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Teen drama series that follows four friends: Dawson, Joey, Jen and Pacey in the fictional seaside town of Capeside.
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new spoilers

Post by destinyros2005 » 03/27/03 18:00

goes to talk to Pacey about Dumbboy's movie.
Dumbboy? That is priceless!
**JOEY DOES NOT END UP WITH DAWSON. (credit Mic and Jess at FF)
I swear to God, if this is true...I will whoever Mic and Jess are at FF!

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new spoilers

Post by hshap2 » 03/27/03 23:38

Roxy at FF and PN

The way they end things between D/J in the finale is pretty much how I always invisioned it. Totally over in the romantic sense. BFF 4-evah. It's actually a very nice scene. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Roxy at FF

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LMAO. No. Pacey is whining about how they have "scripted parts" in this drama and Joey basically tells him that's bullsh*t. At that moment she's decided to wash her hands of the whole thing and go to Paris. Pacey says that Joey is supposed to be in there with Dawson and not supposed to be out there with him and all that kerr-ap that happened a billion and five springs ago. Pacey is not talking about wanting to be with her, he's talking about how things are "supposed" to be. And that's when Joey tells him that she may not be in his life the "scripted" way but she's in his life in her own way at that time. She's in his life on HER terms. She then goes on to talk about how they are ghosts of their former selves and like with all ghosts they need to make peace so they can move on.


Originally posted by Stela:
They're both angry and upset. But Pacey is completely miserable about everything and somewhat drunk. He heads for Dawson's dock and Joey, shell shocked after that whole display, looks over and walks to him. I can't imagine she would've just gone in and talked to Dawson while Pacey is still there contemplating jumping into the creek or something. I mean, just listen to him. The first thing he does is lash out at her over her relationship with Dawson, which is totally uncalled for and a cheap shot. But again, this goes with the anecdote and he is drunk so whatever.

How Roxy Will Spoil The BIG Movie Finale.

Simply put. I'm not. I may give a tidbit here or there but don't look to me for anything major. I have very good reason to believe that the more is spoiled, the more likely things are to change. Plus, I just think this one should stand alone. Granted, I don't talk for other sources, but from my POV, I just don't want to do it.

Roxy at PN

My opinion? After reading the rest of the season? Dude, I feel as if my predictions (that I KNOW some of you are privy too. Hee, more like... early spoils, not predictions, but whatevah) are correct. I think we're going to win this war, because we killed them in the battle this year.

Sharone at PN

However I do enjoy 622 in a love/hate sorta way. I mainly hate it because everyone's pitching in to help Doggybreath. That really bugs me. Seriously, couldn't we kill him off? Yet, I'll admit it, the P/Jo scene...*sigh*... even the D/P talk at the ending was good. They pretty much admit to still loving the same girl and that leaves an uncertain finale for who Joey will choose. Like I said, it's very "interesting" how the writers decided to clean this one up. It's all so nice for all fans.

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(3/27/03 5:47:55 am)
As for Episode 621. Dude. TLD. Done Right. It has the most incredible Pacey and Joey scene EVER. We hear how Pacey and Joey first met when they were five. Actually, it's a very long scene. Simply Put, the fight between D/P is in front of D's house. J is just leaving. P stops her by grabbing her arm, tells her to stay because she should see this. She's going to hear about it anyway. Dawson and Pacey rip into each other hardcore and say things that really needed to be said. Things that we've been saying for the past six years. Joey is horrified. Dawson runs off into his house to be the big fat baby that he is, Pacey goes to the dock. Joey goes after Pacey. Stays with Pacey. Makes Pacey feel a hell of a lot better, and they talk for quite a while. It is in my top five P/J scenes ever, actually. Here are a few snips.

Pacey is sitting alone on the dock, where he's obviously been doing some thinking and sobering up (he's drunk, not sloppy) for a while. After a moment Joey walks down and joins him.

J: You okay, Pace?

A moment, and he wearily replies.

P: You don't have to do this.
J: Do what?
P: Check up on me. I know what you want to do. Go in there, Jo. Help him lick his wounds. You don't have to sit out here watching over the lost cause. What's the point, right?

Joey goes on to tell him that she wants to be there and if she wanted to be with Dawson she would have gone.

We finally see how P/J first met. It was at a butterfly garden. Very, very sweet. KILLED me.

J: If I wanted to go back in that house, Pacey, I would have done it a long time ago. Don't you know me at all by now?

P: I just don't want you sitting out here feeling sorry for me, Jo.

J: I don't feel sorry for you, Pace. I just feel for you. Can't you ever tell the difference?

P: I don't know. I guess I can't. We've had kind of a confusing run of it, haven't we?

J: No matter how much I love you, or how long I stay with you, you're only going to remember the moments when I leave.

P: You're gonna have to forgive me for that, because those are pretty much the toughest moments of in my life.

Another snip:

P: My best friend in the whole world just walked away from me, and he said things that can't ever be taken back. And the saddest part of all that, is that my best friend in the whole world basically hasn't known me for three years. So tell me, how does that make me a man with a support network?

J: You've got one person right here, Pace. But I know that won't ever be enough. Not until you let it.

And that's all I'm giving. Heee. The rest is too.good.

The Season Finale, episode 522, "Joey Potter & Capeside Redemption," couldn't be more perfect if it tried to be.

Seriously. It's probably one of the best episodes written to date. There is NO ONE that can walk away from that episode unhappy. NO ONE. EVERYONE on the internet will love this episode. I was actually pretty teary while reading it. It's great.

Bonus! Only scripted Fab Four Kiss For Finale Goodness is Joey and Pacey! Jo gives him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Wheeee. It's actually a very nice scene. All the scenes are nice.

Patrick/Harley end up together.
Patrick/Harley/George play mini D/P/J in Dawson's movie. And yes, Dawson does change the characters names to their own. They act out scenes from the the pilot. So. CUTE.

My fave.

Joey twists his [Patrick's] ear or pinches his arm the way she might have done to Pacey when she was fifteen.

J: Can I just have fine minutes alone with him?
Patrick: You don't know how long I've dreamed of hearing you say that.

Dawson looks up at them. It's kind of like seeing Joey and Pacey five years ago.

J: What?
Dawson: Nothing. (shakes off the memory)

And P/D have a scene towards the end. It's great. One of my fave lines.

P: ... I'm not sorry about the time I spent with her, Dawson. And I have a feeling you're not either.

Oh, and Hoydenish is wrong. Bessie and Bodie are not in 622. Gale is though. And bonus! TODD IS BACK!

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