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Posted: 05/15/06 08:39
by UMgirl
The BIG problem was that the school district ran about 25 MILLION dollars over budget in renovations of all the schools. And, let's just say those folks in charge weren't happy campers and they had to cut a whole slew of things(including after school activities). But that's the problem with incrediably wealthy and arrognant school districts; they thought they had the cabbage, but alas, they didn't... all because they wanted to be able to say "Our schools are better than yours!"

Idiots. I do believe I said that to my boss too and he got all snarky about it.

Oh, well...


Posted: 05/15/06 15:16
by destinyros2005
Trust me. I understand completely. The school district I had in high school...same thing. People with too much money that cared too much about how things looked instead of the actual important stuff. I went back to my high school a few years after I graduated and they had completely remodeled it. I had no clue where I was half the time! It was ridiculous. Especially, since there was nothing wrong with it in the first place. It's not like we had asbestos in the ceiling, or walls falling down, or anything like that!


Posted: 05/16/06 08:05
by UMgirl
Oh, God I know. It's such a joke. So, all these important things are cut, teachers lost their jobs because they just had to upgrade the buildings. Right now, there's one elementry school that is basically all trailers. There's about 50 trailers throughout the grounds and a partial school building.


The schools in Detroit(where they're pretty poor) are HUGE(of course, the population of those areas are huge VS the school district I work for/went to) and the district wanted to compete with that. Which is funny since the city I grew up in(which is where I work) is one of the wealthiest communities in the state and Detroit is the poorest and is so far in debt, it'll take a million years to recover, we wanted to be able to compete with those schools. They have all state-of-the-art stuff. So dumb. But whatever... there are reasons Detroit is in so much trouble.


Posted: 05/26/06 04:02
by DestinySky
i lucked out and arts was always in high demand at my high school. all arts often had to add additional classes cause they were so popular. at one point the photography room was being used every single period a day! Drama and music were always insanly popular too. there were classroom that had to be converted in to drama rooms cause so many people signed up for it lol. when i was in grade 10 the school was being expanded and renovated (it needed it though. we had 2 p[ortapacs (thats like a a giant trailer of a dozen portables that stuck together with a common hallway) and 7 single portables, and there was asbetstos in a lot of the internal walls and all the clasroom doors of the school as a flame retardant cause the school literally had no windows. long story, lets just say it was an experimental school). in order to off set the cost of building the new wing and replacing walls and doors and cutting windows in to the classrooms on the external wall the school officals tried to cut stuff from every program that had high material costs: all fine arts (we had a lot, pottery I II, drawing I II III, painting I II III, OAC Art, Photography I II, general fine art I II), Biology, the dramas, phys ed, Auto, Shop, AV and manufacturing AKA shop but with bigger tools. that didn't fly over well at all. the sciencekids were pissed that they'd have to learn with fewer hands on demonstrations, the drama kids wer pissed they wouldn't be able to do period plays anymore, the shop and auto kids were pissed they wouldn't have either anymore, the AV kids didn't want to learn on outdated equiptment, phys ed didn't want to use broken and old equpitment, and the arts kids (me) didn't want to have to pay another 50 bucks on top of the 50 we already had to pay for supplies, well pottery had to pay more that the other ones cause we go through more raw materials. the drawing kids paid 12, painting cost 30, photography had to pay for thier own camera and paper so they paids 20 for devloping chemicals.

class reps and student council sent around a petition and got parents involved so that the class budgets wouldn't be cut. it worked! we all had to pay slightly high material fees (like 5 bucks more), the drama kids did more lunch time one acts and charged an extra buck for all tickets to shows, and the auto kids chaged 5 bucks for a oil change on the teachers cars but we all out to keep our programs!


Posted: 05/26/06 04:20
by UMgirl
I think I'd have liked your school then. LOL When I was in high school, arts was very popular. One of the most popular, but thesedays, I guess the popularity declined.

Of course, I spent 6th grade through 11th at boarding school where arts was my main point of study.