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a writin'

Post by anarchistla1 » 09/28/03 16:37

The End
Another distant scream...
Another shattered dream.
Lost another bet...
Another cigarette.
The world's only getting stupider...
Mother nature's crying, but no one hears her.
"God" damns you America...
Open eyes see right through ya.
Everybody's fake...
Independence burnt at the stake.
Mass produced welfare...
Never ending warfare.
It's American to hate...
Forecasting your own fate.
Money is where the power's at...
An open minded minority disagrees with that.
Your God would be ashamed...
This world is satan tamed.
My life's lottery is one fucked up game...
Under your masks, you all look the same.
Discriminating, superficial, ignorant waste...
Never gonna give your life another taste.
Kill me more...
I'll never be your whore.
Look at me, and you will see what's real...
A life your culture couldn't steal.
Close them eyes...
Another friend dies.
Be blind...
And no life is what you will find.
A world of rape, murder, and beer...
The outcasts are who you need to hear.
Nothing lasts forever...
But I, you will remember.
You blew your chance...
Let the chaos dance.
Emptiness feels no pain...
Sobriety's insane.
One day I'll be gone and dead...
Will you remember what I said?
End world, here's my one last breath...
Lets all watch America bring upon our death.
God, make this nightmare end...
We're alone my friend.
Misinterpreted and shoved aside...
Humanity has already died.
Say goodbye...
Time for us all to die.
Lost it all...
Watch me fall...
You'll all see...
The end of humanity.

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a writin'

Post by jbangelo » 09/29/03 07:02

anarchistla1, welcome to FD! Thanks for sharing your writing with us.

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a writin'

Post by bunniefuu » 10/04/03 16:52

anarchistla1~ Welcome to FD!

LOVED it btw! So true. So true. Sad, yet honest.

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a writin'

Post by destinyros2005 » 10/08/03 12:45

Welcome to FD, Anarchistla1!

Loved your writing. Like Bunnie said...sad, but honest.

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