." He stirred the red goop up. And when all of the lumps were out Amy took the bowls from the kids, and let them lick the spoons clean. She placed the bowls in the fridge to cool. "Now kids the icing has to cool, until the cookies are cool enough to place on the cookies." Amy said. The kids just nodded, not taking a breath. Just licking the spoon, until they could see there face's.


The kids sat in the living room, and talked for awhile, until the cookies were chilled. "Kids, its time to decorate the cookies, come back and wash your hands." Amy called from the kitchen. The kids came running in. Michael washed his hands first, and then Maria. "Ok, now place a little on each cookie, don't over due it. Spread it around. And then when your down with that, we can decorate them with sprinkles.

Maria took the red icing this time, and Michael took the green icing. They put the icing on all of the cookies, and when they were done they placed the bowls to the side. (NO they did NOT place them in the sink, there kids, they placed it on the side, so they can lick the bowls!) Maria put some cinnomon beads on the gingerbread men, like buttons. Michael put some colored sugar on his santa clause's and some of the other different shapes he made. Michael decided to put some more icing on his candy canes, so he took a tube of blue icing and squirted some on the cookies. When the kids were done decorating them the were placed back in the fridge to dry.

"OK, kids good job, thanks for helping me. And for your treat, I'll let you have 3 cookies." Amy said. Amy went and got them eachother a chocolate cookie, a peanut butter hersey kiss cookie, and a sugar cookie. The kids were jumping up and down, Amy just grinned at them, and said "Here you go, now sit down at the table, and i'll get us some chocolate milk."

"Thankyou Mrs. Deluca." Michael said.

"THANKS MOMMY, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!"Maria said with her mouth full. Michael laughed at her, which caused Maria to open her mouth and show him her chewed up cookie. "EWWWW"Michael shouted.

"MARIA, don't you do that again, that is rude, and it's nasty. Do you want to see somebody's chewed up food, young lady?" Amy asked.

Maria shook her head, "No, mommy, i'm sorry dork butt." Maria said and gave Michael a little hug, but without lettting her mommy see, she blew her breath at him.

Amy shook her head. What nasty kids, she has here, she couldn't help but laugh. She got there chocolate milk and sat down and ate cookies with them.

"So, Michael, is there anything special that you'd like for Christmas?" Amy asked.

There was no responce, but five minutes later a quiet Michael answered, "A mommy for Christmas. I want a family that loves me. That is all I want. All I ever wanted." He frowned. Maria frowned and hugged him.

Amy frowned also, she was very concerned for this boy. It doesn't seem like anybody cared for him. She smiled when she saw Maria hug Michael and rub his back. She got up and hugged him as well. She picked him up and sat down in his chair. She picked up Maria also. She had Maria on one knee and Michael on the other. She just hugged them both. This was the first time Michael ever felt loved. They were basically quite the rest of the day. Michael went home with a bunch of cookies and a sad smile on his face.


While the kids were at there last day of school before Christmas break, Amy was cleaning the house. ?Hey, Jim honey, can you please come here for a minute? Amy asked her husband.
Jim got up from the couch, where he was sitting watching the ball game. ?Yes dear, what can I help you with? Jim asked. ?Well you know our old baby room? Well I think its time to clear that room up.?Amy said. Jim stared at his wife shocked and replied, ?What Amy honey, whats going on? You love that room.? ?Ya I do love that room, but I think someone else would love it even more.? Amy said. ?Who? Don?t even tell me that your mother is moving in with us, because I don?t? think so.? Jim joked. ?There is a boy at Maria?s school, who has no body who loves him. He wears old clothes because he has nobody to buy him any clothes, he eats like he may never eat again. Jim I?m really worried about this boy. He has nobody in his life. He is lonely. And I didn?t want to embaresss the boy, but I saw some bruises on his body. And whether you help me or not, I am going to get the child out of that living situation. NO child deserves that. He is but a boy.?Amy said crying. Jim hugged her and said he?d talk with the courts, and maybe they could adopt him.

Amy and jim cleaned out the baby room, putting everything in storage. Jim painted the room midnight blue and put glow in the dark stars and planets all over his room. They bought him a bed, some clothes, some toys, and Amy figured that the boy loved to paint, because he was so happy talking about the picture he painted, so she bought him a paint set for Christmas. They made the room up nice for him. They even put up a ?Michael?s room? sign up for the boy. Amy smiled, she new that this would make the boy happy.

?Amy, you do ,know that we may not be able to adopt the boy don?t you? I will talk with the judge, but I don?t want you to be hurt if the judgs denies us as parents for the boy.? Jim said. ?I know, but I am going to try my hardest to get this boy?s only wish to come true. He will have a home for Christmas no matter what. NO matter if he can legally call me mommy or not. His foster father doesn?t even know that he is gone, he is staying with us. I?m going to go get the kids from school.? Amy said walking out of the room.

Maria was playing on the playground with her friends, waiting for her mother to come pick her up from school. She turned around and saw Michael sitting down on a bench alone, with a frown on his face. She frowned. Liz and Alex stayed because she was alone, but she told them, that they can, go on ahead home. Maria walked over to Michael and sat down next to him. ?What?s wrong dork butt? Maria asked concerned. ?Isabelle and Max left, there leaving town for Christmas, I usually go there for the holidays, because my foster father will be drunk the whole time. I have no way to get home.? Michael confessed.
Maria put her arm around him and said, ?Your not going home, your coming home with me. You can sleep over and play with me, mommy is picking me up right now.? Maria said. Michael just smiled at her and kept silent.

A red jetta parked in the front of the school, Amy got out of the car and walked to the playground. ?Hello kids, come on, lets go home.? Amy said. ?Where is Kyle? Amy asked. All of a sudden a little Kyle came running towards his mother. ?I?m here mom, sorry I?m late, I had to stay after class.? Kyle said in a rush. Amy shook her head, and helped the kids in the car. Kyle sat in the front seat, and Maria and Michael were in the backseat.

?Mom, why is Guerin coming home with us? Kyle asked annoyed. Amy just smiled and ignored her son, and drove home.

When they got to the house, she parked and told everyone to go inside. ?Kyle go in your room and do your homework, I am sure that you have lots to do.? Jim said. ?Maria you to.? Amy said. ?Awww do we have to mommy? Maria pouted. Amy chuckled and spanked her but telling to scoot. Amy took Michael?s hand and walked him to his new room. She squatted down on the floor, so that she was at the same level as the boy. ?Michael baby, you know that wish you asked for? Well it came true.? Amy said. Jim opened the door and ushered everyone inside. ?Baby, this is your new room. Now we haven?t talked with the judge yet, but whether you can legally call us your parents or not, you?ll always have a place to live, with us. I love you Michael Guerin, and I will always be your mother at heart, at least.? Amy said crying. She grabbed the boy and hugged him. Michael cried also, this was the happiest day of his life.

Amy and Jim explained to the kids the new situation. Maria was excited, but Kyle was grumpy, but Kyle got used to having a new kid in the house. At least he wasn?t the only one that would protect Ria.

Part 5

A few weeks later, it was Christmas. Everything changed. Amy and Jim were able to adopt Michael Guerin, but Michael wanted to keep his last name. Kyle and Michael acted more like brother?s now. They didn?t hate eachother. They were somewhat friends now. Maria and Michael still bicker in a teasing way.

It was Christmas Eve, everyone was getting ready for bed. Maria was in her carebear pj?s, Michael was in his X-men PJ?s and Kyle was in a pair of boxers. ?Mommy, can we please have a few cookies before we go to bed? Maria asked. ?Ok kids, you can have two cookies ONLY, and the rest are for tommarow.? Amy said. ?What about leaving cookies and carrots and milk out for Santa and the reindeer? Maria asked. Kyle rolled his eyes. ?Santa, there was no such thing as santa, Maria is so dull.? Kyle thought. But she was very excited about Santa coming, so he smiled at her, she was such a kid sometimes.

?Ohhh good idea, Michael honey, since its your first year at the Valenti house, you can do the honors this year.? Jim said smiling proudly at his new son. Michael grinned. He felt special. He felt loved. The one thing he wanted for Christmas came true. He had a family. A family that loved him.

The kids ate there cookies and drank there milk, and when they were done, Michael got out a glass plate, and a glass for the milk. He put a few chocolate chip cookies, cookies with icing, gingerbread cookies, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and put some milk in the glass and added some chocolate heresy syrup in the milk, and nope he didn?t forget some carrots for the reindeers. Michael smiled at them when they were shocked that he added chocolate syrup. ?Santa has been very good to me this year, he gave me people that love me, he gave me a family, a mom and a dad, a sister and a brother, he deserves something special in his milk.? Michael explained. Everyone grinned at him. They had a group hug and then the kids went to there rooms, while Jim and Amy stayed in the kitchen talking about there lovely children.

?Night Kyle.? Maria said.
?Night Mars.? Kyle replied. He went into his room and went to sleep.

Michael smiled at Maria and said, ?Thanks cheesehead.? He started walking to his room.

Maria smiled back and replied, ?Your welcome, dorkbutt.? She went to her room also.

Amy and Jim were proud of what they did. They made a boy happy, by giving him a home. They ate the cookies, and left crumbs and drank the milk, nibbled on the carrots, and then went to sleep after putting the Christmas Presants under the tree.

Kyle woke up first, he shook Maria awake and she jumped up excited and ran to Michael?s room, she climbed on his bed, and jumped up and down excitely! He woke up startled and put his hand up ready to attack, but then he realized it was Mar?s, and he smiled and got out of bed and hugged her. ?Mickey, Santa came, come on, lets go. I hope I got Barbies Dream House that I wanted.? Maria said.

The kids all gazed at all of the presents under the tree. They wanted to open the gifts. But there parents told them to wait until after they ate breakfast. Amy made cheese eggs, bacon, and bisquits. ?Eat up kids, and then you can open your presents.? Amy said. The kids all gobbled there food down. They wanted to open there gifts now. There parents all laughed at them.

They finished there breakfast, and they all went in the living room. Amy handed each kid one gift. There most important gift. Amy said,? Now Michael ,since its your first Christmas here, I?d like it if you opened your gift first.? Michael smiled at her, and tore open the gift, and his jaw dropped to the floor. It was a paintset and a paper stand. ?Thankyou mom, thankyou dad, this is the best present ever, I always wanted one of these, thankyou. This is the best Christmas ever. Thankyou.? Michael said, smiling.

Kyle opened up his gift and was happy because he got a car ramp, and some cars. Maria squealed when she opened her gift, it was Barbies Dream House, and it came with a few barbies. She was so happy. She always wanted this.

Maria made her mommy a necklace, and her daddy a glass cup that said Iove my daddy.
Kyle made mommy some cookies in class, and he made daddy a Sheriff Star out of glitters.

Michale got up from sitting on the floor, and went to his room and pulled out something from the back of his closet. He walked over and gave it to Amy to open. Amy tore the paper open and gasped. It was a picture of Amy, Jim, Kyle, Maria, and Michael all happy in the picture as a family. That was what Michael has always wanted, and that is what Michael got! Everyone was so happy. The kids opened the rest of there gifts, and were all happy. The went to put there gifts in there room.

Michael walked into Maria?s bedroom and shut the door, and said, ?I?m waiting for a kiss a Christmas kiss, from my girlfriend.? He stood there with his arms crossed, faking a pout. Michael held a small mistle toe above his head. Maria smiled and walked over to Michael, and leaned close to his lips, and planted a big wet sweet kiss on his lips. That was there first kiss ever, and right then and there, they new they?d be lots more. They smiled at eachother.

?Merry Christmas Girlfriend.? Michael said grinning at her.

?Merry Christmas Boyfriend.? Maria said, smiling at him.

The Valenti?s had a wonderful first Christmas with Michael. They were happy. And that is how it will always be. Happy.


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