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Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/17/06 14:26
by destinyros2005
Pop to it

Don't-miss pop culture things to see, hear and do this week in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky
1. In case you had any doubt that TV can make someone a rock star, INXS comes to town this weekend after selling out shows in January and February. New lead signer JD Fortune was picked to replace the late Michael Hutchence in a worldwide search televised on CBS' "Rock Star: INXS." 7:30 p.m. Sunday, 650 Walnut St., downtown. $49.50-$59.40. (513) 621-2787,

2. Well, at least if "Alias" is going away after this season, we get to see our favorite characters - Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan), Agent Weiss (Greg Grunberg) and Irina Derevko (Lena Olin) - again when the show returns this week after a hiatus. Oh, and Sydney (Jennifer Garner) finally has her baby. The two-hour episode airs at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Channels 9, 22.

3. Matthew Sweet and former Bangles singer Susanna Hoffs collaborated fabulously once before, as backing band Ming Tea in all three Austin Powers movies. Now they're back as alter egos Sid and Susie, paying tribute to their favorite '60s songs by the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Velvet Underground, the Zombies and more in a new 15-song collection, "Under the Covers Vol. 1." In stores Tuesday.

4. Even though he's now starring on "How I Met Your Mother," Neil Patrick Harris always will be Doogie Howser to most of us. "Doogie Howser, M.D.: Season 4" contains all 22 episodes from the show's final season, including the Emmy Award-winning episode "Doogie Got A Gun." In stores Tuesday.

5. Celebrate National Poetry Month (you knew that was this month, right?) with "Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work (1888-2006)" (Shout! Factory, $49.98), a four-CD set that comes with an illustrated book. The quality isn't great on the oldest recordings, but it's still pretty cool to hear, say, Walt Whitman himself reciting "America."

6. The Seventh Annual Alicia Reece Birthday Skate-fest this year will be hosted by the former Cincinnati vice mayor and Cincinnati funk musician Bootsy Collins. It also will feature the best "P-Funk" dressed skater contest and a free soul food buffet. Proceeds benefit the Operation Step Up youth college scholarship fund. 11:59 p.m. Saturday-4 a.m. Sunday , Castle Skateland, 980 Loveland-Madeira Road, Loveland. $12 in advance, $15 day of event, 21 and older. Tickets at Integrity Hall, (513) 731-6308, or Everybody's Records, (513) 531-4500.


Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/17/06 17:18
by UMgirl
Okay, random notes:

Why do reporters call JG Jen? Her name is Jennifer or Garner; it's not Jen. Drives me batty.

I hate how they treat Vaughn's return as just another return, not the BIG return that it should be. Asshats!

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/18/06 11:50
by UMgirl
Okay, so I just saw another promo and there's a clip of Sydney holding a gun on someone(it looks like from the episode I See Dead People) and I swear by her reaction(in a split fraction of a millisecond), it's Vaughn.

Okay, maybe I'm deluded...

Pics of MV/JG filming the finale...

Okay, I'm convinced... we won't be getting a reunion until the finale.

(There are three pages in the eastnews link)

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/18/06 12:48
by destinyros2005
I'm thinking that those pics are from "the future." I think the little girl is the baby that she is about to have and the baby is maybe their second one? If not...who's that little girl in all the pictures?

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/18/06 12:49
by destinyros2005
‘Alias' nation: What spy series viewers need to know before final mission ends
By Amy Amatangelo

Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) returns to her butt-kicking ways as ABC's “Alias” begins its final story arc, beginning tomorrow at 8 p.m. on WCVB (Ch. 5).

Loyal fans have been with Syd through the heart-stopping good (Sydney wakes up with two years of her life missing) and the tediously bad (Vaughn marries the nefarious Lauren). This season, to deal with Garner's real-life pregnancy (damn that Ben Affleck), the series brought in such new characters as Syd's naive protege Rachel Gibson (Rachel Nichols) and sexy agent Thomas Grace (Balthazar Getty). The additions were the equivalent of an aging family sitcom adding a baby to the mix.

The final episodes promise to be an extended version of “Sydney Bristow: This Is Your Life.” Her best guy pal, Will (Bradley Cooper), faux Francie (Merrin Dungey), evil nemesis Anna Espinosa (Gina Torres), sinister Sark (David Anders), spy mom Irina Derevko (Lena Olin) and loyal friend Agent Weiss (Greg Grunberg) are all slated to return.

When viewers last saw Syd in December, she was pregnant and stranded on a barge in the middle of an ocean while her father stumbled upon a baby room courtesy of Prophet Five.

The show has a lot of ground to cover in its closing episodes. ABC declined to make tomorrow's two-hour installment available for review, but here are the questions the beloved cult series needs to answer before Sydney's final costume change:

What's the deal with the Rambaldi prophecy?

This is the crux of the series' convoluted mythology. Even the most die-hard viewer has probably given up trying to figure it out. An explanation would be appreciated.

Is Vaughn (Michael Vartan) really dead?

You saw his body riddled with bullets. You watched him expire in the hospital. There was even a teary funeral. But on a show like “Alias,” this means nothing. Viewers deserve to see television's most tortured, star-crossed couple reunited.

Is Sloane (Ron Rifkin) evil or just drawn that way?

Sydney's archrival has spent almost five seasons ricocheting between good and bad. Is he a benevolent mentor or a sinister mastermind? Does he have some sort of Rambaldi-inspired healing powers? What was the deal with all that water he was always drinking, anyway?

Did Sydney's mom do it all for love?

Has Sydney's mother been trying to protect her or is she out for her own wicked good?

Is Sark related to anyone?

Sydney discovered a half-sister, courtesy of her mom's affair with Sloane. Could Sark have a personal reason to be involved in Sydney's business? Could he be Vaughn's half-brother?

Anything is possible on “Alias.” Count on this caper show for a few final twists before it leaves the airwaves.

From: The Boston Herald

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/18/06 12:51
by destinyros2005
From Kristin's Weekly Column:

Your Countermission: Try Not to Cry I'll admit it. My voice cracked this week while interviewing Kevin Weisman about the end of Alias. And I'm not talking about a Peter Brady kind of hormone-induced crack, but rather, the kind you get when you're saying goodbye to not one but a whole group of friends you've adored for years. The kind that puts a vice grip on your heart 'cause you realize it's the end of a really good era.

Say what you want about Alias' ups and downs over the seasons; even in its darkest days, it continued to be 99.9 percent better than anything else on television. And that is why Weisman told me the cast and crew are actually at peace with the timing of the show's final wrap.

"It's hard, but we really feel like we're going out on top," he said. "You know, we're not getting the ratings that some of these other shows get, but we still have our loyal fan base, and I think ABC is honoring that and honoring the fans by really promoting these last episodes."

"It's a bittersweet thing," echoed creator JJ Abrams, "but it's wonderful to know it's the end, so that we can actually end the series the right way, as opposed to finishing a season and then having the network just say, 'It's over.' "

FYI, by all accounts, JJ was so not kidding about "the right way." Everyone I've spoken with who has seen the final episodes told me more or less the same thing: They are "classic Alias" and "the fans are going to love it."

Of course, with the Rimbaldi storyline finally coming back and giving us some long-awaited resolution, the return of one Mr. Michael Vaughn, aka the delicious Michael Vartan (whose life-pulse status I will reveal in this Monday's chat, if you still don't know), not to mention Irina (Lena Olin), Will (Bradley Cooper), Nadia (Mía Maestro), Anna Espinosa (Gina Torres) and Weiss (Greg Grunberg), how could we not?

That's one hell of a bon voyage party.

Speaking of celebrations, in case you hadn't heard, Kevin's wife just gave birth to his first child, Maya Rose. "My mother was excited, 'cause she was a TV grandma first and now a real grandma!" he laughed, referring to Marshall starting a family a few seasons back. "So, yeah, I didn't change diapers or anything, but I think the love I had for my TV son prepared me for the love I have for my real-life daughter."

By the way, we're gonna see Marshall's spawn before the series ends. "My son on the show is now, like, three and a half, and in the 16th episode, the kid has a couple scenes. He was really cute." Amanda Foreman of Felicity, who plays Marshall's wife, also is back, and Kevin said it's one of his favorite episodes yet. "I was actually doing that episode when the baby was born and it was crazy," he said. "It's a really big episode for me, where I get captured and tortured and all this crazy s--t happens."

Crazy s--t? On Alias? Ya don't say! Still, Kevin promised we won't be disappointed. "Creatively, the end is amazing," he said. "I wish I could tell you all about it, because I think they really did a good job. It's insane what happens at the end, and you know, not everybody survives. That's all I'm sayin'! Get ready, 'cause yeah, it's a little sad."

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/18/06 12:54
by destinyros2005
From: Watch With Kristin:

From Jordan: I'm from Israel, and we're happy to know that you like our Alona Tal. Any word on Alias? It's back this week!
Yes it is! Hell, yeah! Alias is back this Wednesday at 8 p.m. for a two-hour special episode! Whose house should we watch it at? I've heard this first episode back is great, but also that next week's 100th episode, with Bradley Cooper, will blow you (him?) away.

From Matt: Any word on whether the Alias peeps are going to get the extra 30 minutes they wanted for the finale? I have the perfect solution: Have ABC air the finale as a three-hour event. A two-and-a-half-hour final episode; then you come on at 10:30 to host a live, Q&A retrospective with JJ and the SpyFam. You game?
Um, you kidding? I would give my left arm for that. I hear this is still a possibility, having a retrospective of the show (from the kickass beginning) for the first half-hour, making it a total of three hours. Please, Santie Claus, please?

From ibwhisper: Michael Vaughn has a pulse?
In the words of Patrick Swayze to Jennifer Grey, "Ka-kung, ka-kung, ka-kung."

From jojo: We're dying for hints about who dies on Alias. Where are you?
I'm here, lovey. Give mama a hug. I think there are three deaths, actually (99 percent sure). Two major-ish, one minor-ish. As Kevin Weisman told me, "There will be at least one death. And I think people will be taken aback by who."

From francesca: Don't tell me they are killing Bradley Cooper.
He does have a bomb inside his noggin', ma cherie, in case you hadn't heard. I'm also told there's lots of good Syd and Will action. And there's good news! Speaking of hot Alias men, I'm told Sark (David Anders) appears in the first half of the finale.

From allie: Is Lena Olin in every episode?
No, but she's in the very last hour.

From bambam06: Okay, you promised. Vaughn spoilers, pronto, please.
As I said, he does have a pulse. I heard that, originally, Irina was supposed to be his captor, but I'm pretty sure that has changed because Lena and Michael's schedules didn't coincide. Regardless, I truly think you're going to love the ever-loving love out of this storyline (it's so good, it makes me not make sense) and that it makes much more sense than I'm making.

From fiogenia: I can't believe I'm saying it, but Vaughn dies, right?

From interntionalpuck: Didn't you tell us a while ago to keep our eye on Dixon? Is an Evil Dixon storyline still happening?
I know that was the initial plan, however, I think it may have changed. I honestly don't know, so we'll have to be surprised together. But I can tell you that another former baddie is going full-fledged holy-crap baddie before the show ends.

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/18/06 12:56
by destinyros2005
Spoiler clips from tomorrows 2 hour episode!

Yahoo Alias

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/19/06 12:56
by destinyros2005
Clips from the cast about the show at

This link is for the MV clip:

But the rest are on the right hand side of the page.

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/20/06 07:22
by DestinySky
From jojo: We're dying for hints about who dies on Alias. Where are you?
I'm here, lovey. Give mama a hug. I think there are three deaths, actually (99 percent sure). Two major-ish, one minor-ish. As Kevin Weisman told me, "There will be at least one death. And I think people will be taken aback by who."

I'm going with Irina, Sloan and Dixon

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/20/06 11:42
by UMgirl
I've read Devlin is supposed to be one...

Irina/Sloane will probably be the others...

Irina would be stunning but after what we saw yesterday, WTF ever.

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/20/06 13:50
by destinyros2005
Alias Added to iTunes, and

Mike Shields

APRIL 18, 2006 -

ABC has added Alias to the list of shows it now sells directly to consumers within Apple's iTunes Music Store.

Seasons four and five of the spy drama, which is set to rap up its network run in May, are now available for iTunes users at $1.99 per episode. In addition, in what may become an increasingly common alternative for fans accustomed to purchasing full season DVDs of their favorite shows, the entire fourth season of Alias is up for sale for $34.99.

Alias joins a growing list of Disney-ABC properties available through iTunes, ranging from ABC's Lost to Disney's Kim Possible to ABC Family's Wildfire. And, like Lost, Desperate Housewives and Commander in Chief, episodes of Alias will also be available for fans to stream for free on next month as part of a network experiment announced last week.

From: Mediaweek

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/20/06 13:53
by destinyros2005
Production under way on 'Alias' finale

LOS ANGELES, April 19 (UPI) -- The spy thriller "Alias" returned to ABC TV Wednesday night as work was under way in Los Angeles on the two-hour series finale.

"All the regulars are here," executive producer Jeff Pinkner told the New York Daily News from the set Tuesday.

When asked how the series would end, Pinkner was evasive.

"Everybody dies," he joked.

Asked for a clarification, he conceded, "Some people will die," the newspaper said. "Some people might live forever or at least live on in our imaginations."

"Alias" has been on hiatus while star Jennifer Garner was on maternity leave. She and husband Ben Affleck welcomed their daughter Violet in December and her pregnancy was written into the show.

"Jennifer's pregnancy was actually a tremendous gift for the series," Pinkner said, adding it had nothing to do with the series' end.

"I think that this season would have been the last season for 'Alias' under any circumstances," he said. "When you have a series that's character-based, the best of them allow their characters to grow up and change."

From: UPI

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/20/06 13:57
by destinyros2005
Finale of 'Alias'
stamped top secret


How will "Alias" end?
"Everybody dies," joked executive producer Jeff Pinkner.

The spy thriller thrives on unpredictability and volatility and situations where appearances can be deceiving and the presumed dead turn out to be alive.

The show returns tonight at 8 on ABC, with back-to-back episodes. The cast and crew are currently filming the series' two-hour denouement, to air May 22. And, said Pinkner yesterday from the set, "all the regulars are here."

So nobody dies?

"Some people will die. Some people might live forever or at least live on in our imaginations," he said, clarifying nothing.

We do know who isn't dead: Vaughn (Michael Vartan), the father of Sydney's child and a fan favorite since he walked into her life after the murder of her fiancé in the series' premiere. Their relationship has been an arduous one and the heart of the show. As with Sam and Diane or Mulder and Scully, the struggle to be together is a propelling force, and consummation (physical or emotional) is withheld in the interest of good TV. Mom, dad and baby in a happily-ever-after scenario is by no means a foregone conclusion.

"Will they end up together or not is something we deal with in the second half of the season," said Pinkner.

Another issue on the agenda is the outcome of Sloane's nefarious alliance with Prophet Five and the endgame of the Rambaldi prophecy. The final episodes also will resurrect many familiar faces, including Syd's old friend Will (Bradley Cooper) and her mother, Irina Derevko (Lena Olin).

"Alias" has been on hiatus since last fall due to star Jennifer Garner's pregnancy. Garner and husband Ben Affleck welcomed daughter Violet in December. The actress' pregnancy was written into the show.

"Literally for a minute-and-a-half, we considered playing her as not pregnant this year," said Pinkner. "One idea we considered for 42 seconds was whether we could put Jennifer's face on another actress' body all season until Jennifer had her baby."

But they quickly recognized the poetic fortuitousness of life imposing its will on art.

"So much of the storytelling the first couple of years is her being a child to Jack Bristow [Victor Garber]. The natural place to take that character is her being a parent.

"Jennifer's pregnancy was actually a tremendous gift for the series."

And Pinkner, who has worked on the show since the first season and co-wrote the finale, said Garner's pregnancy didn't hasten the series' conclusion.

"I think that this season would have been the last season for 'Alias' under any circumstances. When you have a series that's character-based, the best of them allow their characters to grow up and change."

From: NY Daily News

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/20/06 14:03
by UMgirl
I have so little expectations for the finale...

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/21/06 13:31
by UMgirl
Apparently. JG shot a hot love scene for the finale... but the question is... who was it with, I guess? Kristin didn't say. Ugh!

Now I'm worried...

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/21/06 15:12
by DestinySky
YES! Alias on itunes! -dashes off to but good epis so i can watch alias goodness on my ipod-

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/22/06 09:45
by destinyros2005
If that hot love scene is not with Vaughn...there will be alot of dead people at ABC!

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/22/06 17:12
by UMgirl
I'm worried because WHY wouldn't Kristin just say? The fact that it's SECRET says it's someone else...

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/22/06 17:51
by UMgirl
Supposedly, Dixon/Marshall knew Vaughn was alive too.

Sure, whatever.