Enough Max/Liz 1/1

The best couples in t.v. land are all here in original fiction about Max, Liz, Michael, Maria and the rest of the Roswell gang!
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Enough Max/Liz 1/1

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Author: StormyBear30
E-mail: StormyBear29@cox.net
Rating: PG-13
Part: 1
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with ROSWELL and the WB. I just love this show.
Summary: This starts after midnight services and continues through the week up until New Years. They finally find out the truth about Liz, but is it to late to fix their friendship.
Feedback: I would love feedback.

After midnight services Max walks Liz back to the Crashdown "What a wonderful night this turned out to be, would you like to come in for some Hot Chocolate?" asks Liz. She did not want this night to end.

Max looks at Liz and smiles. "Sure, just for a little while though" He didn't want the night to end either. He had made the decision to be friends with Liz again. He missed her. He meant what he said about how much he missed her friendship. The truth however was he still loved her. He was still haunted though, not by the Ghost of the man he didn't save, but by the images of Liz and Kyle in bed together. He is jarred from his thoughts as Liz pulls him into the Crashdown.

As they are settling down in their booth, the front door opens and in walks the rest of the gang. "I told you that they would be here" states Maria. They make their way to the booth and crowd around Max and Liz.

Everyone is in the best of moods. They are all laughing and carrying on. None of them are thinking about all the has transpired in the last months. Anyone watching them would think that they didn't have a care in the world.

As she looks at the group of people sitting around her, Liz couldn't remember the last time that they had been like this. She smiled and realized that this was her first genuine smile in months. Maybe after all the heartache and pain we have all been through, things could get back to normal, she thought. Normal, she chuckled to herself. If anything there was nothing normal about this group.

Michael and Maria had a very rocky relationship to say the least. But as she looked at them now, it was obvious that they were in love with each other. Maria had a glow about her that only Michael could bring out. Hard as he tried to keep that stone wall up, Maria, just kept chipping away at it. It was just a matter of time before she completely tore it down. She had to control her laughter when they started bickering back and forth. She guessed that fighting was the back bone of their relationship and for some reason it worked for them. Maria then kissed Michael and snuggled into his arms. Liz was happy for her best friend, but so jealous at the same time. Why was it that others could be happy and in love, but she had to sacrafice the love of her life. Why was she the choosen one. And then she looked at Tess.

As she looked at Tess, old feelings of resentment starting welling up inside of her. She was the reason that her and Max could not be together. She has just breezed into Roswell spouting that she was his destiny. She had made life pretty unbearable then, but nothing compared to how unbearable it was now. Her life had been ripped apart because of this girl. She should hate her, but she found that she couldn't. Her feelings for Tess were changing. As much as she hated to admit it. Tess herself was changing. She was becoming softer, more human. Without Nasedo around, she was able to tap into her human emotions. Liz knew that she had to get Max to accept his destiny with Tess. She would be heart broken, but all their lives depended on it. Tess would be take care of Max. She knew it was just a matter of time, she had made sure of that when she tricked Max into believing she slept with Kyle. She looked at Tess again realizing that she really wanted to be friends with her. Not just for Max's sake, but for her sake also.

Sitting next to Tess was Kyle. But this was a new Kyle. This was not the Kyle she knew when they were dating. Future Max had told her that Kyle was becoming a great guy and she had to agree. The self centered football jock was no more, and in his place was a new man that stood by Liz without question. That night he had told her that he found Buddha and that this was bringing peace and clarity into his life. She felt a closeness to him now that she had never felt before and she silently thanked Buddha for moving him in this new direction.

Liz was so deep in her thoughts, that she didn't realize her head was now resting on Max's shoulder.

Isabel was quick to notice this though. She looked from Max to Liz and smiled. This was the way things should be. She still was not really clear as to what was going on with their relationship. She figured it still had to do with Tess and the whole destiny situation. It was impossible not to see they loved each other. She hoped that Liz was coming to her senses about Max and his destiny. Isabel remembered how she was so opposed to Liz and Max dating, but Liz had proven time and time again that she was devoted to Max. She was devoted to all of them. She promised that she would never say another bad thing about Liz Parker again. Little did she know that was a promise she was not going to be able to keep.

"So I take it that you two are back together again" stated Isabel. Max seemed to be in his own world so she screamed his name again. "MAX" She was however surprised to receive the reaction that she got from him.

Max was in his own world as Liz laid her head on his shoulder. He just couldn't get the picture of Liz and Kyle in bed together. Try as he might to stop it, he kept replaying that night. He didn't think that he could feel and more pain then he did that night. His whole world crumbled in an instant. He loved Liz he couldn't deny that, but he didn't think that he could ever really forgive her. He was so confused. He was still in a daze when he heard Isabel scream his name. He looked at his Sister and asked her what she wanted.

"I said are the two of you back together or what?" Max froze. It was in that instant that he realized that Liz had her head on his shoulder. He moved to his left and watched Liz lift her head and look at him. "No we are not back together." His heart broke at the look that Liz gave him, but he was confused and he just couldn't deal with this right now. Looking at his Sister he said "It's late and Mom will be getting us up early to try another Martha Stewart recipe for breakfast." He looked at Liz one last time, grabbed his Sisters hand and walked out the door.

As she watched him walk out the door, anger took over her. That was the last straw, she had enough. He had told her that he believed in her. What the hell was that all about she fumed. As she got up from the booth, she couldn't make out the faces around her. She was so angry. "Get out, it's late and I need to clean up." One by one they got up and left. Liz didn't have to see their faces, she could feel their pity, but she didn't care. Maria walked up to Liz. "Do you want me to stay?" Liz saw Michael standing by the door. "Merry Christmas, Maria, now get out of here." She gave her Best Friend a hug and walked her to the door.

After cleaning up she went upstairs and got ready for bed. Once in bed all she could do was toss and turn. She was still angry about what Max has said. Sleep was something that just wasn't going to come tonight. As she made her way to the balcony, she grabbed her journal from its hiding place. Maybe this will help relieve some of this anger and frustration. She had to laugh out loud. She didn't think that anything could sooth her anger. Why couldn't he just trust me. After all that we have been through. "It's because of me" she screamed to herself. "I made him believe that he couldn't trust me" She threw herself down on the chair and opened her journal. There was the picture of her and max she was using as a book mark. As she looked at the couple in the picture anger blazed through her again. They looked so happy. She didn't think that she would ever be happy again. Once again she looked at the photo and crumpled it up in her hand. She walked over to the edge of the balcany and tossed it over the side. She watched as it hit the ground, then went back to her journal. After writing in her journal for hours, she began to get tired. Her anger had subsided, but she had made a decision. No one, including Max was ever going to hurt her again.

Part: 2

As Isabel is getting into the Jeep, she notices the grime look on Max's face. As they begin the drive home they are both silent, deep in their thoughts.

Max still can't get the picture of Liz and Kyle out of his head. Why did he tell her that he believed in her? How can you believe in someone that you can't even trust?

Isabel still didn't understand what had just happened back at the Crashdown. She had been watching Max and Liz. It seemed they were at least trying to get back to some semblance of what they used to have. Max seemed content as Liz laid her head on his shoulder. But once she had asked if the two of them were back together, Max had acted as if her touch had burned him.

There was something going on and she was determined to find out.

"Do you want to tell me exactly what is going on between you and Liz?" She asks.

Max shakes his head. "I just can't talk about it right now." he states. She nods her head in understanding. She knows that when he get like this the best thing to do is leave him alone.

Once they arrive home, Max goes straight into his room and slams the door. As she heads to her room the sounds of The Counting Crows begins wafting through the hall. "Oh yes, I will find out what is going on with you two." she whispers to his closed door.

The next morning.

As Isabel gets dressed the next morning, she recalls the way that Max moped around all Summer after Liz left them at the cave. All he wanted to do after that was lay in bed all day and wallow in self pity. Her parents were so concerned that they had started sending him to counseling sessions. She was not going to go through that again. She was more determined then ever to get some answers.

"Max can I come in?" she asks as she knocks on his door. No response. "Max, Please can I come in?" Still no response. "That's it Max, I am coming in." She states as she opens the door. There she finds him, just as she knew she would. As she sits on the bed, she can see the confusion and pain all over his face. What could Liz Parker have done to cause him so much pain?

Max is laying on his bed staring at picture of Liz. So many questions are running through his head. There just didn't seem to be any answers to these questions. He thought at first she might be hiding something, or maybe it was he hoped she was hiding something. He didn't know anymore. Confusion seemed to be the only thing that he knew these days. The one thing that he wasn't confused about was his love for Liz. He loved her. He had for a very long time, but how could he ever forgive her for betraying him and what they once had. He is pulled from his thoughts as Isabel sits next to him.

"Max, please tell me what happened." she whispers as she takes his hand. She looks into his eyes and can't believe the sadness that is there. Anger begins to build in her. She can't stand to see him in so much pain. "I need" but before she can finish her sentence, he is in her arms sobbing.

At first she couldn't make out his words. He was sobbing so hard that all she heard was mumbling. But when she finally did hear what he said, she wished she hadn't. "She cheated on me" he sobbed.

"CHEATED ON YOU" she screamed. She got up and starting pacing around the room. "Liz would never do that to you, how can you believe such a lie?" she stated as she continued pacing back and forth. There is no way that she would do this to him, she thinks to herself. But what Max told her next, made her stop dead in her tracks.

"I caught her and Kyle in bed together" he says. He proceeds to tell her everything that happened that evening. He told her about how Liz had tried to get him and Tess together and how he had kissed her in Whittaker's office. She watched the tears running down his face as he repeated what she had said to him in his room. Her heart broke as he described seeing them in bed together and the look of guilt written all over her face.

Isabel was livid. She had never felt anger like this before. To say that she wanted to make Liz Parker pay for hurting her Brother was an understatement. Enough is enough she said to herself. She wasn't exactly sure what she was going to do, but this was going to end once and for all.

Part 3

Isabel was exhausted. She couldn't remember the last time that she felt this tired. She had spent the whole day with Max discussing the events of the previous months. They both had been keeping secrets and this was the perfect time to get them out in the open. Isabel had told Max all that Whitaker and Nicolas had told her about her former life, as Valondra. In her former life Valondra had betrayed her Brother and her race for the love of a man. Not just any man, but the leader of their enemies. Max had told her about how Liz had cheated on him with Kyle. She did not want to believe that it was possible, but the look on his face told her that it was true. They had made a promise to each other that they would never keep secrets from each other again.

"We are family and we need to look out for each other." Max stated as he pulled Isabel into an embrace.

Isabel was determined that Liz was never going to get the chance to hurt Max again. He was right they did have to look out for each other and that was just what she was going to do. Her last thoughts as sleep took over were that she was going to get Liz Parker out of his life for good. Tomorrow she was going discuss this with Michael. He would know what to do.

Michael was dreaming of Maria. In this dream they were driving on his Motorcycle through the desert. He could feel her arms wrapped tightly around his waist as she laughed in his ear. Here he was happy. He had the two loves of his life, Maria and his Motorcycle.

He woke up to the sounds of someone banging loudly on his door. He rolled over and tried to ignore it, but they banging only got louder. "This had better be important, or someone is gong to be in big trouble." he yells opening the door.

He comes face to face with Isabel. "We need to talk about Liz and Max." she states as she walks into his apartment.

"What? You woke me up to talk about Max and Liz?" he growls laying back down on the bed.

"She slept with Kyle, Michael"

"There is no way that perfect Lizzy Parker slept with Kyle." he mumbles into his pillow.

"Oh really, Max caught them in bed together."

Michael turns to her "Start talking"

After Isabel finished telling him about what Liz had done, he was stunned. It didn't make sense. All the time that was wasted, time that could have been used to find out more information about their past. Michael was pissed now. "So, what your telling me is that he couldn't be our fearless leader, because he had to get her back. But this whole time she was sleeping with Valenti?" he yells.

"What are we going to do?" she asks

"Lets go pay the little cheater a visit." he says grabbing his coat.

On the way to the Crashdown they call Tess and ask her to meet them there.


"Order up" Jose yelled over the roar of customers. Liz grabbed the order and brought it to the table. The Crashdown was busy. Liz was the only Waitress working today and she was tired. She glanced at her watch. One more hour till close she thought. She wondered what Max had done today. She was still confused as to what happened after midnight services. It still didn't make any sense. During the service he was holding her hand and looking in her eyes and at the Crashdown afterwards he was running from her touch. She was so deep in thoughts that she did not see Michael and Isabel walk through the door. The sound of breaking glass breaks Liz out of her thoughts. Jose had dropped at plate in the back and was yelling for Liz to help.

Michael and Isabel walked into the Crashdown and sat in a booth. They watched as Liz walked through the swinging door into the back room. "Michael we can't confront her now, this place is so crowded."

It's almost closing time, so would you just chill. We can confront her after everyone leave." he snaps.

They both go silent and Liz comes up to the booth to take their order. "Hey guys. What can I get for you both?" she asks smiling at them. How can she just act like nothing has happened? Isabel thought. She just wanted to wring her little neck. "We'll just have the usual." she says putting on her biggest fake smile.

As she enters the Crashdown, Tess looks around for Michael and Isabel. She spots them sitting in a booth glaring at the retreating figure of Liz. She walks over and sits down. "What's going on?" she asks They begin to tell her the whole story. "I already know about that, Max told me." she states.

"What" they both yell at the same time. Something was wrong with this picture. Max was confiding in Tess and not his Sister or Best Friend. She sees them staring at her and she begins to feel uncomfortable so she explains what happened.

"The night that it happened, I found Max sitting on a park bench." she states as she remembers the look of complete devastation on his face. "I asked him if he wanted me to leave and he said no. So we talked." She reminds them that none of them were really speaking to Max at that point. Isabel was avoiding him like the plague and Michael was pissed because he felt that Max should be doing more leadership duties. What she said was true. Neither one of them had been there for Max. They were both too wrapped up in their own problems to see that Max's life was falling apart.

Liz cashes out that last customers of the day and locks the doors behind them. She helps Jose clean up the kitchen and then tells him to go home. It's been a long day for both of them. "What about them?" he asks pointing at the occupied booth. She tell him that it's ok and lets him out the back door.

Walking back to the table she notices that Tess has joined them. She places Michael and Isabel's order on the table and pulls out her order pad. But before she has a chance to take Tess's order, Isabel screams "How could you cheat on my Brother?"

Liz is completely floored. The room begins to spin and everything begins to get fuzzy. She can't know. I must have heard her incorrectly she thinks. "I said how could you cheat on my Brother Liz?" screams a hysterical Isabel.

"I don't know what your talking about." she whispers as Isabel jumps from the booth and stands in front of Liz.

"WHAT!" Isabel screams as she pushes Liz backwards.

"Are you calling my Brother a liar, he caught you red handed."

"NO... I mean, I did what I had to do. You have to trust me."

Michael jumps up and grabs Liz by the shoulder. "We already did that and look where it got us" he jeers as he too pushes Liz backwards.

"Stay the hell away from my Brother and all of us. I hate you Liz Parker.

That was the last straw for Liz. She takes the order pad that she is still holding in her hand and throws it at Michael and Isabel.

"I did what I had to do and I don't regret any of it." she cries and runs towards the back door.

Maria had been trying to find Michael all night. She had left several message on his machine and even called max to see if might be there. Max had said that he hadn't seem Michael all day and that Isabel had gone over there this morning and still hadn't come home. How strange she thought as she hung up. "Well one last place to look." she said to herself

As she looked through the window of the Crashdown she saw them. But she didn't understand what she was seeing. It looked like Michael and Isabel were ganging up on Liz, while Tess just sat there looking dumb founded. She watched as Michael pushed Liz backwards. She had to be seeing things. She tried to open the door with her key, but her hands were shaking. She had to get to Liz. She finally got the door opened, but Liz was gone.

Part 4

With shaking hands Maria tried to open the door to the Crashdown, but her hands were shaking so badly that it was impossible. What she was seeing could not be true. There was no way that Isabel was attacking Liz, but it was happening right in front of her eyes. She tried again to open the door, but once again with no luck. Her Best Friend was in trouble and she had to help her. She once again looked through the glass and what she saw made her blood run cold. "Michael, No" she whispered as she saw Michael grab Liz by the shoulders and push her back. Finally she got the door opened and ran inside. But Liz was nowhere to be seen.

"What the hell is going on here?" she screams as she runs up to Michael.

"Nothing that concerns you." he growls

"Nothing that concerns me. I find you both attacking Liz, while the Alien slut just sits here watching. Liz is my Best Friend and that makes it my concern. Now as I said before, what the hell is going on here?"

Michael remains silent and tries to walk away. Maria sees this and grabs his arm. "Oh no, Spaceboy you are not running away from me this time. Spill your guts or I will personally kick all of your Alien asses."

Isabel was the first to speak. "She cheated on Max with Kyle Valenti."

"Oh really" she screams now looking at Isabel. "So you thought that you would come down here and make her pay for her little indiscretion, right?"

Michael grabs Maria and spins her around "Your damn right. We trusted her, Max trusted her and look where it got us. I knew that we should have never trusted any Humans, they are." the next thing he knew he was falling backwards.

Isabel watched as he fell to the ground after Maria punched him in the face. She runs to his side as Maria starts pacing back and fourth. She is angry, no anger is not the right term, she is pissed. What should I do? Should I tell them the truth? Yes this has gone on long enough. Forgive me Liz, but I can't let this continue. It needs to be over. she thinks to herself. She turns to the three and begins.

"You have no idea what trust is. You have more to trust Liz Parker for then you know."

Michael holding his rapidly swelling cheek tries to get up, but the look that Maria gives him makes him think twice.

"It's all her fault." she screams, pointing at Tess. But before Tess can say a word, she continues.

As they listened to Maria retell the events of that night, guilt descends over each one of them. Liz was visited by a future version of Max, who asked her to help him fall out of love with her. Michael and Isabel had died because Tess had left. She had left because Liz and Max had "cemented" their relationship. So with out her the three of them were not strong enough to defend their enemies. Liz had tried everything to make Max fall out of love with her. As much as it killed her she had even gone to Tess and told her how she could make him notice her. Nothing worked. So she called Kyle and asked him to help her. She had to make Max believe that she betrayed him. He had to be with Tess and this was the only way that she knew to do that. It worked perfectly. Max came to her window and saw them in bed. The look on his face was almost enough to kill her. But that wasn't the worst of it, she had to continually lie to him each time he asked her if what he saw was true.

"So as you can see you owe her your lives. She gave up her soul mate to save you sorry asses and this is how you repay her? "You all make me sick." she screams while looking at the three of them. Realizing that there is nothing else to say she turns to leave. Just one more thing to say actually, she thinks as she turns to face Michael. "Oh and Michael, if you ever touch me or Liz again, I will kill you myself." and with that said she ran towards the back room to find Liz.

Isabel helped Michael up and they returned to the booth to find Tess crying. "It is all my fault. She did all of this because of me." she sobbed.

Isabel places her arms around Tess and tries to comfort her. What have we done. She sacrificed everything for us. As she continues to calm Tess she looks over at a very silent Michael. "We have to fix this. I don't know how, but we have to." she whispers.

Michael is not listening to anyone. He is too deep in his own thoughts. Liz gave up Max for my life and this is how I repay her, by pushing her around. Oh my god! What kind of a man am I? Maria...I have ruined everything between us, but I will do what ever it takes to fix this. I promise you that. He is pulled out of his thoughts by a hysterical Tess.

"I have to give Max up, NO! I WILL give Max up. She looks over at Isabel "I love you guys. I promise I will never leave, no matter what might happen." Isabel gives Tess and small smile and nods. They both look over at Michael who still has not said a word.

"Say something, Michael"

"Another reason to envy Max Evans." he states as he gets up. "We have to tell Max everything that just happened and take whatever consequences comes along with it."

Maria entered the back room and looked, around, But Liz wasn't there. She ran up the stairs that lead to the Parker's apartment and knocked on the door. When she didn't receive an answer she walked in. "Liz, where are you?" all she got as a reply was silence. She continued to search through the apartment and then entered her room. On the floor was her waitress uniform, but Liz was no where to be found. She noticed that the window was open and climbed out onto the balcony. Hearing a car honking she runs to the edge of the balcony and looks down. There she sees the retreating tail lights of Kyle's truck.

Part: 5

Liz Parker had to leave. She had to go somewhere before she lost what was left of her sanity. Running up the stairs to her Parents apartment she replayed what had just happened in her head. Michael and Isabel had just confronted her about her betrayal of Max. But the confrontation turned into something more physical. She understood that they were just protecting Max, but what right did they have to push her around. She did this for them. She didn't have a choice. Throwing the front door open she runs to her bedroom and changes out of her uniform. "I have to get out of here." she states as she picks up the phone.

Kyle was sitting at home watching TV. He wondered where Tess went. She had received a phone call earlier from Isabel and then ran out the door. He was beginning to develop feelings for Tess. From day one he had been attracted to her, but this was different. She was different. He hated to admit it, but he secretly loved it when she called him Buddha boy. "I'm falling in love with her." he states astonished. Just then the phone rings.


"Kyle, I need you." Liz states bursting into tears.

"Liz? Liz, is that you? what's wrong? Are you ok?"

"Can you come and get me. I have to get out of her for awhile."

"It's really late. It's already after midnight." he says looking at his watch.

"Kyle, please I really need to go somewhere. I can't take much more of this. Please." she sobs into the phone.

"Meet me out front."

"NO! she screams "Pick me up behind the Crashdown."

Ok, I'll be there in ten minutes. he says then hangs up the phone.

Liz hung up the phone and wiped the tears from her eyes. She had to get out of this house and away from everything for awhile. She felt like the walls were closing in on her. She grabbed her coat and climbed through the window. She didn't know if Isabel, Michael or Tess had left the Crashdown, so she climbed down the ladder from her balcony. Another confrontation was something she did not want to deal with right now.

Kyle spots Liz behind the Crashdown and pulls up to her. "Where to Mack" he asks with a goofy grin.

Liz can't help but grin back. "Anywhere but here." she says as she climbs in.

The ride begins in silence. He can see that she is deep in thought and he doesn't want to push for an explanation until she is ready. An hour later she asks him to pull over. He pulls the truck over to the side of the road and turns the engine off. Still they sit in silence. He looks at her face and can see the sadness in her eyes. Damn aliens he thinks. "I'm here for you, so whenever your ready." he whispers.

Liz looks at Kyle and nods. Taking a deep breath she begins to tell him everything. By the time she is through, Kyle realizes that he has a new respect for Liz Parker.

"I never did thank you for all your help. I really owe you a lot."

"Hey, I always jump at the chance to help a damsel in distress." he laughs.

"I mean it Kyle, I am so glad that you and I have become close."

"And just how close would that be." he states wiggling his eye brows.

"Are you ever serious?"

"NEVER" he screams as turns up the stereo and jumps out of the truck. "Come on Miss Parker, it's time for you to have some fun."

"Kyle, NO." she laughs as he yanks her door open and pulls her out of the truck.

"You owe me, remember? So start dancing baby."

"What the hell." she giggles as she starts dancing. "I am due for some fun."

Mission accomplished he thinks to him self as he watches Liz laughing and having fun. Two hours later they were on their way back to Roswell.

Kyle once again pulls up behind the Crashdown. She smiles at him as he helps her out of the truck and walks her to the ladder.

"You know that I am always here for you. Right?" he asks

Liz throws her arms around Kyle. "Thank you for tonight and for everything." she says, placing a kiss on his cheek.

"Ok, that's enough of that." he blushes as he pulls away. "Go on get up there, it's late."

After climbing the ladder, she turns and waves goodbye to Kyle. As she is climbing back into her bedroom, she realizes that for a change sleep is the only thing on her mind.

That is until she realizes that their is someone waiting for her.

Part: 6

Standing on the edge of the balcony, Maria watched the retreating taillights of Kyle's truck. "I'm so Sorry Liz." she whispers. And tonight she had several things to be sorry for. She was sorry that she hadn't gotten to the Crashdown earlier, because maybe she could have stopped this all from happening. She had come to the Crashdown looking for Michael but what she found was Michael and Isabel confronting Liz about something. That something had turned out to Liz's betrayal of Max.

She was also sorry because she had told Michael, Isabel and Tess the truth about her so-called betrayal. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything, but who knows what else might have happened if I hadn't she thinks.

Most important of all, she was sorry for ever having met, Michael Guerin. But she couldn't think about that right now. She had to think about Liz.

Sighing, Maria climbs back into Liz's room. She picks up the phone off the night stand and punches in Liz's cell phone number. "Damn, no answer." she states slamming the phone down. It is then that she notices the pictures of Max and Liz. As she looks at the pictures anger takes over again. "Oh Max, you are so going to regret the day that you ever met me."

Running down the stairs Maria wondered where Liz's parents might be, but she was glad that they weren't here to witness tonight's events.


"We have to tell Max everything that just happened here and deal with whatever consequences come along with it." Michael states looking at the two girls in front of him.

As the three make their way to the door, Michael suddenly stops. "Go ahead, I'll meet you by the Jeep in a minute. Isabel and Tess nod at him and continue out. "Maria" he whispers. Michael turns and runs into the back room, almost colliding with a startled Maria.

"Coming back for more are you." she yells putting her fists in the air.

"I know I don't deserve it, but I need you help."

"You can go to hell, Michael. I wouldn't help you if you were the last alien on the planet."

"Well then you leave me no choice." he says as he throws Maria over his shoulders and carries her to the Jeep.

"Put me down." she screams and begins punching Michael in the back.

"Ouch! Stop it, that hurts."

"Oh just wait Guerin, this is nothing compared to the pain that I am going to inflict on you once you put me down."

"Fore play later." he laughs pushing through the front door of the Crashdown.

Isabel and Tess are stunned at the sight before them. Michael is carrying a screaming Maria over his shoulders with a smirk a mile wide on his face.

"Get in" he screams to the two of them as he climbs in the front passenger seat with Maria.

"Good job Michael, now we can add kidnapping to our list of charges." Isabel screeches.

"I swear that...mmpph." Maria mumbles as Michael places his hand over her mouth. "I said drive. We need to talk to Max."

Yes let's go talk to Max. Maria thinks. Because he has absolutely no idea what he has coming to him.

Part: 7

Max was worried. The clock on his nightstand read 2:45 AM and Isabel still wasn't home. This wasn't like her to be gone this long without getting in touch with him. He had been trying to call Michael's apartment and her cell phone all night, only to get no answer from either. He was glad that his parents weren't home. They had gone to visit his Aunt and Uncle, and would be gone all week. I better go look for her, he thinks as he climbs out of bed. Grabbing a pair of jeans and a shirt out of the closet, he gets dressed. As he is looking for his shoes he hears the front door open. "It's about time you get home, Is." he yells opening his bedroom door.

"Max get down here. We need to talk to you." Isabel screams.

Terror grips his whole body. Forgetting about his shoes, he runs to Isabel. "Is, What's wrong? Are you..." he stops as he enters the living room. There he finds with Isabel, Tess, Michael and Maria. Looking at Tess's face, he can tell that she has been crying. "What's wrong?" he asks. Tess can only stare back at him as the tears continue to fall. Next he notices Maria. "Maria, tell me what's going on." An evil grin spreads across Maria's face.

"Why don't you ask Dork and Mindy over here." she states pointing to Michael and Isabel.

"Maria, tell me what the hell is going on." Max yells

"What is going on Max, is that she doesn't deserve all the @#%$ that you have been putting her through. You are such an...mmph."

Michael once again places his hand over her mouth and pulls her to him. Maria struggles to get away, but he only tightens his grip on her.

"All right, I have had enough. Someone better tell me what they hell is going on right NOW." he yells.

"We confronted Liz about her cheating on you and she ran off." Isabel whispers to Max.

"I bet she did. She is getting real good at it too. I guess she couldn't handle the guilt." he sneers.

Madness takes over Maria. Sensing Maria's next move, Michael tightens his grip on her. So you want to play games, she thinks as she kicks him in the leg. Then lets play games. Michael crashes to the floor for the second time that night. Once free she runs up to Max and delivers a blow to his jaw that sends him flying backwards into wall.

"She has nothing to feel guilty about. But you will. Mark my words Max Evans. You will be plagued by this for the rest of you sorry life." she screams hysterically.

As Max tries to recovers from Maria's punch, he realizes that she knows the truth.

"You know." Grabbing Maria by the shoulders, he begins to shake her. "Tell me...Tell me the truth."

Looking Max in the eye she glares at him "You want the truth Max? Why didn't you just trust her. She loves you so much and because of her love for you, she had to give you up."

"Your not making any sense, Maria. Tell me why she had to give me up." he cries

Maria pushes Max's hands off of her shoulders and begins pacing around the room. "Your the reason." she spits out. Confusion covers Max's face as Maria continues. "You, fourteen years from the future came to Liz and told her that she had to make you fall out of love with her." Now looking at Tess, Maria continues "He told her that as your relationship with Liz got stronger, Tess became more and more jealous and then one day she left. Without her, the three of you weren't strong enough to defeat your enemies. Isabel was the first to die and then Michael. So you see dear Maxwell, she did it to save your family, your race and maybe even yourself."

Max begins to get Dizzy and falls back against the wall. Sliding to the floor, he puts his head in his hands. "Oh my god. What have I done?" he whispers.

"Oh you have done plenty, but lets not forget how your alien counterparts physically assaulted Liz tonight. Maria yells as she begins pacing again.

"What" he growls, looking up at Michael, Isabel and Tess. None of them can make eye contact with Max. They stand in silence until Isabel begins to cry.

"Max, we didn't know. All we knew was that you were hurting because of Liz. When you told me that she had slept with Kyle, I guess... I just lost it. We just wanted to confront her and tell her to leave you alone. I thought I was helping Max. I am so sorry."

With tears in his eyes, Max stands and looks at the four of them. "What the hell has happened to us? We have to find her. We have to make this right with Liz again."

"NO! I need to fix this. I need to make this right. She did this because of me. She won't listen to you Max. You tried talking to her already and this is what happened. Please, just let me talk to her first. I need to do this. I have to make her believe that I won't leave. I won't, I promise." Tess declares as the tears stream down her face. "Just let me do this. I will call you once we work through everything." She searches Max's face for an answer.

As her looks at Tess, Max realizes just how much she has changed. She was no longer the manipulative person she once was. They had become closer since it was reveled that they were each others destinies. He wasn't in love with her, but he did love her as family. He knew that she was right, Liz would never listen to him. Tess was the only one that could make Liz believe and then what. Would Liz forgive them? Would she forgive him? He had to find out, no matter what it took, he was going to make it right again. "Max" Tess says shaking him from his thoughts. Again Max looks at Tess and says "Make this right." Tess gives Max a sad smile and heads for the door.

"I'm going with you." says Maria as she runs towards Tess. Michael goes to grab her "I swear if you touch me one more time, you won't have to worry about the skins killing your sorry ass." she states stepping out of his way.

"She needs to do this alone. We need talk too. I don't want it to end like this. Please Maria, I'm sorry." Michael mumbles.

Tess looks at Max and he nods his head towards the door. She nods back and heads towards the Crashdown.

Not realizing Tess has left, Maria walks back towards Michael. "Yes you are sorry. How could you say that you can't trust us and what gives you the right to put your hands on anyone?"

"I don't know what happened. I know that it's not an excuse, but I was angry. I wasn't thinking." he says

"Michael Guerin not thinking before he takes action, what a surprise. she screams.

Max heads for the Kitchen and motions for Isabel to follow him. They both sit at the table in silence as Michael and Maria continue to go at it.

"Maria, I love you. I am so sorry about this and everything that has happened since I met you. I know that I haven't been easy to deal with, but I can't imagine my life without you in it. You have changed me. I know it and everyone else sees that I have become a better person because of you. Please forgive me. I can't live without you... Not anymore. Please Maria."

Her first inclination was to run into his arms. She wanted to smother him in her kisses and tell him that she loved him too, but she was scared. Her life has been a Roller Coaster ride from the first day she had met him. She knew that she loved him, but she never really knew where she stood with Michael Guerin. One minute they were together and another he was walking out the door. What about the whole Courtney issue? She was still confused about that. But she loved him, that was just the plain and simple truth. She looked at Michael and realized that he was crying. God how I love him she thinks.

"Maria, please don't ever leave me." he cries holding out his arms to her.

Her own tears begin to flow as she runs into them. "Michael, I can't go through this again. Promise me that you won't push me away anymore."

"I promise." he whispers into her hair. "Besides" he smiles "I'm too afraid that I may get another right hook, if I don't."

Maria laughs as he goes to punch him again, but Michael grabs her hands and pulls her against his chest.

"I love you Maria."

"I love you too Michael."

He then kisses Maria with all the passion that he has inside of him. When they finally come up for air, Michael looks at the clock on the wall.

"Come on, lets go. I'll take you home." he says taking her hand. "It been a long night."

"Hey, I'm already going to be in trouble for coming home this late, so what's a few hours more. Let's go to your place instead." she says giving him an evil grin. "Besides, we have a lot more making up to do."

Isabel and Max are still sitting in silence in the Kitchen. "I guess they made up." Isabel says looking at her brother. "Can you and Liz ever forgive me for what happened tonight?" Max looks up and sees the tears forming in Isabel's eyes. "I can forgive you Izzy. Since that day at the cave, none of us has been ourselves. It doesn't make what you did tonight right, though. There was a time when I could speak for Liz, but not anymore. After what we have put her through, I don't know if she will ever forgive any of us. he says sadly. It's late, why don't you go to bed. We can talk to Liz tomorrow."

Isabel nods and gets up from the table. "Are you going to bed? she asks already knowing that answer.

"No, I am going to stay up and wait for Tess's call. I couldn't sleep right now, even if I wanted too. Go on, go to bed. I'll be fine." he says giving her a half smile.

Isabel kisses her brother on the cheek and walks off towards her room.

Alone with his thoughts, Max thinks about all that he and Liz have been through in the last years. Why did this have to happen, he thinks as the sobs rack his body. I am so sorry Liz and I promise you that I am going to make this right. I am going to prove my love to you, no matter what it takes.

Part: 8

As Tess headed towards the Crashdown, her mind was reeling. This had been one of the strangest nights of her life and she had dealt with some strange situations lately. It all started with a phone call from Isabel. She wanted Tess to meet her and Michael at the Crashdown. Once there all hell had broken loose. Isabel had confronted Liz about her betrayal of Max and then Michael got involved. Before she knew what was happening, they were pushing Liz around. Maria then came bursting through the door and then Michael was on the ground. It was like a bad dream and it only got worse. Maria knew why Liz betrayed Max and now they all did. "Me" she whispers aloud. "I'm the reason that this all happened." They needed to tell Max. Before they left, however Michael kidnapped a very pissed off Maria. She watched as madness over took Maria, after Max had made a snide remark about Liz. Before she had time to react, Max was flying backwards into the wall. She remembered the look of pure devastation that enveloped Max's face upon finding out the truth. He wanted to go to Liz, but she was the only one who could fix this. She knew what she had to do and she was determined to fix this once and for all.

As she neared the Crashdown, her heart began to race. Doubt began to creep into her mind. What was she going to say? What if she wouldn't listen to her? She had been spouting for almost a year now that Max was her destiny and Liz had finally given up. She had even gone so far as to try and help Tess win his love. Now she had to somehow convince Liz that she was the one who belonged with Max, not Tess.

Looking in the window of the Crashdown, Tess realizes it's empty. She must be upstairs, she thinks and walks to the back of the restaurant. She climbs the ladder to the balcony and walks towards the window. As she get closer, she notices it is open and looks inside. There is a light on, but Liz is not there. I guess I'll just have to wait she thinks as she climbs inside.

Once inside she begins to look around. On the floor she sees Liz's Crashdown uniform, she replays tonight's scene all over again in her head. Why didn't I stop them she thinks. Because your a coward, she answers herself. Shaking her head, she walks towards the dresser. She picks up a frame with a picture of Alex, Maria and Liz in it and notices how happy they look. She tried to recall ever seeing that look on any of their faces and realizes that she couldn't. What had happened to these carefree teens? she thinks. We happened. Placing the frame back down on the dresser, she walks over to the bed and sits down.

Liz watches as Kyle gets into his truck and waves one last time. As she is climbing through her window, all she can think about is sleep. That is until she realizes that Tess is in her room, sitting on her bed.

"You have two minutes to get out of her before I call the cops. Breaking and entering is a crime, even for aliens. Liz spits.

"Look, I know that I am the last person that you want to see right now, but I need to talk to you." she says while walking towards Liz.

"There is nothing you have to say that I want to hear.

"I know about you and Kyle..."

"And that just makes you day, doesn't it." Liz cuts in. "You have him, he's yours. I gave him to you on a silver platter. So, go run to Max, he is your destiny after all." she screams pushing past Tess as she heads for the door.

Grabbing Liz before she can leave, "NO! You don't understand. I know why you made it look like you slept with Kyle. Liz, I know...We know...Max knows.

"This changes nothing." she cries as the tears begin to fall from her eyes. "They die without you. Please Tess, why are you doing this to me? Go to Max. He needs you."

"He needs you Liz. He hasn't been the same, since the day you walked away from him. I can't believe how much you have given up to protect him... to protect us. Maria told us everything. I can't begin to imagine how hard it must have been for you to come to me that night. As her own tears begin to fall, Tess looks into Liz's eyes. "You have to believe me. I won't leave. I promise you that I will always be here for him. But it not enough. It will never be enough, if your not there. You are his Strength, you always have been."

Falling back onto the bed, Liz can only stare at the girl standing in front of her. Did she dare believe? She began to feel hopeful for the first time in months. Her nightmare was coming to an end. She and max could finally be together, but what if Max wouldn't take her back. She had done nothing but lie to him lately. She had hurt him. Each time she looked into his eyes, she saw just how much. "It doesn't matter anymore." she cries, looking away. "He'll never forgive me. I have done nothing, but lie to him."

Tess begins to move towards the window, but then stops and turns to Liz. "You lied to protect him, he knows that. He will forgive you, and I hope that one day you can forgive me. Who knows maybe we could even become friends." she says as she heads back towards the window.

"I'd like that." Liz says, placing her hand on Tess's shoulder. "It's almost morning, how about I cook us some breakfast? You can tell me about your trip to New York. I've never been... well except a few days ago, and I really didn't see much. How about it?" she asks smiling.

"Sounds great to me." she says, turning towards Liz.

"Thank you for taking care of him." Liz whispers as she hugs Tess. Unable to speak, Tess can only smile and nod at her new friend.

Part: 9


Something must have gone wrong, he thinks as he paces back and forth through the kitchen. Looking at his watch, he notices that it had been almost two hours since Tess left and still no word from her. "This can't be good." He says as he continues his pacing. I bet that they've killed each other. He half laughs to him self. His frustration grows as he looks at his watch again and notices that only four minutes have passed. What am I going to say to her anyway? He had been going over ideas in his head, but nothing sounded right. What could he say to Liz to make up for all the heartache and pain that she had suffered. Pain the he had caused her. He wondered if she would even forgive him. Throwing himself on the couch with a sigh, he turns on the Televisions and begins flipping through the channels, unable to concentrate on anything that is on. I can't wait much longer, he thinks as he turns the TV off and heads towards the Kitchen for another round of pacing. "What the hell could they be talking about for two hours? He questions as he ends up back in front of the TV. It has to be broken, he thinks glancing at his watch again. This can't be right. Only two more minutes had passed since he last time. Max couldn't wait anymore, grabbing his jacket and his keys, he heads out the front door and towards the Crashdown.


Who would of thought that Liz and I would be sitting here eating breakfast, and as friends no less, Tess thinks to herself as she watches Liz scurry around the Kitchen of the Crashdown. It was hard to believe that not even two hours ago, she considered Liz to be one of her biggest threats. She couldn't believe how much had happened in the last week. Liz's secret had finally been revealed. They now knew that Liz had been visited by a future version of Max, who had told her that she had to make Max fall out of love with her. Why? Because if she didn't Tess would leave and that would cause the downfall of Isabel, Michael and their race. To do this she made it appear like she had slept with Kyle. But before any of them knew the truth, Michael, Isabel and herself had confronted Liz. It had turned ugly and before they knew it Liz was gone. Maria was the one who told them the truth, after she had punched Michael and Max in the face for snide remarks about Liz. Tess wasn't quite sure at what point it happened, but she found that she now had a new respect for Liz Parker.

"So tell me about your trip." Liz says from behind the counter as she places a plate of food in front of Tess. "I really haven't heard that much about it." Tess can only smile as Liz walks over and sits down next to her with Tabasco Sauce in hand. Between bites, Tess, describes her journey to New York. She can't help but giggle describing the place that Lonnie and Rath called home. It is then Liz's turn to giggle as Tess describes Max rambling on and on about not knowing how to be a leader, and how afraid he was as they accented to the top of the Empire State Building. "Should make for an interesting trip back home." Tess laughs cocking an eyebrow, as she points towards the sky. Both girls look at each other, which causes them to start laughing hysterically.


Looking through the Window of the Crashdown, Max can't believe his eyes. There sitting at the counter is Liz, the love of his life and Tess, his destiny. It looked as if they were laughing. There is definitely something wrong with this picture he laughs also thinking back to time when the two of them couldn't even stand to be in the same room together. Watching Liz laugh was a welcome sight. Neither one of them had much to laugh about these last few months. He was amazed at how her smile lit up her whole face and made her even more beautiful. Oh god how I love this woman, he thinks as he begins to pace, yet again. "Just open the door and let her know how much you love her." he whispers looking at his shaking hands. He begins to pulls the handle of the door and then stops. "I can't do this." he says walking into the alley behind the Crashdown. "Come on Max, be a man. Just open the damn door and talk to her." Taking a deep breath he heads towards the front door, only to walk past it again. "Why is this so hard. Come on Evan's, this is Liz, just talk to her." Taking another deep breath, he once again heads towards the door.

After they have finished their Breakfast, both Liz and Tess begin to clean up their mess. As Tess is walking around the counter, she catches a glimpse of Max as he is walking past the Crashdown. "Oh my god" she screams. Her out burst startles Liz and causes her to drop the plate that she is holding in her hand. "I forgot to call Max." she yelps looking at the door as he walks by yet again. What the hell is he doing? she wonders. "Call Max for what?" Liz asks. Before Tess can explain, Max enters through the front door. "Guess that is my cue to leave." she say grinning at them both. Turning to Liz, she hugs her friend and whispers in her ear. "Just listen to what he has to say. He loves you and I know you love him. You belong together. Just listen." Looking from Liz to Max she can't help but notice the terror on both of their faces. She hopeful that they can work through this. She walks towards Max only stopping long enough to mouths the words, sorry and good luck. And then it is just the two of them.

Part: 10

As Tess left the Crashdown she hoped that Max and Liz could work through this. After all that had happened, they just had to. She had finally realized that though she was Max's destiny, they did not belong together. It so obvious that Max and Liz have a special kind of love., she smiles. Glancing back towards the two, she notices that neither one has moved. "Go to her Max, You need each other." she whispers as she heads towards home.

All they can do is stare at each other from across the room. Not a sound is heard as they stand, each afraid that any movement will cause the other to disappear like some sort of bad dream. There is so much that needs to be said, but the words just won't come. Their bodies scream out for each other, for they had been apart far to long. Unable to not hold her any longer, Max takes a step forward and opens his arms towards Liz. She can only stare at the love of her life as his arms reach out for her. This has to be a dream she thinks as she continues to look at Max. Taking another step towards her, Max utters "Liz, PLEASE." his voice quivering. Complete and utter love is all she sees as she looks into his eyes. Taking her own step forward, Liz is instantly enveloped in his warm a loving embrace.

The tears fall freely from both of their eyes as they continue to hold each other. Neither of then can believe that the other is finally in their arms. "Oh Max, I am so sorry for everything. For all the pain that I've caused you. Oh my god Max, all those horrible things I said to you. I didn't mean it, I didn't mean any of it I would die you Max, I'd do anything for you. Always for you. Liz sobs into Max's shoulder as she tightens her arms around him.

His tears continue to fall down his face as he hears her words. "Oh, Liz. He says pulling away from her and looking into her eyes. "Can you ever forgive me for the way that I treated you. I should have trusted you. I have always known that our love was special, but I let it go, without even trying to fight for it, I let it go." I love you, Liz. If you can forgive me, I promise to never let it happen again."

"I love you too." she whispers smiling through her tears. Running his hand through her hair, he pulls her to him and places his lips on hers. It begins as a simple kiss, but became demanding as their passion for each other takes over. As the images appear, Max finally realizes all the Liz had sacrificed for him and all of them. He watches as she pretends to recite her wedding vows to him in the mirror. He feels her fear as the future version of himself appears from out of nowhere and her total shock as he tells her that she must make her Max fall out of love with her. As the images continue, he sees Liz talking to Tess and trying to help her make Max notice her. His heart breaks for the second time, as he relives that night she came to his window and told him that she didn't want to die for him. And tears blur his vision as he feels her complete devastation after she left him. "Oh god Liz." he sobs breaking their kiss as he looks into her eyes. "I'd do it again, Max. I'd do anything for you." she says as she runs her hand across his cheek.

Never in his life had he felt more complete then he did right now. "Thank you." he whispers smiling softly as he places another kiss on her lips.

"I don't know about you." she says laughing "but this has been the longest week of my life." Taking Max's hand she leads him into the back room and pushes him onto the couch. "Its been the longest couple of months." he grins pulling her beside him. "Promise, No more secrets." he states staring lovely into her eyes. "Ever" she says as she closes her mouth over his for another passionate kiss.


"Home sweet home." he thinks as he pulls up in front of the Crashdown. It had been a long couple of days and all Jeff Parkers was thinking about was checking on Lia and getting some sleep. Getting out of the car, he gets his travel bag from the trunk and heads for the front door. Pulling his keys from his pocket, he opens the door and steps inside. As he is walking through the resturant he wonders where Liz is. Pushing open the backroom door, he heads towards the stairs leading to his apartment. What he sees next causes him to stop dead in his tracks.

Part: 11

"Make love to me" she whispers into his ear, as Max continues to assault her neckline with his kisses. Max stops his assault on her neck and looks into her eyes. "Liz" he whispers back. "Are you sure" Watching her face for an answer. As he looks into her eyes, all he can see is her complete trust and love for him. "I love you Liz, always." he says moving his mouth over hers. As their kisses continue they become more demanding. Needing to feel more of him, Liz begins to take off Max's shirt, breaking their kiss long enough to remove it. I must be in heaven, she thinks as she moves her hands over the smooth skin of his body. Max begins placing fevered kisses along her neck, but stops as he reaches the top button of her shirt. "Are you sure" he whispers again looking into her beautiful brown eyes. Staring back into his eyes, she begins to unbutton the top button.

"What the hell is going on here" Jeff Parker bellows not believing the sight he sees before him. "Daddy" Liz screams jumping up, knocking a bare chested Max to the floor. Recovering from the shock, Max gets up off the floor and finds himself standing face to face with Liz's father. "You have two seconds to get the hell out of her,before I do something that I might regret. I don't ever want you to see my daughter again. Do you hear me" he growls at Max. "Daddy, No" Liz screams pushing herself in-between Max and her father. "I love him, and I have been through hell this summer without him. I won't lose him again, I can't." she sobs as the tears begin to fall down her cheeks.

His heart breaks as he watches his only daughters tears fall. "Lizzy" he says, taking a step towards her, stopping only when he hears Max speak. "Mr. Parker, I love your daughter, I always have, if you would just let me talk to you alone." He watches as his daughters eyes widen in surprise. "No Max, you don't have to do that." she cries. "Yes I do." he says looking at her Father. "Go upstairs, I think it is a good idea that Max and I have a talk." Jeff states pointing towards the stairs. Liz turns and looks at Max, "It's ok" he whispers smiling down at her. "Go on, I'll see you later." They both watch as she slowly ascends the stairs, turning around halfway up to look back at them. "Go on" he mouths, still smiling at her. She gives a him a half smile and continues, closing the door behind her. "Put your shirt on and meet me in the Cafe" Jeff growls as he turns to enter the restaurant. "I need some coffee".

Alone with his thoughts, Max looks for his shirt. Great we finally get back together and this had to happen. Way to go Evans. Finding his shirt, he puts it back on and heads towards the man that will determine his destiny with Liz.

Entering the cafe, he finds Jeff Parker behind the counter making a pot of coffee. "Sit down Max" he says pointing at the stools in front of the counter. "Want some coffee, you look like you had a long night too." Max can only nod as he makes his way to the stool.

Jeff watches as Max makes his way to the stool and sits down. They remain silent as he pours two cups of coffee and places them on the counter. Walking around the counter, he takes the seat next to Max and begins speaking. "I can only go by what I saw back there, and it looked like you and Liz were getting pretty serious. She is my little girl and it is my job to protect her. Can you understand that" he asks looking Max directly in the eye. Again all Max can do is nod. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't stop you two from ever seeing each other again"

Pondering Jeff's words, Max can think of nothing to say at first. Then images of Liz begin to flash in his mind. His beautiful Liz. Images of her smiling, laughing, dancing and even crying. Each image more beautiful then the next. With a smile covering his face, he looks up and says "I can give you several" Watching the look of shock that covers Mr. Parker's face, he continues

"I have loved your Daughter from the first day I met her. We were just kids, but I just knew she was the one. I watched her from a far as she grew into the beautiful woman she is today. And I couldn't believe it when she chose me, the guy who was to scared to speak to her for so many years. But she wanted to be with me. Me! The happiest day of my life, was the day that Liz Parker told Max Evans that she loved him. I do love her and I would never hurt her, you have to believe that. Without her I can barley breath. I need her and she needs me. Without her this summer it was torture. Please Mr. Parker, don't take her away from me. he cries as a tear falls from his eye. "I plan to marry her someday and make her the happiest that I can."

Jeff Parker can only stare at the man in sitting in front of him. He didn't know why, but he believed every word that Max said. His thoughts drift back to the past summer. Liz had gone to visit his Sister in Florida. Before she left she was miserable. Except when she was working, most of her time was spent in her room. Many nights as he walked past her door, he thought he heard her crying and now he knew that she was. A small smile crossed his lips as he recalled the night that Max sang to her from the alley below, accompanied by a Maruichi Band. It was obvious that they were in love and even if he forbid them from seeing each other, he knew that they would find a way to be together. "I don't approve with what I saw this morning, you are both to young to be having sex. Don't ask me why, but I trust you Max, I know that my Lizzy loves you and that you return that love. But if you ever hurt her, then you will have to deal with me and her Mother. Understand" he asks getting up from the stool he was sitting on.

"I'd have to deal with her Mother" he asks thoughtfully. "I don't think I would like that, would I" he asks grinning. Jeff Parker had to laugh at the look on Max's face. "No, I don't think you would." he states grinning back. "Now go home. You can talk to Lizzy later"

"Just one more thing. Tomorrow is New Years Eve and I was wondering if we could ring in the New Year here. I'd like to make it special for Liz. You won't have to do anything. I'll do it all" Max asks. Jeff looks at the Max and nods his head. "I'll supply all the food and drinks and all you need to do is decorate if you want." Grinning from ear to ear, Max extends his hand towards Liz's Father. "Thank you for everything Mr. Parker" Max says shaking Jeff's hand. "Your welcome. Now go home" Still smiling, Max turns around and runs through the front door of the Crashdown.

If I don't hear something soon, I am going to die. Liz thinks to herself as she paces back and fourth in her room. It had been almost thirty minutes and she still didn't know what was going on. She is pulled from her thoughts by a knock on the door. "Lizzy can I come in" Jeff asks his daughter. "Come in Daddy" she answers back. Entering her room, he looks at his daughter standing before him. Gone is his cherub faced little girl, here stood a beautiful and intelligent woman. "Where did my little girl go" he asks continuing to look at Liz. "She grew up Daddy" she answers. "I know" he whispers as he takes her into his arms. As his tears fall, he kisses the top of her head. "Just promise me that you'll wait until after Graduation." Pulling out of his embrace, Liz looks at her Father in confusion. "Your wedding" he says smiling through his tears. Unable to speak, she can only look at her Father dumb founded. "That must have been one heck of a conversation" she says once she gets her wits back. Smiling at his Daughter, he turns to leave. "It was, it really was" he grins closing the door behind him.

Part: 12

"There is no way that this just happened" Liz says aloud as she watches her father leave her room. "There is no way that my father, just gave me permission to marry Max Evan's. OH MY GOD" she screams dancing around her bedroom. "MY FATHER JUST GAVE ME PERMISSION TO MARRY MAX EVAN"S"

"What have I gotten myself into" Jeff Parker whispers, leaning against the closed door to his daughters bedroom. "Her mother is going to kill me" Laughing he heads off to his own bedroom to get some much needed sleep.

She didn't think that she would ever be this happy again, and after the last few months, who could blame her. But she didn't want to think about that now. Her and Max were together and she was determined that nothing was ever going to come between them again. The phone ringing brings her out of her thoughts.


"I just wanted to hear you voice. I wanted to make sure that this was real." the voice on the other end says.

"It's real Max, I promise you that it is real"

"I love you Liz Parker"

"I love you Max Evans" she laying down on the bed.

"Have you talked to your father yet"

"Yes, he just left. what exactly did the two of you talk about" she asks intrigued.

"I'm afraid that is something that must remain between your father and I." he says laughing.

"Max Evan's, I thought we said no more secrets"

"Well I can tell you this much. He is allowing me to throw you the biggest and the best New Years Eve Party tomorrow night, right there at the Crashdown."

"Oh my god, I almost forgot that tomorrow is New Years Eve" she says with a yawn.

"I know that your tired, we've had a long night. Get some sleep. I'll call you later." he says himself yawning.

"Your not going to come to the Crashdown tonight" she asks disappointed.

"Not tonight. I think that we should give your father some time for all this to set in. He laughs. "I'll call you later"

"I love you" she whispers into the phone.

"And I love you" he whispers back. "Now get some sleep"

Hanging up the phone, Liz snuggles under the blankets of her bed and drifts off to sleep, dreaming about the day that Max Evan's and Liz Parker would become man and wife.


Liz was brought out of her slumber, by the rumbling of her own stomach. As she climbed out of bed, she realized that the last time she had eaten was earlier this morning with Tess. No wonder I'm hungry, she thinks to her self and heads for the Crashdown.

As she enters the kitchen of the Crashdown she bumps into someone. "Oh, I'm sorry" she says looking up, coming face to face with Michael. Anger rages through her as she recalls the night that him and Isabel had attacked her. "Liz, I" but before he can finish, Liz stops him. "Save it Michael. I don't want to hear anything that you or Isabel have to say. EVER" she screams at him as she turns and runs back up the stairs leading to her apartment. Michael can only stand there in silence as he watches Liz run away. "We have to do something about this Michael" says Maria as she enters the kitchen.

"You heard her, she doesn't want anything to do with us" he states matter of factly and walks back into the kitchen.

"Oh no, we are gong to make this better and I know just the person to call" Walking to her locker, she gets her cell phone and calls Max. She tells him about situation that has just occurred. "Ok, I'll call an emergency meeting at the Crashdown tonight. I'll bring Isabel and everyone else, but you have to make sure that Michael stays there"

"That shouldn't be too hard, since he's working tonight" she whispers into the phone, afraid that Michael might hear what she was saying. "Max, what about Liz. I haven't had a chance to talk to her myself yet"

"I'll call Liz and tell her to meet me downstairs. I'll tell her that I want to surprise her. She thinks that I am going to stay home tonight, and give her father time to adjust to our little talk today"

"Little talk" she question. "What little talk. When did Mr. Parker come home, I thought he was out of town. You gotta fill me in Max"

"Not right now Maria, we have to get this over between Liz, Michael and Isabel. Remember make sure that Michael doesn't leave"

"Yah Yah Yah. Just hurry up already" she continues to whisper.

"Just give me thirty minutes"


Anger coursed through Liz's veins as she paced back and fourth in her bedroom. He has a lot of nerve to try and talk to me after what they did, she fumes as she continues her pacing. Who does he think he is? Does he think that I am just going to forget about what happened, just because Max and I are back together doesn't mean anything. She is so wrapped up in her ranting that she doesn't hear the phone ring. "Lizzy, phone for you" her father yells down the hall. She knows who it is before she even picks up the receiver. "Max" she says trying to control her anger. "Hi Liz, I can't wait until tomorrow to see you. Can you meet me downstairs in about half an hour"

"Couldn't we just meet on my balcony"

"Actually I am starving. Since my parents are away, Isabel has been cooking and she is almost as bad as my mother" he laughs.

"Ok, I'll see you in thirty minutes" he says hanging up before Liz has a chance to say anything else.


His next call was to Tess. He explained all that Maria had told him and explains his plans for the evening. Tess agrees to meet Max at the Crashdown in twenty minutes. Two down one more to go, he thinks approaching Isabel's closed bedroom door. Knocking, he receives no response. He knocks again, but still he gets no response. Opening the door he finds Isabel sitting on the floor surrounded by what looks to be her whole wardrobe. "Spring cleaning" he chuckles entering her room. Startled, Isabel looks up and notices her brother standing in the doorway. "What" she says obviously distracted. "I said are you doing spring cleaning" pointing at the cloths all over the floor. "No, I just thought that I would rearrange my closet. I haven't done it in a long time"

"The only time that you arrange anything is when your upset. Now what's wrong" knowing the answer already. "Nothing...It's just this whole Liz thing. I don't know how... what to do about it. I know that she hates me and Michael right now and after all that she gave up for us" she cries as her eyes begin to water. "Liz doesn't hate you, she is just upset. How about we go over there tonight and talk things out with her" he says clearing a spot for himself and sitting by his sister. "I can't Max, I just can't face her right now" "Is, you have to do this sooner or later and with all that has happened, I think that sooner is best. We need to be done with all that happened in the past. We are stronger as a group and that includes "all" of us" he says placing his arms around his sister. Glancing at her brother, she smiles and nods her head. "Just let me finish this first and then we can go" she says looking around the room.

"Here, let me help you with that" he laughs grabbing an armful of clothes and throwing them in her direction. Isabel can't help but laugh as she watches her clothes fall in a big heap at her feet. "Lets just get this over with" he states grabbing her hand and leading her out to the jeep.

Michael and Maria work in silence as they close the Crashdown for the night. Mr. Parker had allowed them to close early because this time of year business tended to be slow. What is taking them so long, she thinks to her self as she places the chairs on the table. She feels herself relax as Max, Isabel, and Tess enter the Crashdown. Taking their normal booth, Maria walks up to them. "It's about time. What they hell took so long" she whispers. "I had to help Isabel finish her spring cleaning" he chuckles looking at a grinning Isabel. "Spring cleaning" Maria asks as Tess and her look at them in confusion. Finishing the last of the kitchen, Michael walks over to the booth and sits down. "What's up Maxwell"

"I just thought that we should discuss all that we have learned this last week" Looking at his friends. "So much has happened and we allowed ourselves to break apart. We need to stay together, because we are stronger as a whole. We..." Looking up he notices the retreating figure of Liz.

She couldn't believe her eyes. Max had asked her to come down and meet him for dinner and here she finds him surrounded by Isabel, Michael, Maria and Tess. I just can't deal with this tonight, she thinks as she walks back into the backroom. "Liz wait" she hears Max say as he places his arms around her waist. "I don't know what your trying to pull here Max, but it's not going to work" she growls trying to break the hold he had her in. "This has gone on long enough" he yells picking her up and carrying her to the booth. Forcing her to sit on his lap, Max looks around the table at all of his friends. They sit in uncomfortable silence, each too afraid to say anything. "We all know why we are here" he starts "We have to get through this. Maria"

Maria looks around the table and then at Liz. "Oh Liz, I am so sorry for spilling your secret, but they had to know. You and Max were so both so hurt and it just kept getting worse, then..." stopping she looks at Michael and Isabel and the looks of guilt on their face. "and then they other night, I saw them..what happened. I had to tell them, can you ever forgive me" tears begins to fall down Maria's face as she gets up and walks over to Liz. "Please Liz, I know you trusted me, but..." Liz takes Maria's hand. "I still trust you. I know why you told them and I understand" Looking at Max, he nods and releases her. Liz grabs her best friend and hugs her with all her might. "I love you Liz" Maria whispers as her tears continue to fall. Her own tears falling Liz places a kiss on Maria's cheek and hugs her again. "I know, I love you too" "Isabel" Max nods towards his sister. Sensing her moves before she has a chance to leave, Max grabs Liz around the waist again and pulls her to him. Not looking at Liz, Isabel begins. "Liz, I hope that one day you can forgive me. I am so sorry for the way that Michael and I treated you, but mostly for the way I treated you. If I would have thought about it more, I would have realized that you weren't capable of something like that, but I was so angry, not just at you, but at everything that has been going on. I shouldn't have taken it out on you and I hope that someday you can forgive me for everything that I have said and done yesterday and in the past. I know that you might not believe this, but I value your friendship and I will do whatever it takes to get it back"

Max can feel Liz trembling in her arms, he knew he should stop, but this had to be done tonight. "Michael" she says looking at his friend. Michael looks around the restaurant and then at Liz. "Sorry" he says plainly. "Sorry, is that all you have to say for yourself, Michael" Max growls as he looks at Michael in shock. "What do you want me to say Max" he yells getting up from the booth. "Do you want me to say that I feel bad about what happened, because I do. I feel horrible. Do you want me to tell you that I question what kind of man I am because I attacked a woman. A woman that has been there for us...for me ever since I met her. even though I have treated her with nothing but disrespect" Tears begin to stream down his face as he continues. Is that what you want. Do you want me to tell you that I do respect her, but I am too proud to admit it. That I..."

"I love you too Michael" Liz whispers. "What" Michael yells turning towards Liz. "How can you say that, after all I have put you through"

Getting up from Max's lap, Liz walks over to Michael and places her arms around him. She feels him stiffen in her embrace, but as Max did with her, she refuses to let go. "Your part of my family and families fight. I love you Michael, no matter what you do or say I will always love you and even though you never said it, I always knew that you loved me. Liz tightens her embrace even more as Michael tears turn into sobs. "I am so sorry Liz, please forgive me" No one speaks as they watch the scene in front of them. Tears are in each of their eyes as Liz holds a sobbing Michael.

"Who would have thought that you would be the one to break it down" Maria speaks, breaking the silence as they all look in her direction. "The stone wall" she says with a giggle. No one says a word as they sit in stunned silence. "Sorry" Maria mutters under her breath. Then it began. It started out as a small giggle and then moved into more giggles and then exploded into a total fit of laughter. "I'm sorry" Liz says stepping back from Michael, as her laughter continues. He can only stare at her, but it is just a matter of seconds before he is laughing right along with her. Taking her hand Michael leads her back to the booth were she proceeds to plop down into Max's lap. Leaning back she lays her head against his chest and sighs. "Thank you for tonight" she whispers placing a soft kiss on his lips. "Your welcome" he says deepening their kiss. "Oh god" here we go again" Isabel groans, pretending to be annoyed as the table erupts into laughter.

Part 13

"What are you thinking about Max whispers" Noticing that Liz seems to be somewhere else. Liz looks at Max and smiles placing a light kiss on his lips. "I was just thinking about all that has happened this week" She says kissing him once again.

"Liz, I hope you meant what you said when you told everyone that you could forgive them" he says worriedly.

"I Meant every word of it Max. I promise"

Running his hands through her hair, Max pulls Liz closer to his body as he begins nibbling on her sensitive neck. "I love you, Liz" he whispers moving his kisses up her chin until her reaches her soft lips. Liz wraps her arms around Max's neck and allows him access to her eager mouth. "Get a room you two" Isabel laughs from across the table.

A blush spreads across both of their faces as they pull away from each other. "I think that it is time to call it a night" Max says still blushing. "We all need to get some sleep, because we have a lot of work to do if we want to have this New Years Eve Party"

They all nod in agreement as one by one they leave the Crashdown and head for home.

"Where do you think your going" Liz giggles, as Max tries to get out from the booth. "I am going home and to bed, which is where you should be heading also"

"Will you be joining me" she questions as an evil grin crosses her face. "We still have some unfinished business"

"I don't think that your father could handle catching us a second time" he grins back, pushing her up off his lap and pulling her into his embrace.

"I want you and Maria to stay out of the Crashdown tomorrow" Max warns a surprised Liz. "Michael, Isabel, Tess and myself want to make tomorrow night special for you and Maria. Promise me that you'll stay away from here"

"I promise" she says kissing him again.


"What am I going to wear" a frantic Maria screams as she throws yet another outfit from her closet over her head. Giggling Liz begins to pick up the discarded clothes and places them on the bed. "This is ridicules, I have absolutely nothing to wear for tonight" she continues her rant heading for the dresser. "Maria breath" Liz says grabbing her friend by the arm. "What do you mean that you have nothing to wear, you have enough clothes to start your own clothing store. Give me a minute and I will find something for you to wear." Liz begins to go through the stack of clothes that she has accumulated on the bed. "Jeez Maria you really have to get rid of some of this stuff. Isn't this the top that we..."

"Where are my two best girls" a voice asks as Maria's bedroom door opens. "ALEEEEEEEEX" Maria screams throwing herself into her other best friends arms. "I have missed you so much. You have no idea what has been gong on since you left. Michael and Isabel attacked Liz and then I punched Michael and Max out. And then you should have seen it. Michael broke down in front of everyone and Liz was the one that finally broke through the stone wall, even though I thought it was gong to be me, but that's ok, at least someone did and..."

"Maria...come up for air girl" Liz giggles as she walks up to Alex and hugs him. Shrugging her shoulders, Maria walks into the bathroom and takes a shower. "Welcome home Alex. I really have missed you so much while you were gone"

"So fill me in on all that has happened and start with the part about Isabel and Michael attacking you Liz" Alex sits on the bed waiting for Liz to fill him in.

"Oh and Alex, their throwing us a New Years Eve Party in like two hours and now your here. Maria yells as she once again enters the room. "@#%$ Liz this thing starts in two hours. There is no way that I will be ready in two hours. I haven't even picked out my outfit and...Alex I know that your not wearing that to the party. You gotta go change... I gotta go change...Come on Liz hurry up and help me get ready"

As Liz once again sifts through that pile of clothes on the bed, she fills Alex in on the events of the last few months that lead to everything that happened this week. "So let me get this straight. You pretended to sleep with Kyle, because a Future Max told you to make This Max fall out of love with him...and Michael and Isabel attack you for it and then Tess and you become friends..and now your friends with everyone...except for Max, who you are now dating again. Do I have all of it now." a confused Alex asks.

"You have most of it" Liz states as she throws an outfit at Maria. "Here, this is what your wearing tonight. Now go get dressed and I don't want to hear another word from you. GO"

"Man, you found this is my closet. I didn't even know that I had this. Your the best Liz" Hugging Liz Maria heads towards the bathroom to change.

As Liz starts to get ready herself, she explains everything to Alex all over again. When she is finished all her can do is look at Liz with awe. "Your one hell of a woman Liz"

"Alex...come on now, leave Liz alone she has to get ready and you still have to go home and change" a frantic Maria yells entering the room yet again. Throwing his hands up in defeat, he hugs his friends once again and heads home to change.


"What time is it" a nervous Max asks Isabel. "It's about two minutes later then the last time you asked her" Michael laughs from the kitchen. "Calm down Maxwell or you are going to give yourself a heart attack"

"I can't help it. I just want everything to be perfect for Liz tonight. I owe her at least that much for everything that she has done for me"

"We all owe her a lot and everything looks wonderful. So stop worrying will ya" Isabel says placing her arm across his shoulder. "Now lets get this party started" With a wave of her hand the lights in the Crashdown dim and the Music begins to play. "Come on Max, dance with your sister. I have a feeling that once Liz gets here, I won't have the chance to dance with you" Smiling Max takes his sisters hand and leads her to the dance floor.

"I don't think that I should be here" Kyle states nervously as he and Tess sit in his truck outside the Crashdown. "I know that you said that Max forgave Liz, but..."

"Kyle" Tess whispers "Max will forgive you. He knows that you pretended to sleep with Liz because she asked you ...and besides, I want you there"

"You do" Kyle asks astonished. Nodding Tess moves forwards and places a kiss on Kyle's lips. "I've wanted to do that for awhile now" she giggles opening her door and stepping out. "So are you coming in or not"

Throwing open his door, Kyle jumps out of his truck and runs over to where Tess stands. "That's what I thought" she says smiling up at him. Taking his hand she leads him into the Crashdown.

Max is the first to notice Tess and Kyle enter the restaurant. "I'll be right back" he whispers into his sisters ear, nodding towards Kyle and Tess as he heads in their direction. "Hey Tess...Kyle" he says greeting them. "Tess can you excuse us for a few minutes. I want to talk to Kyle alone" Squeezing his hand, Tess smiles at him and goes to join Isabel. "Follow me" Max states as he heads for the backroom.

Great Kyle thinks following Max. He wants to take me out back where there are no witnesses and kill me. Once they enter the backroom, they stand in silence. Come on Max this easy. he says to himself as he begins pacing the floor. Kyle watches nervously as Max paces back and forth. "Look Evans, I know that you pissed because of what you saw, but you have to believe me, nothing happened. She needed a favor and me being her friend had to help her" Max stops pacing and stands in front of Kyle. Oh great Valenti, now you've really pissed him off. "Kyle, I have to admit when I saw you in bed with Liz that night, all I could think about after was how many ways I could kill you. You wouldn't believe how many ways there are to kill a man" he chuckles looking Kyle dead in the face. "But now I know why you went along with it and I want to thank you for that"

"Thank me" Kyle asks as confusion covers his face.

"Yes Kyle I want to thank you for being there for Liz when she needed you. She needed someone and you were there for her. Even after the way I treated you that day when everyone disappeared, you still let me know that you would look out for her. I am glad that your Liz's friend..and mine"

Confusion turns to shock at Kyle listens to his words. "Your..Your welcome" he stutters as he extends his hand towards Max. Max looks at the hand that is being offered to him and then looks at Kyle. Pushing his hand away Max grabs Kyle and embraces him. "I mean it..Thank you for being there for her"

"Is there something I need to know about going on between the two of you" Liz giggles as he watches the two men break away from each other quickly. "Max was..um.." Kyle stammers as his face becomes bright red. "I was just thanking him for being there for you when I wasn't" Max continues for him as his face also becomes red. "I better get out there" Kyle says pointing towards the door. "Tess is probably wondering if I'm dead yet"

"Tess..huh. What exactly is going on with you and Tess" Liz asks looking at Kyle as Max pulls her to him wrapping his arms around her and begins kissing her.

Nothing your interested in at the moment he chuckles to himself as he leaves the backroom and enters the restaurant.

They continue their kissing until they have no choice but to come up for air. Liz sighs contently as she rests her head on Max's strong chest. "If only we could stay like this forever" she whispers snuggling even closer into his body. "We will one day" he whispers into her hair. Minutes later he breaks their embrace and leads Liz over to the couch. Her body tightens as she notices the look of concern on his face. "Have a seat Liz. I need to talk to you about something" Trembling slightly she sits down.

"I can't stop replaying those words that you said to me that night after you tried to get me and Tess together. You said that your life was only in danger when you were with me and that you wanted to get married and have children..and that you wanted your children to be safe. I know that you said you didn't mean those words" Now kneeling down in front of her. "But..Liz your life WILL always be in danger and if we do get married and have kids, they WILL be in danger also. I love you Liz. I have from the very first time I saw you. But I need to know...I need to know if my love is enough...'

"Oh Max" Liz sobs as she throws her arms around his neck. "I love you so much...and I don't care how dangerous your life is. As long as where together, we can get through anything. I long for the day that we get married and Children...Max we can worry about children when the time comes. As for you love being enough. It's more then enough, it always has been. Please Max, understand this. I love you and I will always be by your side...no matter what"

As his own tears start to fall, Max reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box. He watches her eyes light up as he opens it. "Liz I love you with all my heart. You and I share the same soul and I can't wait for the day that I make you my wife. I've dreamed of that day for so long. I know that this is not a real engagement ring, but this ring signifies my devotion to you and the promise that one day we will be together for ever. As their tears continue to fall, Max places his promise ring onto Liz's finger. "Will you do me the honor of someday becoming my wife"

Unable to speak, Liz can only stare at the beautiful ring that Max has placed on her finger. It's really going to happen. I'm really going to become Max's wife. Looking from her ring to Max she can't help but smile at the look of nervousness on his face as he waits for her answer. Still unable to speak, Liz can only nod her head as she throws her body against Max, knocking them both to the floor. "I take it this is a yes" he chuckles as she places tiny kisses all over his face. "Yes Max...Oh yes" she sobs as she continues to cover his face, finally reaching his lips she draws his mouth open with her tongue and deepens their kiss.

"Come on you two it's almost midnight" Maria yells as she enters the backroom and finds Max and Liz laying on the floor making out. "Well I guess that you have your own way of ringing in the New Year" Turning around she leaving them to their privacy.

NINE... "Max..." Liz whispers pulling her lips away from his. "It's almost mid..." Her sentence cut short as Max begins to kiss her again.
SEVEN... "Come on Max...We have to get out there and ring in the New Year with our..." Again his lips find hers stopping her in mid sentence.
FIVE... "MAXWELL EVANS" she laughs loudly. Jumping up off the floor, she pulls him with her into the restaurant.
THREE... They chime in reaching their friends.
HAPPY NEW YEAR! They all scream at the top of their lungs and one by one they begin kissing their significant others.

Michael pulls a squealing Maria into his arms. As he kisses her, he welcomes the new year. He whispers promises into her ear. Promises that will change their relationship for the better.
"I love you Maria"
"And I love you too Space boy"

Tess smiles as Kyle pulls her against his body and places a kiss on her lips. "I don't want to scare you Kyle, because it sure scares the hell out of me, but I think that I have fallen in love with you" Now it is Kyle's turn to smile. "Tess, Your not the only one who is scared, but I think that I have fallen in love with you too"

Isabel lightly kisses Alex on the cheek. "Happy New Year Alex. I'm so glad that your home...I've...miss...missed you" Alex looks at Isabel...Isabel the woman that he has loved for so long now. "I need to know Isabel" he states looking into her eyes. "Know what Alex" she asks questionably. "I need to know if we can only be friends...or can we be more. I want more Is, but I'm not willing to wait around anymore while you decide. I need to know tonight and if we can only be friends, that's fine I'll still be here for you...but I have to know" Isabel smiles at Alex "Oh Alex...The whole time you were gone all I could think about was you. I missed you. I don't want to be just friends anymore. I want more...so much more. I love you Alex. I have for a long time...I was just to stupid to tell you" Grinning from ear to ear, Alex dips Isabel backwards and kisses her like she has never been kissed before.

Leading Liz to the dance floor, Max engulfs her in his arms. As they sway to the music, Liz can't help but stare at the ring that Max has placed on her finger. "I can't believe that one day you and I will be married...bond together for ever" she whispers against his chest. "Believe it Liz. I am never letting you go...You are mine forever."
"Forever...I like the sound of that" she says as he moves his face downwards and covers her lips with his.

"Happy New Year Max. I love you"
"Happy New Year Liz. I love you always"

The End

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